Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 37 Recap

He Xuelin and her team continued to find a child in Longxi County. Ding Yu went to find a child. His foot injury was not fully recovered, and he sat a little tired to rest. Uncle Hong didn’t know, but thought Ding Yu was lazy, so he stepped forward and urged him. Ding Yu is looking for a child. It was not until the night that Ding Yu found out that the two children had taken a ride on the highway junction, but the accident at the highway had been closed. They could only wait until tomorrow to continue looking for children.

Yanzi and He Xuelin praised Ding Yu’s ability, but Uncle Hong took all the results on himself and blamed Ding Yu for being lazy. Swallow knew that Ding Yu’s foot was injured. She spoke for Ding Yu and Ding Yu stopped Swallow. Swallow quarreled with Uncle Hong because of the injury. Back in the room, Ding Yu sat on the bed tiredly. Uncle Hong once again blamed Ding Yu. He Xuelin treated Ding Yu’s wound. Only then did he know that the wound had bleeding heavily. He blamed Uncle Hong for his harshness, and Uncle Hong thought she didn’t Innocent, Yanzi had a big quarrel with Uncle Hong again. She was so angry that she told Ding Yu and He Xuelin about the divorce. The two have nothing to do with him. Uncle Hong has no right to accuse Ding Yu.

He’s mother felt very sad when she knew about the divorce of the two. She could see that Ding Yu felt sorry for He Xuelin and He Xuelin cared about Ding Yu, but she didn’t understand how the two divorced. He Xuelin confessed that she brought up the divorce, but there are always certain things that she knows right or wrong after doing it. She feels bad after the divorce, and she is very reluctant, but the emotional matters are unclear. She hopes He mother will not continue to ask. This matter was regarded as her act of acting like a baby to his mother. He mother nodded tearfully and agreed to He Xuelin. Ding Yu also promised He Xuelin that he would chase He Xuelin again. He, He Xuelin, and Yuanyuan’s family of three would definitely live a good life.

Yanzi believes that Ding Yu is not at all wrong in this matter, and he does not have to beg for everything, but Hong Shu believes that Ding Yu is at fault. If Ding Yu hadn’t signed it directly, the two would not divorce. Yanzi couldn’t listen, she quarreled with Uncle Hong again, and Uncle Hong directly drove Ding Yu and Yanzi out of the room, and the two were unwilling to look at each other for a second. He Xuelin knew that Uncle Hong was quarreling with Yanzi because she was distressed. She came to Ding Yu’s room after comforting Uncle Hong. Yanzi could not even eat in the room and left the room without saying a word.

He Xuelin talked to Ding Yu about the swallows in the room. The camera Fang Jue sent back was bought by the swallows frugally. Fang Jue directly sent the camera back with the couple’s T-shirt. He Xuelin knew about the swallows. It’s not easy now in my heart. In order to find a Yuanyuan who has no blood relationship with her, Yanzi gave up her love and future. She said in her heart that she was not moved. On the other side, Yanzi cried out thinking about Fang Jue on the side of the road, and Fang Jue also drank his sorrows.

Ding Yu heard what He Xuelin said and thought the two had a misunderstanding. Fang Jue sent the camera to Yanzi’s circle of friends and said that he forgot to bring the camera. As for the couple T, he wanted to make Yanzi think about herself all the time. He Xuelin thought Ding Yu was right. I didn’t care, Ding Yu called Fang Jue, but Fang Jue fell drunk in the bar and did not receive Ding Yu’s call.

Father Ding hesitated and made a call to Ding Yu. Mother Ding’s condition is not very good now. He wants Ding Yu to come back. Ding Yu was afraid that He Xuelin was angry and kept stumbling. He Xuelin only found out after some questions. In the case of Ding’s mother, she supported Ding Yu’s return without a word. Swallow came back, and the three of them came to He’s mother and Uncle Hong’s room to discuss countermeasures. Everyone was unwilling to go back. Ding Yu thought that there must be a man to stay. Ding Yu and He’s mother made a lottery decision.

Ding Yu originally wanted Let Uncle Hong do some tricks so that he could stay. Uncle Hong accompanied He’s mother back, but Yanzi saw through Uncle Hong’s plan ahead of time. She changed a lot, and finally Ding Yu returned to Huasha with He’s mother, Uncle Hong One thousand and ten thousand stayed unwillingly to accompany He Xuelin and Yanzi. Ding Yu knew that Yanzi had a disagreement with Uncle Hong. He repeatedly asked Yanzi to let Uncle Hong a little bit and not to trouble He Xuelin. Yanzi reluctantly agreed to Ding Yu.

The next day, He Xuelin sent Ding Yu back. The young couple reluctantly talked about each other. Chen Shengliang stood not far away and watched the parting scene of the family. He answered Fang Jue’s call and let Fang Jue think clearly. If you decide whether to go abroad or not, the air ticket can be changed, but it cannot be changed in the future. He Xuelin and her group came to the high-speed intersection. They sent missing persons notices around the high-speed station.

Mother Ding got through Xiaofu’s dad’s phone, Xiaofu happily yelled to her father on the phone, but Mother Ding hung up the phone and said that she was Yuanyuan and not Xiaofu. Xiaofu finally got news from her father, she said. She was crying and asked Ding’s mother to return her father. She was not Yuanyuan. Ding’s mother had long been unable to distinguish between the two, so she hugged Xiaofu and called her Yuanyuan.

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