Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 10 Recap

According to convention, the emperor should stay in the queen’s palace for the first night, but Jinzhan was unwilling to let the emperor sleep in a chair. Jinzhan asked him if he liked his sister. The emperor said that he liked it all in his dreams.

At night, Song Shanggong came to listen to the room, Jinzhan became more and more angry, and wanted to find the emperor to see what to do, but now he is no longer the king of Jin, he was taken over to deal with the government in the morning, and Jinzhan was not reconciled to himself I was trapped in the palace, staying here for the rest of my life is very bored. I want to wear martial arts to go to the guard to practice martial arts. Song Shanggong said that today is her first day in charge of the harem, and she has no time to leave the palace. Jinzhan saw many documents. She was even more angry, but no one could break the rules handed down by her ancestors. She ordered her close maid Qing Ge to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for more training. Jinzhan had no choice but to return to the palace to deal with Song Shanggong’s requirements. Official.

In the evening, Song Shanggong came to listen to the room again. Jinzhan told Xue Rong that Song Shanggong had committed a crime of oppressing her during the day, and forced her to watch official affairs, which was very tortured. Xue Rong said that Song Shanggong was the first emperor himself. She ordered her to be a Shang Palace. She has always been honest and diligent, setting an example for the harem. If she were not there, Jinzhan would have to lift the harem upright. Such a loyal person is very rare.

Jinzhan taught martial arts in the palace and wanted to form a red makeup guard that would not lose to men, but Song Shanggong said that these slaves who received martial arts training did not obey the rules of the palace and broke the etiquette, and they have been sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for retraining. Jinzhan insists on breaking the rules of the palace, and that can only let the emperor personally make an order, even if the emperor agrees to break the rules left by the ancestors, it must be monitored by Yushitai, so that Jinzhan will not be released at all. Natural channels.

Xue Rong told Jiang Shao that Lingyang’s harem could not accommodate a beastly queen. He also knew that Jiang Shao liked her and said that he would find a way to replace her. Let Jiang Shao persuade Jinzhan not to behave badly, add more troubles, and find a chance tonight. Let Jiang Shao go to Ciming Palace and take her out of the palace quietly. It is the Lantern Festival, and Jiang Shao intends to have fun with Jinzhan.

Jinzhan was very happy to see Jiang Shao coming. The two went to the lively Lantern Festival. Yuzhan saw Jinzhan in the crowd and thought she was a mess, so he chased after him. Jiang Shao told Jinzhan that the emperor had already After discussing the matter after the abolition with the minister, she was rejected by the etiquette system and felt that the time had not come, so she didn’t formally propose it. She advised her to be a queen with peace of mind, and talk about it when the time was right.

Xue Rong also came to participate in the Lantern Festival with a mask. She saw Yuzhan go, so she grabbed her, held her tightly, and told her that she would marry her eventually. Yuzhan found him and expressed this marriage. Interests and calculations are always entangled in here, even if there is sweetness in it, but whether it is considered love or not, there is no intention to distinguish, maybe only time will tell.

Jinzhan, who returned to the palace, left a letter to the emperor, stating that she had left the capital an hour ago. The letter stated that she had gone to Dingzhou to find Jiang Shao. Song Shanggong came to the emperor at this time. According to the old rules, a palace banquet should be held so that the elder princesses headed by the elders should come to see the queen. This is also a kind of grace to the maidens, but I am worried that the queen will forget, so I also reminded that Jinzhan ran out of the palace. The father-in-law worried that the palace banquet five days later could not be explained. The emperor thought of Jinzhan’s escape. Even Zhaozhou Jin’s old lady’s birthday banquet could not be attended. In the past, the first emperor personally congratulated the old lady on her birthday. In the year he became the throne, he was unable to go, and asked Qing Ge to return to Fu’s house to inform Jinzhan of the private escape, and ask them if there is a solution.

King Wei was very angry when he learned of the incident. If the incident happened, even the emperor would not be able to save the Fu family. Yuzhan said he would find a solution.

Yuzhan came to the emperor, and the emperor told him that the queen would not show up again within five days. When the ministers would be impeached, it would be difficult to defend Wang Zhouquan. Yuzhan said that during the war, Peng Ze once attacked the imperial family so badly. Zeng stayed anonymously to Zhaozhou and was rescued by Mrs. Jin. The emperor expressed his gratitude to Mrs. Jin for saving her life. Even after he was enthroned, he would go to Zhaozhou to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Jin every year. , But this year the emperor passed away, and the second day of the next month is the birthday of Mrs. Jin. Yuzhan suggested that he take the newly-married queen with him to celebrate birthday, but Li Daitao Zheng, let him pretend to be a queen and accompany him on the trip, in the name of birthday celebration It is a good strategy to avoid the queen for five days and entertain the family of a hundred officials and women, while also having time to retrieve the marigold.

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