Perfect and Casual Episode 12 Recap

Yun Shu thanked Zhang Zhinian for taking himself home on the long journey. Yun Shu drew a mermaid painting and gave it to Zhang Zhinian. Zhang Zhinian asked Yun Shu if he could move home. Yun Shu nodded shyly. Zhang Zhinian carefully mounted the picture of the mermaid drawn by Yun Shu. Because Yun Shu didn’t know if he wanted to return to Zhang Zhinian’s house and was troubled, he asked Kochiyi to enlighten him. Kochiyi told Yun Shu that she and Zhang Zhi The fate of Nian belongs to the three generations of life, and it is not so easy to untie. Yun Shu was worried that she would fall in love with Zhang Zhinian again, and Gao Zhiyi told her to do something distracting if her mind gets confused. As soon as he finished speaking, Ko Zhiyi received a birthday invitation from Gu Xiao, and he was so happy to fly.

Yun Shu returned to Zhang Zhinian’s house with his luggage. The house was as clean as before. This also reminded Yun Shu of what happened to him in this house, and of course everything that happened between himself and Zhang Zhinian. . Yun Shu returned to the study and found that Zhang Zhinian was helping her to hang blackout curtains, and he also changed all the sheets, bedspreads and quilts. Yun Shu felt that Zhang Zhinian sincerely welcomed him home this time, and he was very much in heart. Happy, I said thank you to Zhang Zhinian.

At night, after taking a bath, Yun Shu found that Zhang Zhinian was actually watching a brainless idol drama. Out of curiosity, he sat beside him. Upon inquiring, he found out that Lu Yu had forced Zhang Zhinian to watch it. Lu Yu’s acting skills were evaluated. Zhang Zhinian suddenly asked Yun Shu if he would fall in love because of an illusion. Gao Zhiyi went to Gu Xiao’s birthday party, only to find that Gu Xiao was surrounded by beauties, so he had no choice but to call Lin Nuo to help him. Lin Nuo spent a full three months’ salary to help Ko Chi-yi dress up well. After Gu Xiao received the gift, he announced to many people that Ko Chi-yi was his girlfriend, while Lin Nuo watched from a distance. The happy Kochiyi left with the little white shoes before Kochiyi contentedly.

Attorney Meng introduced Yun Shu to his colleagues in the office, saying that Yun Shu will be his assistant in the future. Yun Shu rushed to Lawyer Meng’s office a little jerky, saying that he would definitely study hard, hoping to help Lawyer Meng at work. Yun Shu looked at the law books without sleep and food, and even Zhang Zhinian was a little absent-minded when talking to him, Zhang Zhinian felt inexplicably left out. Zhang Zhinian was bored watching TV series alone, approached the study and asked Yun Shu if he wanted to use the bathroom, but he knew that Yun Shu was still obsessed with his homework.

In order to attract Yun Shu’s attention, Zhang Zhinian specially put on the pajamas Yun Shu gave him. He didn’t know that Yun Shu still kept his three sentences from Lawyer Meng. This made Zhang Zhinian feel a little ignored. When Zhang Zhinian came to Yun Shu’s room again, Yun Shu was already tired and sleeping on the table. Zhang Zhinian had to carry her to the bed. I didn’t know that Yun Shu also said something in his sleep, I will work hard at Lawyer Meng . In a word, Zhang Zhinian was unhappy again. Yun Lan was criticized at the company because she felt that why she could become the director. Lu Yu happened to come to send flowers. Yun Shu told Yun Lan that he had already worked as an assistant in a law firm, and Yun Lan reminded Yun Shu and Zhang Zhinian to take protective measures to avoid accidentally bringing out a child.

Zhang Zhinian approached Lawyer Meng and told Lawyer Meng not to arrange too much work for Yun Shu. Suddenly, Yun Shu came to Lawyer Meng. Zhang Zhinian, who couldn’t think of a reason within five minutes, had to hide under Lawyer Meng’s desk. Zhang Zhinian offered to accompany Yunshu to the supermarket to purchase. When he arrived at the supermarket, Zhang Zhinian also helped Yunshu figure out how to buy the most cost-effective. A group of aunts also happened to make a big purchase according to Zhang Zhinian’s method, and they did offer a lot of discounts. Zhang Zhinian even expressed in front of them that Yun Shu is his wife.

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