Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 16 Recap

Jiang Jun looked at the painting on the Rubik’s Cube, and after finishing the spelling, he realized that Yuan Shuai painted exactly what Jiang Jun looked like. Although he disliked Yuan Shuai on his lips, Jiang Jun put the Rubik’s Cube upright on the bedside.

When he woke up the next day, Jiang Jun found that the water pipe in his toilet had exploded, and he hurried to question the landlord Yuan Shuai, and Yuan Shuai turned into a plumber to help Jiang Jun fix the water pipe.

The water pipe was repaired, but when Yuan Shuai stood up, Jiang Jun found Yuan Shuai staggering. Yuan Shuai felt sick in his stomach, and Jiang Jun looked at Yuan Shuai’s pale lips and hurriedly persuaded Yuan Shuai to go to the hospital.

But Yuan Shuai still couldn’t let go of the work at hand, so he could only compromise to Jiang Jun, and when he finished dealing with the matter at hand, he agreed to go to the hospital with Jiang Jun.

Su Chang received a call from his girlfriend. The husband of his girlfriend and her girlfriend admired Su Chang very much. Then Su Chang remembered that he had boasted that he was the executive director of MH, so he could only persuade his girlfriend to inform his return time in advance.

When Yuan Shuai met with Dr. Zhu, when he thought of facing the investors in the conference room, Dr. Zhu was so nervous that he couldn’t help himself. Yuan Shuai patiently persuaded Zhu Youyi, but Zhu Youyi couldn’t rest assured, so Jiang Jun recommended himself and entered the office.

Dr. Zhu’s dialogue, using the superstitious method of dialogue with Chen Yicheng in the first interview, made Dr. Zhu get a full rest and relax under Jiang Jun’s benign psychological suggestion.

Lily, Xiaochuan, and Du Lei came to rent the office. Lily decided to help Xiaochuan bargain, but all of Lily’s methods didn’t work. Du Lei, who was watching the show, decided to go out in person and pointed out a series of shortcomings. Li Xiaochuan followed Du Lei’s method and finally persuaded the intermediary to reduce the price. On the other hand, Du Lei received news from Linda. Hearing the news of his father’s anger, Du Lei did not dare to defy and had to go home temporarily.

Zhu Youyi’s speech began. In order to help Zhu Youyi, Yuan Shuai insisted on sitting in the conference room, but the pain became more and more severe. After the speech was over, Yuan Shuai fainted with pain.

Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun came to the hospital. The doctor persuaded Yuan Shuai to perform the operation. Yuan Shuai, who was unwilling to do so, heard that the doctor called Jiang Jun his wife, Yuan Shuai seemed to be resurrected with blood, and immediately rushed to the examination. room.

But when he turned his head to face the hospital bed, Yuan Shuai confided again. Yuan Shuai, who was afraid of pain, couldn’t help but confess his funeral to Jiang Jun. He really couldn’t bear Yuan Shuai’s nagging. Jiang Jun put Yuan Shuai down and asked the nurses. Advance the operating room.

Du Lei followed Du Lin back home. Du Lei was determined to issue a “be yourself” statement to Du’s father, but Du’s father did not take Du Lei’s words into his eyes, but Du Lei, who was already dead to Du’s father, was not reconciled, even He yelled at him that he hated the feeling of being a substitute for more than ten years, even if Father Du wanted to get everything back, he would not be afraid.

Du’s father, who was so angry that his heart had abnormalities, wanted to drive Du Lei away, but Du Lin chased after him, but Du Lei was determined to leave. He told Du Lin about his sense of alienation and feeling in the past ten years. Feeling of being manipulated, Du Lin stared at the leaving figure of Du Lei, stunned, and couldn’t help but drop big tears.

Jiang Jun waited until Yuan Shuai was pushed out, and learned from the nurse that Yuan Shuai was too scared and chose general anesthesia. It took four or five hours to wake up. Only then did Jiang Jun have the opportunity to observe the quiet Yuan Shuai, and couldn’t help but feel the beauty of Yuan Shuai. sigh.

Du Lei came downstairs to his house and remembered the scene of being adopted to Du’s house. Du’s father asked him to forget all the memories and past behind his original name Wu Lei, and to continue to survive as Du Lei, and ordered the servant to accompany him.

Throw away all the stray dogs. Du Lei, who had lost his pet for many years, looked at the strange and cold man in front of him, and was speechless for a while. And now Du Lei recalled this memory, and was also speechless for a long time…

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