Together 在一起 Episode 12 Recap

Liu Bo was busy working while thinking about Chen Ru. Although Chen Ru transferred to Huoshenshan, they were all busy and had no chance to meet. The first department will open the ward tomorrow, the trash can is in short supply, and the second department left the trash can for them. Chen Ru formally introduced Fang Qingshan to everyone and distributed a list of nurses. I hope everyone will get familiar with it as soon as possible.

Liu Bo told Chen Ru that he would not go back for the time being, and that the welding of the oxygen pipeline was still going on. He stayed here to avoid accidents. Chen Ru has been working for 70 hours continuously, and he had a meeting eight hours before the opening of the hospital. Chen Ru once again emphasized that protecting himself is the most important thing.

At 8 o’clock in the morning the next morning, Huoshenshan officially accepted patients, and the first department of intensive care received severely ill patients. The situation was not optimistic. Yu Jing was also sent to Huoshen Mountain, and at this time her breathing was extremely exhausted, Fang Qingshan hurriedly directed the intubation, and finally Yu Jing gradually regained consciousness and she was rescued. Apart from the hectic, Chen Ru did not forget to stare at everyone to take protective measures. Only patients with zero infection of medical staff have hope. Zhang Lin asked why Yao Ning was very experienced but was transferred to the logistics. Chen Ru said that she had undergone surgery before and had low resistance. It is better in logistics than in the front line.

There are many problems encountered by medical staff. The protective clothing is heavy and it is difficult to communicate with patients. Uncle Youwei was unwilling to get oxygen. Chen Ru hurried to persuade him. The uncle felt that he was hopeless and he was unwilling to cooperate with the treatment. He finally persuaded him. The newly transferred patient Zhuang Cheng, a veteran, suffered respiratory failure during the transfer, and everyone quickly intubated him for treatment. After the intubation was completed, Xu Chenxi suddenly panicked when she found that her gloves were broken. Chen Ru quickly let her disinfect. Fortunately, the innermost glove was not broken, otherwise it would be a big problem

There are more and more patients, and oxygen supply is a big problem. Liu Bo wants to change to an oxygen connector. Domestic manufacturers are already producing this device that can provide oxygen for multiple patients. Yu Jing was confused again, and Chen Ru looked at her lying on the hospital bed very worried, trying to arouse her consciousness of survival. After everyone’s efforts, Yu Jing was rescued again, but she needed everyone to take turns to look after her around the clock. Zhuang Cheng wanted to go to the toilet, Xu Chenxi picked up the urinal without shy away. Soldiers are not distinguished between men and women on the battlefield. Vulcan Mountain is now the battlefield. There are only soldiers here.

Lin Xiaoning was very uncomfortable after talking to her parents on the phone. She had never heard her mother cry when she grew up. When she thought about it, she was very uncomfortable. Xu Chenxi quickly comforted her. Zhuang Cheng felt a little uncomfortable just after intubating, Xu Chenxi told him the story of why she was a soldier. During the Wenchuan earthquake, she saw the soldiers persisted despite being scared, so this time she kept telling herself to be like them. ,do not give up. Zhuang Cheng experienced Wenchuan rescue, and he persisted at that time.

How could he be defeated by this little virus. Chen Ru gave everyone a handbook to communicate with the patients, and Fang Qingshan developed mild symptoms at this time and was quarantined. After seeing him, Chen Ru came out and met Liu Bo. Although they were wearing protective clothing, the two recognized each other at a glance. Chen Ru did not forget to ask him to protect him and take him for disinfection. Yu Jing had been in a coma. At this moment, she was suddenly critically ill. Everyone stood by her and cheered for her. However, the day failed. Yu Jing finally let out her breath.

Yu Jing’s boyfriend asked Chen Ru to help him find out the ring Yu Jing was wearing. Chen Ru and Xu Chenxi searched for a long time, and finally found the ring. Xu Chenxi cried for a long time. Yu Jing was the first batch of Hanmin Hospital to participate in the fight against the epidemic. When they were diagnosed, they told them to marry their boyfriend when they recovered. Invite them all to attend the wedding. But now Yu Jing has passed away, and signed a body donation agreement before his death, and was still working hard to fight the epidemic until his death.

Fang Qingshan’s test result was negative, so he left the isolation room smoothly to extubate Zhuang Cheng, which meant that Zhuang Cheng was out of severe illness. Zhuang Cheng tremblingly raised his hands to salute everyone. This was an affirmation of them and a respect for them. Soon after, the Huoshenshan Ward was disinfected and the patients were transferred. On April 15, the Huoshenshan Hospital was officially closed, and the number of admissions and cures was the first in Wuhan. The supporting medical team also achieved zero infection. Chen Ru and her ‘S teammates stuck to their beliefs.

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