Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 36 Recap

He Xuelin and Ding Yu met He’s mother and Uncle Hong at the door of Xiaofu’s grandmother’s house. She was very surprised. He’s mother noticed that He Xuelin was getting thinner. She also told them why she was here. They followed The clue from the fruit stall owner came. The group sat down to analyze the matter. Ding Yu thought Huanxi would never come back again. While thinking about finding his parents, he most likely wanted to send Yuanyuan home. The two spent so many days together. Now, it is very likely that Yuanyuan showed the expressions of her parents in front of Xizi, which inspired Xizi’s heroism.

He Xuelin agrees with Ding Yu’s idea that they can’t stay here and wait. Now that the two have been away for five days, Ding Yu is deeply afraid that the two have already left Zhejiang, so first let Yanzi post pictures of Xizi and Yuanyuan on the Internet, and then put them together into a long picture and story, as long as the story is touching and forwarded.

Too high, they find Yuanyuan one step closer. The family was discussing and eating. Chen Shengliang’s figure outside seemed particularly lonely. He took out the mud moon cakes made by Yuanyuan, and his heart was mixed with different flavors. The Ding parents were not idle either. Ding mother beat Xizi over and over again. On the phone of the parents, Father Ding was also looking for the whereabouts of the two of them. He only found the two of them, and they were one step closer to finding Yuanyuan.

Yanzi immediately made pictures after eating. Ding Yu knew He Xuelin was anxious, but they could only wait now. He believed that as soon as Yanzi’s news was sent out, someone would see Xizi and Yuanyuan. He Xuelin doubled after Ding Yu’s comforting words. Feeling heartwarming, she thanked Ding Yu for his company. Ding Yu shook her head.

He thanked He Xuelin for being his wife. After that, He Xuelin went to visit He’s mother. Uncle Hong gave the room to the two of them. When he came out, he saw Yanzi in the corner waiting for Fang Jue’s news. He was still thinking about Fang Jue. His movements were frightening. When he arrived at Yanzi, Yanzi yelled at the swing to let Uncle Hong come out. Ding Yu came back without knowing it and called Yanzi away. He asked about the pictures on Weibo and thought Yanzi did a very reliable job this time.

He Xuelin and Ding Yu also reposted the pictures and texts of Swallows, and this set of pictures and texts spread over the Internet overnight, and spread to everyone’s mobile phones. Ding Yu firmly believes that there will be new news about Yuanyuan tomorrow, and although Yuanyuan’s affairs have turned their family upside down, it has involved all the conflicts in their family. This is not necessarily a completely bad thing, at least He Xuelin and the family Everyone in was reconciled.

The next day, Yuanyuan still didn’t have the latest news, Yanzi couldn’t even eat, and she was very anxious. When He Xuelin chased out, Swallow was crying on the side. Xiaofang also saw how Yanzi was crying. He Xuelin asked Xiaofang to come forward to comfort Swallow. Xiaofang happily mentioned the phone call her father had made yesterday. Her father was striving for the Mid-Autumn Festival. When she came back, she would bring her the most delicious moon cakes. In order to thank Yanzi, Xiaofang bowed to Yanzi.

He Xuelin gave her the courier that Fang Jue had sent to Yanzi. There was nothing else in the courier box. It was the camera that Yanzi needed to take pictures. Yanzi cried with the camera in her arms. On the other hand, Fang Jue had a showdown with his father and was unwilling to study abroad. Fang’s father tantrums him, and Fang Jue left the house without saying a word.

Yuanyuan got the latest news. Someone posted pictures of Yuanyuan and Xizi. Ding Yu contacted the other party and learned that they were at the Guanjie Market in Longxi County. The group set off for Longxi County. Nurse Zhou received Chen Shengliang’s entrustment. She drove over the mountain to wait for the group. On the other hand, Mother Ding mistakenly identified Xiaofu as Yuanyuan again. Xiaofu was very sad about this. Father Ding comforted Xiaofu. Xiaofu shook her head and said that she did not blame Mother Ding.

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