Psychic Princess S2 通灵妃 第二季 Episode 71

Qian Yunxi left Queer sad and locked in the room. Qian Yunxi returned to the room sad and quietly packed his things and prepared to leave. Both Nuomi Tuan and Sesame Beans came to ask what happened. Que’er also asked Qian Yunxi where he planned to go? Qian Yunxi claimed that she caused Nan Qingwan to break her leg. She was going to go back to Lingyun Mountain. She believed that the master would be able to save Nan Qingwan again.

But Queer clearly saw Qian Yunxi crying, and Nuomi Tuan also said that it would be understandable if he went back to the master, but why did she cry when looking for the master? Qian Yunxi dried her tears and denied that she had cried, took the burden and went out. Sesame Bean guessed that Qian Yunxi must have quarreled with Ye Youming, otherwise he wouldn’t be so sad and cry.

Qian Yunxi turned around and left. Que’er and the sesame bean glutinous rice group were chasing Qian Yunxi, Qian Yunxi suddenly used the barrier to seal the door, so that they could not come out, Qian Yunxi couldn’t help tears falling. Tell them that this barrier will be automatically unlocked in two hours. I hope they don’t tell others where she has been. Que’er and Sesame Bean Glutinous Rice Ball are in the room yelling Qian Yunxi anxiously, but Qian Yunxi has already gone far. Up.

Qian Yunxi came to the street. Although it was still that street, there was still a lot of voices and joy, but at this time, Qian Yunxi’s heart could no longer be happy. I remembered the last time I passed by with Ye Youming. Ye Youming knew that she loved to go shopping and took the initiative to take her shopping.

Categories: Chinese Plot

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