Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 18 Recap

Yuan Shuai Jiang Jun unexpected closet kiss.

Su Chang’s girlfriend Xinxin rushed into Jiang Jun’s house with a pretended gift in order to find out about Jiang Jun, but he ran into Yuan Shuai walking out of Jiang Jun’s toilet. In order to prevent Su Chang’s lie from being exposed, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai had to continue acting…

Xinxin turned her head and said to Su Chang that she saw what she saw today. Su Chang could only fool around until Jiang Jun was the daughter of her immediate boss, and Yuan Shuai was Jiang Jun’s “little white face”. Although his girlfriend Xinxin was half-trusted, Su Chang still repeatedly met The girlfriend emphasized not to go to Jiang Jun again. Xu Li, who had passed by, accidentally heard the conversation between the two, but due to the fact that the title and other factors were not up to her friends, Xu Li still did not match this “story” with her friends, thinking of the upcoming studio of Westworld When it opened, Xu Li invited Jiang Jun to attend the opening ceremony.

On the other hand, Du Lei was bored at home. He received repeated calls from his sister Du Lin on his mobile phone. Du Lei had roughly guessed Du Lin’s intentions, and chose to ignore it. The ringing of the phone didn’t stop, I couldn’t bear it. Du Lei took a look, but it was Li Xiaochuan’s call. It turned out that Li Xiaochuan was calling to invite himself. After thinking about it for a while, Du Lei agreed to the evening party.

Xu Li sent a message to go to Jiang Jun’s house to wait for Jiang Jun, remembering that there is a Yuan Shuai hiding in the house, Jiang Jun quickly called Yuan Shuai to hide, so as not to be discovered by Xu Li. Jiang Jun, who hurried home, happened to meet Xu Li who was home. Jiang Jun began to hide the traces of Yuan Shuai’s life at home.

Unexpectedly, Xu Li searched out a lot of evidence, Jiang Jun couldn’t resist the questioning, and could only confess and be lenient. Xu Li’s “novel brain” couldn’t help but want to be wrong again, and Jiang Jun could only use Li Xiaochuan as an excuse to prevaricate, and then he escaped. But thinking of Yuan Shuai’s whisper to himself last night, Jiang Jun couldn’t help smiling.

Xu Li stopped Du Lei at the door and put on a blindfold. The group prepared a surprise for Du Lei, and everyone gathered to celebrate the opening of Western World. On such a memorable day, everyone took pictures together. Xu Li and Xiaochuan went out to buy food, leaving Du Lei and Jiang Jun alone in the office. Yuan Shuai, who stayed at home for a long time, couldn’t wait for Jiang Jun to return home. He wanted to ask about the location of Xiaochuan’s office, but Xiaochuan refused.

Du Lei and Jiang Jun stayed in the office. Du Lei received a mobile phone notification that Du Lin had ordered cakes and gifts for herself. Jiang Jun, who accidentally heard the news from the side, picked up the cake that was originally celebrating the opening. Celebrating Du Lei, Du Lei, who was originally in a low mood, also ignited under Jiang Jun’s smile.

Du Lei, who wanted to take the opportunity to say something, was interrupted by the constant prompts on Jiang Jun’s phone. It turned out that Yuan Shuai used the excuse to urge Jiang Jun to go home again. He looked at the back of Jiang Jun leaving in a hurry, Du Lei He had to hug his knees and squat down beside the cake.

Du Lin lay on the treatment chair and told the therapist about her recent insomnia and the hurtful things Du Lei said to herself. Listening to Du Lin’s words, the therapist inferred that Du Lin’s strong desire to control affects Du Lei’s behavior, making Du Lei feel that Du Lin is no different from those who manipulate him. Listening to the therapist’s words, Du Lin was lost in thought.

Jiang Jun hurried back, but Yuan Shuai was already impatient at this time. He was about to blow the air on the rooftop, but he ran into Su Chang and Xinxin’s love scene. The angry Yuan Shuai almost revealed the truth, but Jiang Jun could only help. Lie together. Jiang Jun, who was planning to help Yuan Shuai return to the room to get his coat, almost came across the secret that Yuan Shuai hid in the closet, but the anxious Yuan Shuai accidentally pulled Jiang Jun into his arms, and their lips pressed tightly together…

After experiencing the embarrassing scene of accidental kissing, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai were speechless at the dinner table. Although they avoided their eyes, they couldn’t help looking at each other’s lips. In order to hide their embarrassment, the two could only eat silently. As soon as Yuan Shuai mentioned the accident, Jiang Jun was so nervous that he couldn’t help himself. Seeing Jiang Jun’s shy expression, Yuan Shuai couldn’t do it proudly.

The next day, Yuan Shuai still commented on the newcomer’s report, but Jiang Jun was caught in a fantasy while listening, and Yuan Shuai was caught first. Jiang Jun, who was so fascinated by a kiss, could be fascinated by anyone’s lips, and he couldn’t even do his job well.

Li Xiaochuan reported to Du Lei about the current progress of Westworld Software. Xu Li proposed that the location of the first offline date was in the aquarium, and asked Du Lei and Jiang Jun to go to help the staff. After joining, Du Lei stopped declining too much and agreed.

As soon as he returned home, Yuan Shuai prepared toy lips for Jiang Jun. The two also played a jingle game. With laughter, the two met again. It turned out that Yuan Shuai was prepared to spend a whole day for Jiang Jun’s lip fear. At this time, the phone prompt sounded. It turned out that Western World had arranged an offline appointment reminder for closed beta users. Yuan Shuai, who was not planning to participate, changed his mind when he heard that Du Lei would be there on Jiang Jun’s side..

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