Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 14 Recap

Lily watched Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai come together, and quickly pulled Jiang away. Li Xiaochuan and Yuan Shuai looked at Jiang Jun and Lily who seemed to be playing a drama in front of the window, and they were puzzled. When the two came back, they finally returned the topic to the marriage software made by Li Xiaochuan.

Listening to Li Xiaochuan’s seemingly unconstrained description, Jiang Jun felt interesting from it, but Yuan Shuai was full of disdain. It was only when Li Xiaochuan mentioned a large amount of funds that Yuan Shuai saw the true face of his cousin.

As an investment bank representative, Yuan Shuai proposed to take everyone to a mysterious location. It turned out to be a bar. Yuan Shuai deliberately created a social scene, taking Jiang Jun as an example, taking the daily bar chat scene as an example, and telling Li Xiaochuan about the parts of marriage and love websites that cannot be counted and calculated in reality.

Yuan Shuai bluntly pointed out that Li Xiaochuan’s lack of social experience and love experience regarded marriage and love calculations as data, and ignored all possible situations behind it. Under the accusation of his cousin, Li Xiaochuan left angrily.

When Lily found Li Xiaochuan sitting outside the bar, Xiaochuan was already lonely. Lily looked at Li Xiaochuan with disappointment. Lily didn’t know where to start, so she had to take out all her belongings to fully support Li Xiaochuan.

Even if it was a small move, Li Xiaochuan felt warm in his heart. He even grasped Lily’s hands that were frozen by the cold wind and put them in her warm pockets, and Lily was touched by Xiaochuan’s seemingly unintentional actions again. …

Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai were strolling. Jiang Jun accused Yuan Shuai of negating Xiaochuan’s project too quickly, thinking that Yuan Shuai’s judgment on Xiaochuan himself affected his judgment on the project, but Yuan Shuai said that he knew too much about his cousin’s treatment of humans.

The lack of understanding of love at the same time pointed out that Jiang Jun is just blind support, in fact, he has not really understood the “Western World” software produced by Li Xiaochuan, and Jiang Jun has no deep understanding of love.

After teaching Jiang Jun, Yuan Shuai confessed that he knew love, but he had no experience in love. When Jiang Jun asked why Yuan Shuai was not in love, but Yuan Shuai confessed that he already had a crush, Jiang Jun was shocked, but again Unable to keep exploring, Yuan Shuai looked into Jiang Jun’s eyes and said, fearing that he would not be able to be friends after he confessed.

Although the two pretended to be stupid at the same time, they both vaguely understood the meaning of this. But he didn’t dare to ask any more, he had to find an excuse to prevaricate. Looking at the little white rabbit who had hurried away before he confessed, Yuan Shuai had to hold back what was in his heart.

Thinking of Li Xiaochuan’s loneliness today, Lily felt very uncomfortable. Suddenly, she remembered the “Mr. Du” in Jiang Jun’s mouth. Lily seemed to have found a chance and rushed to Jiang Jun’s house. Please ask Jiang Jun to contact Du Lei to evaluate Li.

For Xiaochuan’s “Western World” project, Du Lei received a call from Jiang Jun and agreed without too much excuse. After receiving the application link from Jiang Jun, Du Lei started thinking with interest.

When returning home, Yuan Shuai remembered Jiang Jun’s accusation that he was “doing things wrong with others” and couldn’t bear it. He opened the Westworld app to help review the app’s advantages and disadvantages and areas for improvement.

On the other hand, Du Lei, who opened the application interface at the same time, was also recording. The two investment bankers recorded the same advantages and disadvantages by mistake.

Jiang Jun remembered Yuan Shuai’s words and decided to open the app to try it out. The three people who were pulled by fate opened the matching mode in the app at the same time. Who knew that Jiang Jun and Du Lei failed to match, and Yuan Shuai became a 100% match.

The two people only separated by a wall met again in the online chat room. The chat was smooth when you came and I went down. Yuan Shuai also became interested in the “perfect match” users in the chat room in his heart.

On the second day, Du Lei and Li Xiaochuan met in a coffee shop for the application project. Du Lei briefly asked about Li Xiaochuan’s current situation and learned that Li Xiaochuan did not have any marriage and love experiences. Du Lei roughly understood the flaws behind the Li Xiaochuan project: excessive data And idealized algorithms. Rejected, Li Xiaochuan fell into deep thinking in Du Lei’s words, and fell into deep thinking for his excessive lack of social experience.

In the office, I received Lily’s advertisement for Li Xiaochuan. Jiang Jun was about to reply, but when he looked up, he met Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai cared in his heart, but showed that he didn’t care about the application on the face, and asked Jiang Jun sideways. The bickering enemy is online again. The two people who were secretly sighed received an app reminder and went online to maintain their relationship.

Jiang Jun asked whether Yuan Shuai in the app confessed that he successfully ended his secret love, and Yuan Shuai also asked whether Jiang Jun met his sweetheart today. The daily happy friends are “strikes” with each other in the online world. They are really hard to separate in fate.

Li Xiaochuan came to the convenience store and asked Lily, who had written a romance novel, about love. The “experienced” Lily told Ogawa about the magic of love, but Ogawa always associates love with technology and data, refuting Lily’s point of view. It turned out that Du Lei’s words today stimulated Li Xiaochuan, making Li Xiaochuan eager to optimize the algorithm in the application.

At this time, Lily’s express arrived, and it was the blind box that she bought. Li Xiaochuan faced the blind box, which is full of random products. Although he was full of doubts, he opened them one by one at the urging of Lily. Although he encountered many undesirable dolls, when Xiaochuan saw the doll he liked.

Finally understood the meaning of Lily’s words. He quickly thought of the solution Du Lei needed. After calling Du Lei to report on the application innovation he was thinking of, he heard Du Lei’s affirmation and decided to invest, so Xiaochuan immediately returned to the convenience store to report to Lili.

Lily was so happy that she hugged Ogawa. Looking at Lily in her arms, Ogawa vaguely felt that some kind of emotion was fermenting. Under Lily’s reminder, Ogawa decided to treat Jiang Jun and Lily to dinner.

After receiving Lily’s text message, Jiang Jun looked out the window thoughtfully. Yuan Shuai came and said that he might have to work overtime tonight. Please ask Jiang Jun to walk the dog, and Jiang Jun is learning Yuan Shuai’s door lock code When it was 0905, I couldn’t help being stunned. It turned out that this was the day when Jun Jiang was eliminated by Yuan Shuai, but Yuan Shuai denied this answer.

After being puzzled, Yuan Shuai explained that this was the day when the two met again. . Hearing what Yuan Shuai said, Jiang Jun understood the deep meaning behind Yuan Shuai’s password setting, but he couldn’t help being stunned…

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