Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 15 Recap

Guo Jing and Huang Rong took Wu Hantang to their rented house. Wu Hantang said that he would not agree to help them, and he drank a drink. Guo Liye received a call from Guo Jing saying that he was going to get married, and Guo Liye was shocked. Guo Jing and Huang Rong received the marriage certificate. They prepared to cut the marriage certificate first and then send it to Wu Hantang.

Wu Hantang practiced how to tell Huang Caiyun at home. Huang Caiyun was very angry after seeing the photo. Guo Liye called one by one to inform his relatives and friends that Guo Jing was about to get married, and Huang Caiyun asked Wu Hantang about the wedding banquet and told Wu Hantang not to mention it to other people, just as if she had lost her puppy.

Guo Guo and Han Haoyue took a bus to the Valley of Love. The two arrived in the middle of the night. Guo Guo realized that this place was different from what he had seen on the Internet. At this time, an aunt appeared. Guo Guo immediately asked for the name of the place. Arrived at Lover Valley Village.

Guo Jing chatted with Huang Rong on the video call. Huang Rong discovered that Guo Jing, who was living in the tent, had moved into the corridor. Guo Jing was curious about what happened to the two of them last night. He still has to bear the responsibility. Huang Rong thought he was thinking too much. At this time, Wu Hantang knocked on the door and asked if Guo Jing was downstairs. Huang Rong saw him holding a knife in his hand and immediately reminded Guo Jing.

Wu Hantang brought a knife, watermelon and beer to Guo Jing to chat. Huang Caiyun and Wu Hantang have always regarded Huang Rong as their daughter, hoping that he would not head-on. After hearing this, Guo Jing decided to follow his advice and immediately packed up and went home.

Early in the morning, Guo Guo and Han Haoyue returned to Guo’s house with disgraced faces. Guo Liye prepared food for the two of them. Guo Jing saw that Guo Liye was about to get angry and immediately scolded the two of them. After the meal, Guo Liye took Han Haoyue to the room and talked alone. This time, Han Haoyue admitted that everything was his own idea. After Han Haoyue left, Guo Liye not only did not scold Guo Guo for elopement, but treated her better than before. Guo Guo’s psychology is uneasy, and he doesn’t understand what other moths Guo Liye will have.

After the meal, Huang Rong took the initiative to wash the dishes. Wu Hantang saw her posture and worried that the bowls at home would be broken by her. Huang Rong insisted on washing the dishes, thinking that her family had been spoiled by them and could not take care of herself.

In the evening, Guo Jing went to the hospital to work overtime. Old Liu took his wife who was four months pregnant for abortion. Guo Jing saw that the two had quarreled and took them to the ultrasound room to listen to the baby’s fetal heart rate. The old couple was a little moved. Guo Jing reminded them to think twice before going out and let them talk. Sure enough, the two were touched by the child’s fetal heart and decided not to abort.

Guo Guo found that Guo Liye didn’t cook anymore, and wondered what he would do. Guo Liye took out the agreement and asked his daughter to sign it. Guo Guo must marry Han Haoyue, and everything else is nonsense. Guo Liye was angry and wanted to beat her, if he hadn’t agreed to his wife, he would have done it. Guo Guo believes that Guo Liye has kept his life as widow and unhappy all his life because he wants to find a rich person. Guo Liye was so angry that his eyes were black and fell on the sofa. Guo Guo immediately called Guo Jing for help. Guo Jing thought he was pretending through the symptoms and asked Guo Guo to feed him salt. Guo Liye didn’t want to be killed immediately.

Forty-five days later, Guo Guo and Guo Liye are still in the cold war. Guo Jing believes that they must have become first-line stars long ago. The two did not speak at all while eating dumplings. Guo Jing persuaded his father and sister at the same time, but the two remained unwilling to reconcile.

Wu Hantang cooked food called Huang Caiyun and Huang Rong. Who knew Huang Rong did not eat under the pretext of losing weight. Huang Caiyun found that there were a lot of snacks in the cupboard.

Guo Guo has been urinating frequently. Guo Jing believes that she is not pregnant. Guo Guo gave up his favorite garlic when eating dumplings at night. In addition, he usually drinks carbonated drinks and replaced it with mineral water. Nausea and retching are also a condition of pregnant women. Guo Guo was angry that Guo Jing was inquiring about his privacy, but when he opened the door he found Guo Liye standing at the door. Guo Jing found an excuse to slip out, and Guo Liye was so angry that he wanted to beat Guo Guo.

Huang Caiyun suspected that Huang Rong was pregnant and interrogated Huang Rong. Huang Rong did not say a word. Huang Caiyun talked about the recent abnormal situation of Huang Rong. Huang Rong, who has never loved cooking, started to study vitamins, and she did not touch the snacks she loved. Huang Rong refused to admit it. Huang Caiyun took out the pregnancy test stick in the trash can , I think it’s okay to be pregnant, so I personally aborted her.

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