To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 43 Recap

Gao Zhengdao said that Li Siyu was solely responsible for investment matters, and he devoted himself to scientific research. So Li Siyu approached Pan Zhiyong, but only when he heard that it was Gao Zhengdao’s experiment, he refused directly. Because Pan Zhiyong and Gao Zhengdao’s scientific research theories are completely in two directions, the two are not at odds with each other. And he can only conclude that Gao Zhengdao’s experiment will not be successful, but if Gao Zhengdao is willing to help him improve the battery of Lubaoshan, he would be happy to cooperate with Gao Zhengdao.

Li Siyu said that Pan Zhiyong and Gao Zhengdao could be contacted face to face and came to Gao Zhengdao’s laboratory. When Gao Zhengdao asked Pan Zhiyou to invest, but Pan Zhiyou said he needed Gao Zhengdao to change his experimental project. The two people quarreled very stiffly, and separated. Gao Zhengdao said that he would rather be extorted and sold by the prince than to cooperate with Pan Zhiyong, so he had to leave angrily.

Li Siyu returned to Gu Xiaoling’s house, and Zhang Zhizhi was also at Gu Xiaoling’s house. Li Siyu asked the two if they had 5 million to borrow. Both of them were shocked by the number Li Siyu said, but neither of them had much money, just knowing that all their savings were added. It was less than 50,000 yuan, Li Siyu said he would come up with a solution.

Li Siyu and Zai Zhang Zhizhi apologized, because of their relationship with themselves, otherwise they would not be expelled. At this time, Gu Xiaoling found the ring Zhang Zhizhi was wearing. Li Siyu came over to ask him and decided to be with him. Li Siyu asked if he didn’t lose his job, would he still choose to go to Europe with Su Lixin, Zhang Zhizhi said he didn’t know.

When Gu Xiaoling and He Mu were dating, Gu Xiaoling said that his sister was starting a business and hoped that He Mu could invest in him. However, He Mu began to carry the prenuptial agreement. In short, the two did not want to involve money. Gu Xiaoling was still disappointed with He Mu and left the dating scene directly. At this time, Gu Xiaoling received Lei Haowen’s message, and Gu Xiaoling asked Lei Haowen to send an address to herself.

Zhang Zhizhi now lives in Su Lixing’s house and helps him take care of Su. At that time, cooking and cooking at home, watching Susan playing on the side, arrived at the former home. However, while eating, he and Su Lixing mentioned that they wanted to invest in Su Lixing for their cousin but hesitated. Su Lixing said that he had a meeting tomorrow, and he might be busy with the company for a day. Please ask Zhang Zhizhi to take care of the child. Zhang Zhizhi feels more like the self she once heard.

Today Liu Yang took Yuwei to play outside, bought ice cream, and the two sat in the square to eat. Liu Yang asked if any uncles had seen his mother recently, and Yuwei said no. If Yuwei wants her father to play together, she can be with his mother, Susan and Susan’s father. Liu Yang has keenly captured some things. Liu Yang said who Susan’s father was, and the child said it was Susan’s father. Susan doesn’t have a mother, but Susan’s father asked Susan if he would let his mother be his mother. Susan happily agreed.

Liu Yang realized something was wrong, and when Zhang Zhizhi was picking up Yuwei, Liu Yang confirmed the news. Zhang Zhizhi only said that they might go to Europe. Zhang Zhizhi wanted to return the ring to Liu Yang. Liu Yang said that he owed it to him. Let Zhang Zhizhi accept it.

In the evening Yuan Huizhong had dinner with Zhang Zhizhi. Zhang Zhizhi wanted to know why he did not consider, remarrying or finding a new partner. Yuan Huizhong said that the life of two people may not be easier than that of one. After listening to Yuan Huizhong’s words, Zhang Zhizhi silently took off the ring from his hand under the table.

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