Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 35 Recap

Chen Shengliang went back to the hospital alone. He and Director Gu asked to resign as a doctor. Director Gu did not understand Chen Shengliang, but Chen Shengliang told Director Gu about his affairs. Director Gu finally understood Chen Shengliang’s difficulties. Although he accepted Chen Shengliang’s resignation, he did not endorse Chen Shengliang. The most important thing for Chen Shengliang now is to find children, not to find money. Mr. Zhao has been begging Chen Shengliang to go and Chen Shengliang drags him. It didn’t matter for a long time, he couldn’t bear to watch Chen Shengliang jump into the fire pit.

Yanzi found out about another home of Huanxi. He Xuelin and Ding Yu knew that it was very close to Xiaofu’s grandma’s house. Ding Yu wanted to go with He Xuelin, but He Xuelin worried about Ding Yu’s feet. She wanted to go alone, but Ding Yu didn’t. Don’t worry, Yanzi really can’t stand the show of affection between the two, so she decided to go with He Xuelin.

Fang Jue came to Chen Shengliang and wanted to know the situation in Lanxi. She didn’t ask Yanzi and asked Chen Shengliang instead. Chen Shengliang asked about Fang Jue and Yanzi’s situation, and also learned about their situation. He only told Fang Jue. If you hesitate, don’t go abroad. Fang Jue and Yanzi are like him and He Xuelin back then. Now he understands He Xuelin and wants to go back to He Xuelin again, even if Ding Yu might have the last laugh, but he didn’t fight. His style.

He Xuelin changed Ding Yu’s dressing, and Ding Yu felt heartwarming. After he reconciled with He Xuelin, he always cherished every opportunity to get along with He Xuelin. After He Xuelin changed her previous strong style, she also learned to forgive Ding Yu. After Ding Yu designed the house with cardboard, she was no longer angry and excited as usual. She only helped Ding Yu on the side, calmly and moved together with Ding Yu to build the house.

At the same time, Ding Yu also raised He’s mother’s concerns and asked He Xuelin to make a call to He’s mother. He Xuelin cared about He’s mother and Uncle Hong on the phone. Uncle Hong was cared by Xuelin for the first time, and her nose was a bit sour. After He Xuelin hung up the phone, she was a little worried about the future. In case Ding’s father and mother knew that Yuanyuan was not Ding Yu’s own flesh and blood, she was afraid that the two would not forgive her. Ding Yu took He Xuelin’s hand tightly. This matter is The two of them chose to conceal it together, and he would be responsible for telling the matter to Father Ding and Mother Ding.

He Xuelin and Yanzi went to Huanxi’s house. For the first time, Yanzi officially called He Xuelin’s sister-in-law. She told He Xuelin that Yuanyuan was from their Ding family. No matter what happened to He Xuelin and Ding Yu, Yuanyuan was the one from the Ding family. The facts will not change.

Ding Yu got the picture of Huanxi, and he passed it to Father Ding. Xiaofu accidentally saw Father Ding’s phone and recognized at a glance that the boy in the photo was her brother Qin Huanxi. After Ding Yu learned the news, he was also surprised, and immediately told He Xuelin and Yanzi the news, and Fang Jue also learned the news from his friends, and he also told Chen Shengliang the news immediately. Chen Shengliang took Fang Jue to decline Mr. Zhao’s kindness.

He needed to think again about his job-hopping, so he returned the red envelope that Mr. Zhao gave him. At the same time, the mud moon cake in Chen Shengliang’s pocket fell on the ground. Fang Jue At a glance, Chen Shengliang recognized that the moon cake was made by Yuanyuan. Chen Shengliang was very surprised and immediately sent the photo of the mooncake to He Xuelin. Only then did He Xuelin learn that the child was really Yuanyuan, and he missed his biological daughter.

Ding Yu couldn’t stay in school for a long time. He wanted to go to Grandma Xiaofu’s house on crutches. He happened to meet Nurse Zhou on the road. Nurse Zhou asked Ding Yu to get in the car. The two met He Xuelin and Yanzi on the road. Ding Yu explained that they were Chen Shengliang asked Nurse Zhou to pick them up. They boarded the car and headed to Huanxi’s house. Chen Shengliang was also on the way to Lanxi. Director Gu sent Chen Shengliang to the airport with his teacher and friend.

The three came to Grandma Xiaofu’s house, only to learn that Huanxi had come back once the day before yesterday, but he left in a hurry, saying that he was going to find his parents. Although Huanxi came into the house alone, it was in the yard when he left. A figure flashed past, and He Xuelin and Ding Yu concluded that that person was Yuanyuan.

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