Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 Episode 10 Recap

The next day, Zhang Zhinian patted Yun Shu’s door, only to find that the room was already empty, and Yun Shu left a small note of running away from home. The homeless Zhang Zhinian brought his luggage to find Kozhiyi.

Yun Shu told Kozhiyi what she thought in her heart. She felt that Zhang Zhinian didn’t like herself at all, and if she didn’t move out, she would fall into it. This emotion will affect herself and Zhang Zhinian. Kochiyi heard Yun Shu’s heart care, and when he heard that Yun Shu hadn’t eaten, he dragged her to eat together.

When the two were visiting the supermarket, Yun Shu was attracted by the supermarket’s application advertisement, but was attracted by the supervision of eating and controlling. Because Yun Shu was in a hurry to move in, he directly negotiated with the supermarket interviewer.

Although the basic salary for supermarket work was low, it at least solved the problem of Yunshu accommodation. Zhang Zhinian would still call Yunshu habitually after taking a bath. Lu Yu was waiting for her in Yunlan’s community, and Yun Lan returned his DVD to him when she saw him.

She didn’t know that the matter was not over yet, Lu Yu actually acted with the property, saying that Yun Lan was her girlfriend. After the operation, Yun Lan reluctantly let Lu Yu enter his home. Lu Yu approached Yun Lan a little bit. When the TV was turned on, the TV series starring Lu Yu was played. Seeing Yun Lan fell asleep, Lu Yu carried Yun Lan to bed to sleep.

The next morning, Lu Yu prepared a glass of lemonade for her very carefully.

Facing the empty Fang Jian, Zhang Zhinian seemed to miss Yun Shu when he was alone, watching TV and eating milk bread alone. After Yun Shu got up early to prepare breakfast, he learned that it was the weekend, and ran to the hospital without having to eat.

Zhang Zhinian came to the ward to see his grandfather, opened the door and learned that Yun Shu was not a little disappointed. When he was about to explain to his grandfather, Yun Shu suddenly appeared in his grandfather’s room, which made Zhang Zhinian especially happy. When he left the hospital, Yun Shu told Zhang Zhinian that he worked as a beer promoter in the supermarket.

When Zhang Zhinian went to the supermarket to give Yunshu exercises, Yun Shu accidentally discovered his sister Yun Lan, and immediately asked Zhang Zhinian for help, but Yun Shu was also scolded by the supervisor for leaving his post. Fortunately, Zhang Zhinian went out. Yun Shu has the opportunity to return to his post.

Zhang Zhinian followed Yun Shu all the way at the entrance of the supermarket, and felt that Yun Shu was particularly interesting. Zhang Zhinian suddenly came to Lu Yu’s house. He told Lu Yu that Yun Shu had moved away from the house without his own operation, and told Lu Yu how he felt since Yun Shu moved away. Lu Yu joked that Zhang Zhinian liked Yunshu, but Zhang Zhinian said that it was impossible at all, and yes, this male god of abstinence probably hadn’t figured out his true thoughts.

Lin Nuo and Ko Chi-yi asked Yun Shu why they were so resolute in moving. Yun Shu told them that Zhang Zhi-nian didn’t like herself, so they shouldn’t stay where to cause trouble for each other, and let Ko Chi-yi and Lin Nuo be bothered. It seems that the previous young lady has changed. Kochiyi fell in love with Gu Xiao at first sight, but Lin Nuo was still jealous.

Zhang Zhinian missed Yun Shu a little when he was at home, so he sent a WeChat message to Yun Shu and told him that in the future, he could collude with his grandfather in advance, so as not to show his feet.

While Yun Shu was promoting beer in the supermarket, he met a handy customer. Fortunately, the appearance of a lawyer helped her. The supervisor found Yun Shu and said that a client had ordered 20 boxes of wine for her to deliver. Yun Shu looked at the address and felt that he had been to Qinhe Law Firm before.

As soon as Yun Shu arrived at the law firm, he was hired as a paralegal. It turned out that Zhang Zhinian had asked someone to help Yun Shu so smoothly to find a decent job. However, Zhang Zhinian didn’t seem to want Yun Shu to know the fact that he was helping her behind.

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