Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 17 Recap

Yuan Shuai stays in Jiang Jun’s house Jiang Jun understands Yuan Shuai’s heart

When Yuan Shuai woke up, the first thing he saw was Jonna . He asked Su Chang to take Jonah away . He also asked Su Chang to call Jiang Jun. Jiang Jun, who had walked downstairs in the community, returned to the hospital. Du Lei, who was waiting for Jiang Jun downstairs, did not see Jiang Jun either.

When Jiang Jun ran to the hospital, he asked the front desk what happened to Yuan Shuai. Jiang Jun, who knew nothing, came to Yuan Shuai’s ward with confidence. Yuan Shuai asked Jiang Jun to peel the apple for him, but Jiang Jun’s cut was too bad, so Yuan Shuai asked Jiang Jun to feed him. Jiang Jun was still angry about what happened just now. He ate the apple himself, so Yuan Shuai asked Jiang. Is Jun running so fast just now worrying about him? Jiang Jun said awkwardly that he was not as cold-blooded as Yuan Shuai.

Yuan Shuai could be discharged from the hospital, and Jun Jiang volunteered to drive Yuan Shuai home, but Jiang Jun was driving too wild and scared Yuan Shuai. When he returned home, Jiang Jun said that he would cook for Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai wanted to beat him, but Jiang Jun would not let him, but the final taste was hard to say. Jiang Jun went to work after he finished cooking. Yuan Shuai faced a table of dishes alone. Cruelly finished it.

Su Chang’s girlfriend called him again and said that she had come back. Su Chang came to find Yuan Shuai and asked him to help him, because Su Chang used Yuan Shuai as a model when he was bragging. This time he wanted to come. Yuan Shuai’s house. Yuan Shuai thought for a while and agreed, because he wanted to move to Jiang Jun’s house.

When Su Chang came back with his girlfriend, it happened that Yuan Shuai was packing things. Su Chang called Yuan Shuai Xiao Yuan. At this time, Jiang Jun came back and heard Su Chang’s address to Yuan Shuai. He couldn’t help but read it too. After a moment, Su Chang called her President Jiang, and Yuan Shuai winked at Jiang Jun, and Jiang Jun immediately understood.

Yuan Shuai came to Jiang Jun’s house and stated that he wanted to borrow. Jiang Jun disagreed at first. Yuan Shuai gave Jiang Jun the details of helping Jiang Jun. Jiang Jun agreed, but Jiang Jun said she was going to Xu When Li lives at home, Yuan Shuai uses his injury as an excuse to successfully let Jiang Jun stay.

Li Xiaochuan ’s studio has also been decorated. As an opening ceremony, Xu Li also bought Du Lei a pillow. The one selfishly gave to Li Xiaochuan is the same as her own, but Xu Li lied to him to say buy one get one free. Li Xiaochuan believes In return, Li Xiaochuan invited Xu Li to dinner.

During the meal, Li Xiaochuan said that he had made a major decision to announce. Xu Li thought he was going to confess to himself, but Li Xiaochuan said that he would give Xu Li 5% of the shares in the Western World. Xu Li was very sad.

In the evening Yuan Shuai made a table of delicious food, Jiang Jun was bought, and he had a good expression on Yuan Shuai. In the evening, Jiang Jun hesitated in the room, but finally couldn’t bear it and let Yuan Shuai come in to bed.

Su Chang’s girlfriend, who was doing yoga in the living room, found Jiang Jun’s picture under the sofa and suddenly understood something.

At night, Jiang Jun couldn’t fall asleep. As soon as she heard the door opening, she pretended to be asleep. Yuan Shuai thought that Jiang Jun was asleep, so he couldn’t help making some intimate actions to Jiang Jun. Jiang Jun did not stop Yuan Shuai, but instead Quite nervously, Jiang Jun thought that Yuan Shuai was going to kiss himself, but Yuan Shuai did not kiss him, and Jiang Jun was still a little disappointed.

After Yuan Shuai left, Jiang Jun dared to exhale. She recalled what happened just now and realized that Yuan Shuai liked herself. When she discovered this, she couldn’t help being happy, but she didn’t understand how she responded. thing.

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