Roy Leh Marnya – ร้อยเล่ห์มารยา

Pitcha is confident, modern, and outgoing CEO. Unfortunately, her playboy husband does not share her integrity. For a long time, she hoped he would become a good and loyal husband. But when she realized that he was unlikely to ever change, she pursues a divorce. This decision leads Pitcha to Ramin, a lawyer, and her childhood friend. While Ramin is helping Pitcha get a divorce, he falls in love with her. With Pitcha’s failed marriage, she is scared to even consider another love in her life. And Ramin has his own struggles from past relationships. So what will happen to Ramin and Pitcha when fear and uncertainty undermine desire?

Roy Leh Marnya – ร้อยเล่ห์มารยา
Also known as:  Hundred of Tricks, Deceitful Love
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Writer: Benjatara
Country: Thailand
Release: Oct 5, 2020 – Nov 30, 2020
Episodes: 17
Broadcast: Channel 3
Starring: Thanawat Wattanaputi (Pope), Ranee Kampen (Bella), Louis Scott (Louis), Nicha Chokprachakchad (Wawwa), Thakrit Wanphong (Phet), Nalinthip Sakul Aungampai (Bua), Wirakarn Senee Tantikun (Maprang), Shaqelyn Munt (Jackie), Nawinda Burtodee (Mint), Kanat Rojanai (Ban), Surangsuda Lawanprasert (Fon), Jakkrit Ammarat (Ton), Tung Kamani eyes (Tuk), Thanongsak Suphakarn (Nong), Penpak Sirikul (Tai)

A beautiful and cool girl like Pitcha (Ranee Kampen), the owner of Max Organizer, she married Bumblebee (Louis Scott), ten thousand million heirs in the Phiriya Bumblebee network. Young, handsome, rich and well educated. But pushing the buck for money and status Although the bumblebee loves Pitcha But he never fails to have girls into his life. The bumblebee has been involved with Pan Kaew (Nawinda Berthod), an ambitious model. Want to overcome And still want to be the number one wife of a bumblebee

Panchaew tries to reveal her relationship with the bumblebee to Pitcha. On the day Picha and close associates such as Pee Sunee (Surangsuda Lawanprasert), Nipa (Wirakarn Senee Tantikul), Belle (Shaqelyn Munt) and Tattiya (Nitch Cha Chok Prajakshid) who are preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day And the wedding for the 5th anniversary of which the bumblebee told Pitcha that he would be late to attend because he was stuck. But in fact, he was living with Pan Kaew itself

Pitcha found out about the hurry at the shop where they were both making a sweet treat. Pitchapread broke in the shop. And quarreled with Pan Kaew In which the bumblebee did not feel any guilt Because he is considered normal for men But this time Pitcha almost attacked Pan Kaew, but fortunately Ramil (Thanawat Wanthanaphut), a famous lawyer, came to stop. But Ramildan was injured instead. Having taken to the hospital, Nam Si Ri (Jariya Anfone), when he heard the news, he hurriedly came to visit to make friends know that Pitcha and Ramil had known each other before. But the two of them had conflicts in the past.

Pitcha has lost patience, is very angry with the bumblebee, because Pan Kaew is diligent in making a story about her relationship with the bumblebee. The Ramil side. Was hired from Khun Ranya (eyes Tung Kamani) who is the mother of the bumblebee To help him be a lawyer in a contract to separate Max Organizer and Piriya Company, according to Pitcha Pitcha doesn’t want Ramil to be his lawyer to handle this. But Ranya refused. Because she is a person with absolute power and refuse Do not leave even her husband and children in your landscape (Mr. Supachai to endure Brink) , he will allow queries all her Banmintra (E-Tip currency immaculately brilliant) , sister of the Bumblebee. Which has always been in love with Pitcha Had to persuade Pitcha to agree to this matter Because there is no way around

Problems with the work of the company flooded all the way. Makes Pitcha very heartfelt Without her knowing that it was all the skill of Gottiya Which is a child of a melon Cousin Pornpun (penpak sirikul), parent of the Bharatiya Pitchaporn understood all along that she was the child of Victory Medals (Sumet Ong) father Pitchaporn but Pornpun consent. Because just adopted as a child in the house Makes Gottiya become a child with a constant resentment in mind. She tries to act as Pitcha’s lovely sister. Be a good person, love my sister But the truth was that she stared to hurt and stood for Pitcha in every way. Gattiya tries to split the bumblebee and picha. And more than that Tattiya also blended for Bumblebee and Pan Kaew to break up as well. In addition, she also relied on the flirting of a bumblebee in a relationship as well. Until it makes the bumblebee feel guilty about having a relationship with someone who is like Pitcha’s sister But he didn’t know how to fix it.

Pitcha began to notice that the bumblebee had broken up with Pan Kaew. And is secretly in a relationship with a new woman She was in a lot of pain. She wanted to divorce the bumblebee, but the bumblebee refused. At the same time, Pitcha has come into his life, such as Nat (Thakrit Wanaphong) , an influential business man. The owner of a club bar with a passionate heart with Pitcha and the other is Pruk (Kanat Rojanai) , a wealthy businessman. Who is Ramil’s half brother As for Ramil, there was always a good feeling for Picha. With love and good hope and waiting as a mentor Helping everything makes Pitcha start to feel shaken again.

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