Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 15 Recap

Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun fell into each other’s eyes deeply under the conversation of the phone code. Even when Yuan Shuai turned and left, Jiang Jun was still unable to recover from the throbbing in his heart.

The next day, Yuan Shuai asked Su Chang about Jiang Jun’s whereabouts, but he learned about Jiang Jun’s retiring today. Before Yuan Shuai received a reply to Jiang Jun’s condolences, he received Chenxin Technology’s message. Distress information, Chenxin Technology is about to face a hostile acquisition by Deutsche Capital.

As the project leader, Yuan Shuai had to rush away and order Su Chang to find companies interested in Chenxin Technology.

Jiang Jun and Lily came to an uninhabited place. The two people who were still suspicious of the address saw the appearance of Li Xiaochuan and Du Lei. It turned out that Li Xiaochuan’s banquet plan was to barbecue outdoors in the recreation area of the mountain, although Li Xiaochuan’s banquet plan Very wild, but the four of them still get emotional interaction during the climbing process, and get close a lot.

When they arrived in the recreation area, the group began to get busy with the barbecue plan, setting up tents and doing barbecues. Lily saw Du Lei’s virtuous and considerate behavior, and couldn’t help but start to speak for Du Lei in Jiang Jun’s ears.

When the four were divided into two teams, Lily and Li Xiaochuan went outside to collect firewood. Thinking of Yuan Shuai’s accusation against Li Xiaochuan, Lily couldn’t help asking about Li Xiaochuan’s love experience. Who knew that Li Xiaochuan raised a stick mysteriously Fingers, it turns out that Li Xiaochuan doesn’t even have a formal relationship, and can only be regarded as “a moment”.

At this time, Li Xiaochuan started rubbing his eyes because of uncomfortable eyes. Lily mistakenly thought that Li Xiaochuan still had feelings for the old relationship, so she couldn’t help but start to feel sorry for her Li Xiaochuan of love.

Yuan Shuai rushed to the coffee shop. Zhu Youyi, the person in charge of Chenxin Technology, reported the situation to Yuan Shuai anxiously, while Zhang Ting, the person in charge of Defeng Capital, who had been waiting for a long time, sat aside, staring at him.

The three of them were seated, Yuan Shuai and Zhang Ting began a battle of words, and Zhang Ting proposed to buy out Zhu Youyi’s patent, which revealed Zhang Ting’s true intentions to avoid Zhu Youyi’s muffled sound. Yuan Shuai After receiving the information obtained by Su Chang, they took Zhu Youyi and Zhang Ting to bid farewell, and the two set out to the company to help Chenxin Technology to find the “receiver”.

Jiang Jun and Du Lei talked about investing in the western world, when a stray dog suddenly walked over, Jiang Jun was excited to show Du Lei, who would have stirred Du Lei’s heart, it turned out that Du Lei had never been a child. For no reason, only a puppy was with him. Later, he happened to see Du’s son died young and took in Du Lei, but the puppy who accompanied him was thrown away.

At Du Lei’s request, in exchange, Jiang Jun also described that the rice noodle company founded by his father was maliciously acquired, and he was too worried about the company and the old illness caused his death.

Du Lei, who was listening silently, noticed something was wrong, and asked about Jiang Jun’s father’s company, named Jiangnan Flavor. As if he had heard a familiar name, Du Lei was stunned as if struck by lightning.

Yuan Shuai could not get through Jiang Jun’s phone. It turned out that Jiang Jun’s phone was out of power. Who knew that Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun appeared in the photos posted by Lili in Moments. The jealous Yuan Shuai called Li Xiaochuan called back, otherwise he would publish Li Xiaochuan’s “Black History”.

Li Xiaochuan reluctantly told everyone that when he heard that Yuan Shuai was Li Xiaochuan’s elder brother, Du Lei’s expression changed for a short while, but he controlled his emotions and comforted everyone. The four of them disbanded the group dinner.

When Li Xiaochuan returned to Yuan Shuai’s house, Yuan Shuai lost his temper and once again took out Li Xiaochuan’s dark history. It turned out that Li Xiaochuan liked a girl back then and used his love algorithm as evidence to show that the two are a perfect match. Who Knowing that the girl still got married and had children, Li Xiaochuan’s first love ended in failure.

This video fully proved that Li Xiaochuan’s algorithm was not reliable, but Xiaochuan, who was so embarrassed, argued that now that the algorithm is progressing, there will be no such problems, so he will be held accountable. The reason for Yuan Shuai’s emotional out-of-control is that Li Xiaochuan is really clumsy. He just thinks that Yuan Shuai is jealous of Jiang Jun and Du Lei’s investment vision. Yuan Shuai can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he sees his careful thoughts almost exposed.

Du Lei looked at the photos taken at the gathering of four at home alone, staring at Jiang Jun’s magnified smile on the screen. His heart couldn’t help but feel hot, but when he remembered Jiang Jun’s mention of his father’s death, Du Lei’s heart sank again. It turns out that the malicious acquisition of Jiangnan flavor is related to Du Lei.

Du Lei, who had not yet developed a cold face at that time, was also the first time he saw the scene of life and death, watching the crying people in the mourning hall, as one of the initiators. He didn’t dare to go in and face his family for a long time, but her sister Linda told herself indifferently from the side that all this was just the cold-blooded rules of the Beast World, and there was no need to overdo herself.

Thinking of this, Du Lei couldn’t let go of his solemn heart.
Linda returned home, but was stopped by Du’s father. It turned out that Du Lei’s resignation from GE was discovered. Linda explained to Du Lei, but she was scolded by Du Lei’s blood.

In the face of his father’s harsh words, Du Lei’s indifference to each other, Linda recalled the past in exhaustion, and met the young Du Lei at the beginning. Du Lei just came to Du’s house, Du Lin sincerely treats this unrelated person. Younger brother. But now, facing the blank dialog box, Du Lin looked out the window thoughtfully.

Once Yuan Shuai returned to the company, he chose to ignore Jiang Jun’s every move. Even if it was a flattery from Jiang Jun, he would not eat hard or soft. Jiang Jun could see through Yuan Shuai’s jealousy. In the face of Yuan Shuai who pretended to be serious, Jiang Jun quickly launched a series of praise attacks, but he couldn’t stand Jiang Jun’s acting like a baby. Yuan Shuai looked at Jiang Jun, who was trying hard to coax him, and couldn’t help but smile.

Tonight, the company’s project team had a dinner, and a group of people sat in the restaurant. Jonna graciously spread out the napkins for Yuan Shuai beside her, and even said that Yuan Shuai used to block wine in this restaurant and sent home.

Hearing what Jonah said, Jiang Jun, who had already coaxed Yuan Shuai, became sullen and jealous. He still didn’t calm down when he returned home and scolded Yuan Shuai for his central air-conditioning behavior.

At this time, Westworld Software reminded the two of them to go online to chat to maintain their relationship. Yuan Shuai, who met in the online world, chatted with Jiang Jun about what happened today. Jiang Jun wondered about Yuan Shuai’s good behavior towards Jonah and himself. Shuai troubles Yu Jiang Jun’s entanglement with himself and Du Lei.

Seeing that Yuan Shuai attributed everything to liking, Jiang Jun was still unwilling to face his own heart, pretending to be stiff. After exiting the chat room, Jiang Jun accidentally saw Yuan Shuai’s Rubik’s Cube on the bedside. After picking it up, Jiang Jun discovered that some of the cubes on the Rubik’s Cube were painted with mysterious pictures…

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