Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 9 Recap

Fu Jinzhan and Jiang Shao came to Mr. Lu to ask him for help. Mr. Lu was studying the secret box. When they saw them, he released the agency to test them. Jinzhan felt that he was impolite, and he was so angry at his age. Jiang Shao explained the martial arts The masters acted very strangely and couldn’t force it. The two had to leave first. This time Yuzhan and King Jin took them to visit Mr. Lu’s Yunshenfang again. King Jin told Mr. Lu that he had already returned his compliments to his revision last time. Today I hereby bring articles here, hoping that Mr. Lu will give him advice and help.

Mr. Lu saw that the king of Jin was extraordinary, and he looked like an emperor, so he no longer neglected. After seeing the golden lion, he began to ponder and study, saying that it is not impossible for the golden lion to be exquisitely made to open the mechanism by force, but if there is something important in it. I am afraid that it is difficult to guarantee the completeness of the object. It seems that this move is hopeless. Yuzhan comforts King Jin not to say frustrated words, things may turn for the better.

Yuzhan thought of a way to rely on Jinzhan’s help and told her not to mess around. The lives of King Wei and King Jin are in her hands. Jinzhan feels that her sister trusts her so much, and she will definitely try her best. help.

Jinzhan came to Li Huaijin and beat him angrily because of the jade matter. Li Huaijin said that jade is related to the safety of their entire family. He could not watch his mother being convicted and executed. Jinzhan expressed his understanding and told him that he was not sincere. To marry King Jin, King Jin didn’t really like her either. She already had someone she liked.

Originally, this marriage was not counted. But everyone in the world could only think of it as this. King Jin didn’t marry the person she likes. Sad, he buried a sachet of sentimentality under the imperial garden tree, but was stolen from him unexpectedly. Li Huaijin suddenly understood that his mother suspected that King Jin was hiding something secret, so he stole the sachet and returned. The mansion was planning to find the sachet, but the princess found out. The princess was convinced that the key in the sachet buried by King Jin was really eager, but he still didn’t know the real purpose of the key.

The princess sent someone to visit Yunshenfang at night to snatch the golden lion. Fortunately, Jinzhan appeared in time to save Mr. Lu. Yueying was stabbed by Mr. Lu and fled to a house, killing innocent people, and then returned to the princess mansion. Offering the golden lion, the eldest princess opened the golden lion with the key and found a note inside, telling the jade seal is behind the Taimiao plaque.

Zhang Yongyao was ordered to thoroughly investigate the murders of the people. He told Li Huaijin that the gangster was closely related to the princess mansion, and he was worried that the princess would be disturbed by thieves, so he specifically told him.

After the princess came to the Taimiao plaque and looked for the jade seal, Yuzhan, Princess Shouan and Zhang Yongyao also came to the Taimiao. The princess found out that the plaque was not the jade seal but the seal of the princess. It turned out that the jade was cheated by a fake golden lion. The key, the eldest princess was very angry when she learned that she had been cheated, and accused Yueying of ineffectiveness and would not let King Jin and the others go.

Zhang Yongyao noticed that Fu Yuzhan entered the palace this time. It was no accident. Yuzhan expressed admiration for his wisdom and character. The first emperor died suddenly before standing, and Yuxi was missing. Zhang Yongyao once found a piece of dye at the scene of the murder. The bloody placket is a piece of cloth used by the Wang family. He found that it was related to the eldest princess, so he deliberately tried to test Li Huaijin. He told Yuzhan that he would not investigate this matter again, because the first emperor had asked him to look at each other and smiled. the meaning of.

Mr. Lu used a forged golden lion as bait to obtain the rubbing of the key. Yuzhan Shiji transferred the princess away from the house, which was a good way to move the tiger away from the mountain. Then King Jin opened the real golden lion with the key. On the map, just follow the above guidelines to find the imperial edict and jade seal left by the emperor.

The king of Jin sent people to retrieve Yuxi and successfully ascended the throne to become the emperor, while Fu Jinzhan became the queen. It seems that some things are undesirable.

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