Together 在一起 Episode 11 Recap

In the early morning of January 25, the three medical teams of the People’s Liberation Army landed in Wuhan from different places and will go to designated hospitals in Wuhan for treatment. An old man fainted on the streets of Wuhan. The PLA medical team rushed him to the hospital for rescue. At this time, the hospital was crowded with patients waiting for treatment, and corpses were carried out one by one.

The leader of the medical team Zhang Zhi and the head nurse Chen Ru reported the situation in the hospital. Chen Ru hoped that everyone would protect themselves. Only by protecting themselves can we treat more patients. Chen Ru’s husband, Liu Bo, a senior engineer, went to support the construction of Vulcan Mountain.

Although their daughter Tongtong complained that they could not spend the New Year with them, she was still very sensible because her parents had more important things to do. Xu Chenxi, a nurse from the medical team, made a bowl of noodles for Chen Ru and brought them over, saying that he wanted to take care of the patients on the front line, and Chen Ru told her to go back to bed first. Chen Ru thought that he had just graduated from SARS in 2003. The head nurse at the time, like Chen Ru now, asked them to pay attention to things in every possible way. She brought everyone out and brought them back with zero infection.

The hospital nurse Yu Jing told Chen Ru that not only their hospitals, but all the hospitals in Wuhan would be too busy. Chen Ru, Xu Chenxi, and Lin Xiaoning were thrown up while rescuing an uncle. Yu Jing had a fever after returning home. The symptoms were highly suspected. Lin Xiaoning proposed to set up an intubation team. He has experience in this area

The Wuhan Municipal Government decided to build a Huoshenshan Hospital within ten days from Xiaotangshan Hospital during the SARS period. Liu Bo is the engineer in charge and is working on the construction plan. Mr. Zhao told everyone that the people of the whole country are watching them and supporting them. They must build the Vulcan Mountain within the specified time. Chen Ru and other medical staff treated patients at Hanmin Hospital, while Liu Bo was busy with the construction of the Vulcan Mountain. Both husband and wife were struggling on the front line. Liu Bo did not forget to tell Chen Ru to take care of them.

Chen Ru received a call saying that the Huoshenshan Hospital will be completed soon, and she needs to select some people to work in Huoshenshan. As a result, Chen Ru once again led the team to Huoshen Mountain. There was a landslide on the road. The medical team and ambulance were unable to make it through. The police were in a hurry. Several elderly people had died in the nursing home in the valley ahead. Chen Ru hurriedly called the director, and the leader instructed her and Xu Chenxi to take a team into the mountain to treat the patients in the nursing home, and the remaining people stayed to help clear the roadblocks.

The police were worried, but Chen Ru was calm. They were soldiers and medical workers. The situation in Wenchuan was much more dangerous than this. The two policemen couldn’t run after them, but they gritted their teeth to keep up. Under their leadership, the medical team found a short-cut to the nursing home. Chen Ru and others put on protective clothing on the spot. An old man came out of the nursing home crying and saying it was over. Their caregivers had gone home for the Chinese New Year, and only she was left One. The nursing home was out of power due to the rain. Chen Ru treated the patients in groups and disinfected them, and the police went to repair the switch.

There was a call from the nursing home, and an elderly man was suddenly critically ill. Chen Ru and others decided to intubate immediately. The patient’s breathing gradually recovered, and several people suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. The medical team takes care of the emotions of the elderly. They are all children and lonely elderly people. Those with family members have long been taken away. After rescuing the patients in the nursing home, the medical team was ready to leave. The two policemen hurriedly came to thank them. If they hadn’t traveled across the mountains to treat these elderly people, they would not know what to do.

On the bus, everyone was drowsy, but Xu Chenxi cried secretly. She thought she was not afraid of difficulties or sacrifice, but when she faced difficulties, she was scared. She avoided the patient’s sputum and made Lin Xiaoning stick to it. Up. Chen Ru comforted, this is the instinct of people to protect themselves. Liu Bo and Chen Ru continued to report on the construction of the Vulcan Mountain, and the two were sympathizing with each other and worried about each other. In 2003, Liu Bo was an engineer and Chen Ru was a nurse, and at the moment they are all fighters on the front line.

On February 2, Fang Qingshan, director of the Intensive Care Department, worried that Chen Ru was not from an infectious disease department and could not serve as the head nurse. Chen Ru said he was confident, but fainted before he could finish speaking. Fang Qingshan doesn’t trust Chen Ru, but Director Lin trusts her very much. Chen Ru took out the design drawing of Vulcan Mountain and said that there was a problem. She had experience in fighting Ebola, so she suggested that only contaminated areas and clean areas should be divided. Therefore, she gained the trust of the leadership and was relieved to hand over the position of the head nurse of the intensive care department. To her.

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