Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 9 Recap

Zhang Zhinian looked at Yun Shu, who was stupefied at him, and patted Yun Shu on the head. Zhang Zhinian couldn’t understand Yun Shu. It was hard to know that Yun Shu was so exaggerated that he wrote his name as a signature. , Zhang Zhinian had no choice but to agree to the bonus contract for her again.

On the days when the two lived together, Yun Shu was full of idiots about Zhang Zhinian’s every move. He kept looking straight at Zhang Zhinian with a smirk and dazed, but Zhang Zhinian’s still incomprehensible style would only make Yun Shu do the question. Do the questions and then do the questions.

Zhang Zhinian suddenly asked Yun Shu to change clothes and go to school with him. It turned out that he felt that Yun Shu had not learned the courses and asked her to go to the school to audit. Yun Shu seemed a little embarrassed when he heard that, so he asked Zhang Zhinian to go ahead and tell himself the classroom number by himself.

When Yun Shu came to the classroom and asked her seat, a girl deliberately said that there was someone in that position, and Yun Shu had no choice but to sit behind. Zhang Zhinian saw this scene, and before the class started, he asked the girl to remove her schoolbag and gave her seat to Yun Shu. After class, Zhang Zhinian reminded Yun Shu not to be in a daze during class and to concentrate.

During the meal, Yun Shu ran to the school cafeteria, but Zhang Zhinian called Yun Shu away, and ordered some meals for Yun Shu that Yun Shu didn’t like at all. Zhang Zhinian’s call to action Yun Shu had to bow his head and slam the food, accidentally sticking a grain of rice to his face.

After Zhang Zhinian used chopsticks to help her remove it, Yun Shu put the rice into his mouth with one mouth. Zhang Zhinian who got it so embarrassing. Afterwards, Yun Shu told Kochiyi about going to school to attend a class. Kochiyi deliberately joked that he smelled the sour smell of love.

Yunshu told Kochiyi that he might already like Zhang Zhinian. Kochiyi suggested that Yunshu take the initiative. Launch an offensive to turn the contractual relationship into a real love relationship.

When Zhang Zhinian helped Yun Shu revise the paper, Yun Shu still stared at Zhang Zhinian blankly. Zhang Zhinian asked Yun Shu in a bit of confusion, why he always stared at himself stupidly recently, and Yun Shu took it out. My couple pajamas were given to Zhang Zhinian. Zhang Zhinian reminded her that the craft of financial management was used as a personal expense, not to be spent on her.

In class, the students whispered about Zhang Zhinian’s handsomeness and profound knowledge. One of the classmates who played games felt that mathematics was useless. When Yun Shu heard them, he gave him a few words. After a while, the classmate who played games openly shouted. Zhang Zhinian said that it is useless to learn mathematics.

After graduation, it is better to make a lot of money by playing games in your own team. How can I know that Zhang Zhinian has a profound understanding of the simple language, and the powerless counterattack of that game-playing argument is a chapter that the students can’t help it. Known years of knowledge and talent applauded, Yun Shu was also deeply attracted.

Yun Shu felt that there was a gap between him and Zhang Zhinian. Kozhiyi asked Yun Shu if he had sent a love signal according to his suggestions, and suggested that Yun Shu take advantage of the victory to pursue it. As soon as the voice fell, a basketball hit Kochiyi’s body. Kochiyi was planning to ship it.

How did he know that a handsome man came along with the model. Kochiyi immediately disappeared, and helped him pick up the basketball while asking him for his name. , This man named Gu Xiao happened to come to the school to do business, and Gao Zhiyi took the initiative to ask for Gu Xiao’s WeChat ID. Lin Nuo looked jealous.

Shen Lan’s mother ran to school to make a fuss, saying that if Shen Lan divorced, she would sever her mother-daughter relationship. Zhang Zhinian heard about it and seemed to be interested in the subject of women’s second marriage.

Sending text messages saved Yun Shu from preparing his own dinner. Yun Shu waited for Zhang Zhinian on the sofa at home, and folded his clothes over and over again. When he helped Zhang Zhinian fold his underwear, he was a little excited.

Yun Shu put the folded clothes in Zhang Zhinian’s closet. Zhang Zhinian went home. When he saw a fairy tale book in Zhang Zhinian’s room, he curiously asked Zhang Zhinian, but Zhang Zhinian was not salty. He didn’t answer Yun Shu positively, but let Yun Shu handle his own affairs in the future.

The next day, Zhang Zhinian suddenly stopped Yun Shu from attending the school, which surprised Yun Shu, but he didn’t understand why. Lu Yu pretends to be a flash delivery courier to Yun Lan. Two months after the two jokingly set up, Lu Yu will approach Yun Lan’s home contract.

Yun Shu was boring to do his homework at home, and it happened that the wedding hall called and asked Yun Shu to pick up the photos. Yun Shu told Gao Zhiyi that Zhang Zhinian had suddenly ignored her situation. Gao Zhiyi and Lin Nuo encouraged Yun Shu to appear in front of Zhang Zhinian.

When Yun Shu was attending class with Gao Zhiyi, he accidentally bumped into the photo in his hand by Zheng Lan. Zhang Zhinian seemed a little unhappy. Yun Shu felt that Zhang Zhinian didn’t like him at all, and learned that Zhang Zhinian treated him unexpectedly. There was no idea at all, but just thinking of himself as Party B, Yun Shu’s tears fell.

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