Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 16 Recap

Guo Jing and Huang Rong received the marriage certificate. They prepared to cut the marriage certificate first and then send it to Wu Hantang. Wu Hantang practiced how to tell Huang Caiyun at home. Huang Caiyun was very angry after seeing the photo. Guo Liye called one by one to inform his relatives and friends that Guo Jing was about to get married, and Huang Caiyun asked Wu Hantang about the wedding banquet and told Wu Hantang not to mention it to other people, just as if she had lost her puppy.

Huang Rong persuaded Guo Jing to tell Guo Guo the truth and then cooperate with her for treatment. Guo Jing said that she should not be told the truth before the diagnosis. Guo Guo wanted to leave the hospital and was too old to stop them. Guo Liye made Guo Guo her favorite fish at home. Han Haoyue approached Huang Rong to ask about Guo Guo’s condition, and met the director of the emergency department. The director said that he had missed his mouth. Han Haoyue felt strange.

Guo Guo became suspicious since Guo Liye’s cooking, and felt that he was definitely not a common disease. Guo Liye flicked that she had a cerebral thrombosis. Han Haoyue already knew the truth and vowed to Guo Liye that he would not leave her no matter what illness Guo Guo had, and said that as long as Guo Liye agreed to marry Guo Guo today.

Huang Caiyun suspected that Huang Rong was pregnant and interrogated Huang Rong. Huang Rong did not say a word. Huang Caiyun talked about the recent abnormal situation of Huang Rong. Huang Rong, who has never loved cooking, started to study vitamins, and she did not touch the snacks she loved. Huang Rong refused to admit it. Huang Caiyun took out the pregnancy test stick in the trash can , I think it’s okay to be pregnant, so I personally aborted her.

Huang Rong thinks that she is an adult, but she can’t even be the master of love, which is too ridiculous. Huang Caiyun asked her to talk about why she was pregnant. Huang Rong believes that the physiology, hormones, and reproduction of offspring are the result of love. Huang Caiyun believes that unmarried pregnancy must be morally condemned. No measures have been taken before, and oral medicine should be used later, so Now it can only abort. Huang Rong did not want to have a miscarriage, and the two broke up unhappy.

Guo Jing walked into the room and cared about Guo Guo, reminding her that the first three months of pregnancy are very important, and I hope the father and daughter will not quarrel. Guo Guo believes that he is determined to marry Han Haoyue. If Guo Jing is not married in the future, he must let his children take care of him. Guo Jing asked Guo Guo to run errands for herself, otherwise he would become an aunt in the future, Guo Guo immediately realized that Huang Rong was also pregnant.

Guo Guo’s classmate disguised as Huang Rong came to visit, and Huang Rong immediately pulled her into her room when she saw it. Guo Guo was curious about her thoughts, Huang Rong identified Guo Jing, and talking about Guo Guo’s dazzling state, Huang Rong thought she was scared of having a baby.

Huang Caiyun personally cooks porridge for Huang Rong. Huang Rong thanked her sister and brother-in-law for taking care of herself in three shifts, but found that she put medicine in her porridge to terminate her pregnancy. Huang Rong believes that termination of pregnancy requires the consent of the person involved, and that the drug abortion has great side effects, but after calming down, you find that the pills are your vitamins, because Huang Caiyun will definitely crush them and place them in the porridge before applying the medicine. Huang Caiyun was silent. Huang Rong was curious about her next plan and decided to run away from home.

Guo Guo took Han Haoyue home. When Guo Liye and his son saw Han Haoyue carrying a kitchen knife, they were curious about his intentions. After a while, Han Haoyue cooked a table of good dishes for the three of them, and then counted what Guo Guo liked and did not like. Something, Guo Liye was stunned when he heard it. Han Haoyue knelt on the ground to propose marriage. Guo Guoxi nodded happily, but was stopped by Guo Liye on the side. Suddenly Han Haoyue fainted, and Guo Jing’s brother immediately carried him back to the hospital.

Huang Rong packed up his luggage and ran away from home. Wu Hantang wanted to be stopped by Huang Caiyun. She thought Huang Rong would be back soon.

Huang Rong couldn’t contact Guo Jing, so she had to go to the hospital to work. Unexpectedly, she met Guo Jing and others who came to the emergency department. Guo Jing knew of her situation and thought Huang Caiyun was not really cold-blooded.

Guo Guo was busy taking care of Han Haoyue. Suddenly, he was dizzy, but he didn’t care. When Han Haoyue woke up, Guo Guo suddenly fainted. Huang Rong guessed that she was hysteria and wanted to perform a tomography for her. However, due to pregnancy, Han Haoyue decided to give up. Seeing the situation, Han Haoyue urgently confessed that Guo Guo was not pregnant.

The tomographic scan found that Guo Guo had a shadow in his brain. After Guo Jing knew the situation, he did not know how to speak to Guo Liye, but he had to say. Seeing his happy sister, Guo Jing didn’t know whether to tell the truth or not. Guo Liye decided to complete the marriage of his daughter and Han Haoyue. Han Haoyue and Guo Guo didn’t believe him, thinking that Guo Liye was giving birth again.

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