Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 1 Recap

Yue Ran, who graduated with a major in hotel management, went for an internship at a top domestic resort hotel. On the first day at work, he mistakenly took the deputy general manager Xie Fanyu as a thief and captured it. Xie Fanyu’s ruthless words would definitely let Yue Ran leave.

Popular star James went to the hotel to hold a secret wedding and proposed to use a classic cake from the hotel 18 years ago. But the hotel was unable to restore the taste of the cake. In order to calm James’ anger, Jiang David blocked his career. Yue Ran couldn’t bear to see the idol lose his job, so he secretly found the pastry chef 18 years ago.


James asks to make a cake, and Yue Ran visits Zhou Jinquan.
Opening remarks: Romantic encounters happen all the time. I am with this tall and leggy person. Unfortunately, love is a metaphysics. I am Yue Ran. Today is the first day of internship at ZAD Hotel. Take the bus to the ZAD International Hot Spring Hotel, Ning Jiajia in the car is discussing makeup, the car suddenly brakes, the golden key David is passing by with the dog, Yue Ran vowed not to leave the hotel without the golden key.

Yolanda, the head of housekeeping department, introduced the hotel services. Yolanda asked Yue Ran various questions and was very satisfied. Then he handed it over to Aunt Pang and was assigned to 8006 for basic cleaning. Aunt Pang said that the hotel often loses things recently. Speaking of haunting, Yue Ran saw the door open, and walked in. He saw a brush, glove, watering can on the table, and followed the sound to find it.

Just when a man floated up from the water, thinking it was a thief, Yue Ran took the toilet drain and stuck it on his body. , And then patted her phone to catch the thief. He kept running and said to catch the thief. When the man saw the slope, he suddenly remembered that he had slipped down the iceberg and then stood firm.

Yue Ran fell straight down without stopping, and the man grabbed her and hugged her. Here, Yue Ran shouted abnormally. The woman said that if the performance grows by 40%, she will get the gold medal, and one year later, she will reach her goal as an investment hotel. If she does not reach the hotel, she will go to her.

The man said it will be achieved because of the trump card. Yue Ran pointed at him and said that he was a perverted thief. He had no check-in record. He broke into the hotel privately. He said he was the hotel manager. Mr. Mi came in and saw him hurriedly bending over to say Mr. Xie. Everyone was panicked. Mr. Xie said to Yue Ran. I remember you turned and left.

Mr. Xie said that there are many problems with cleaning tools. Don’t think it will be smooth if you find a few more interns this year? Golden Key David Key said that hotel issues need to be fully planned, and Mr. Xie said that I already have the most perfect plan in my mind, and James’ wedding must be accepted.

James debuted as an actor, singer, and model, with 20 million hits on a Weibo. After introducing himself, the hotel director Xie Fanyu instructed that each department has a rotation system. If the score is unqualified, they will be expelled directly. If 12 points are deducted, they will be expelled directly. Mr. Mi announced the first phase distribution and Yue Ran was divided into the guest room department.

Top celebrity weddings must sign a confidentiality agreement and cannot be disclosed. Ning Jiajia rummaged for the mask, and Yue Ran found it. Everyone said that the temperature in Mr. Xie’s place was much lower. Everyone said that the heirs were like this.

The star James came and said that he must use the classic wedding cake. The cake from his father and his stepmother was exactly the same, and he would taste it tomorrow. Yue Ran ran to apologize to Mr. Xie for what he had done before. Mr. Xie said that you would be expelled soon, and Yue Ran was willing to do anything if he gave me the opportunity. Yue Ran was pouring milk to take a bath for James. He heard the sound of the cake opening.

James was dissatisfied with the cake and said loudly that he was disappointed to cancel the cooperation. Mr. Wei said that the pastry chef had done a lot to give him another chance. If it is not successful, I will resign. James agreed. When visiting the pastry chef behind closed doors, Mr. Wei said he would not give up. Yue Ran saw that Mr. Wei persuaded a man to go out to smoke.

The man deliberately put a cigarette butt in Mr. Wei’s hands. Yue Ran went up and talked to him. Yue Ran said that I wanted to be a golden key. My father was selling mattresses. My mother was gone when I was four. . .

Then I wanted the contact information of the pastry chef 18 years ago. Yue Ran followed the address and came to a remote place. Everyone said that Zhou Jinquan he was looking for was a drunkard. After Yue Ran took the bottle and said he wanted to drink, he would help. Master Zhou said I don’t help with the last name.

Yue Ran tied Master Zhou in a wooden barrel and used hot spring wine bags, pouring wine, scented leaves, etc. to remove the odor. The child coaxed and called a drunkard. Yue Ran ran with the child and thought that Master Zhou was gone and the door opened. , Master Zhou, dressed in formal wear, said that you washed away my dirt and regained the ups and downs, thank you. Then the kitchen was in full swing making cakes.

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