Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 14 Recap

On the mountain road deep in the mountains, there are a few trucks parked, and there are sheds nearby and various shooting equipment. The heads are as small as ants. Suddenly a sound blasted into the clear sky, and someone knocked on the lid of the pot with a spoon to put the rice on the pot and everyone surrounded him.

Luo Xiaoxi and Su Jianan made a bowl of cabbage tofu soup, but there was nothing else. The crew’s food was indeed not very good. The two of them looked at the clear soup and it was difficult to swallow. Han Ruoxi over there could still have four dishes, but in Han Ruoxi’s eyes, these were not human food at all. The crew did not have money, and it was reasonable that they could not keep up with food.

The director begged everyone to stop, and Han Ruoxi had no choice but to start eating buns. Suddenly, someone asked Su Jianan to accept the takeaway. I saw a little brown bear galloping into the shooting site riding an electric car, lively and cute, and a little ghostly, propped up a square table covered with a tablecloth, and it was filled with various snacks and snacks, as well as various dishes, and A small speaker as a companion.

The little brown bear arranged lunch for her, and walked up with a round belly in a gentleman’s style, and invited Su Jianan to take her seat. Facing the table full of abundance, the little brown bear turned on the speaker and picked up the petals from a square box and threw it into the air. With food, music and petals, Su Jianan’s world suddenly became bright and bright.

Su Jianan generously invited everyone to enjoy it together, and everyone rushed forward, only Han Ruoxi was still gnawing cold steamed buns. Since then, most people in the crew have fallen in love with Brother Xiong, because as long as Brother Xiong arrives, the crew’s food can be comparable to normal life.

When it was raining, everyone was crowded under the canopy, Su Jianan had nowhere to squeeze, and the little brown bear quietly appeared behind her, holding up a big umbrella to shelter her from wind and rain. The mosquitoes in summer night are also a big trouble. The little brown bear will send her toilet water while she is staring at the script, and walk around him to wipe out the mosquitoes for her. When the weather is hot, the little brown bear will distribute drinking water to all members of the crew, and everyone gradually becomes familiar with him.

Until one day, when the little brown bear waited for her downstairs in Su Jianan’s residence, waiting for her bored with his feet on the tree, this action coincided with the time when Lu Boyan stood at the door of her room and waited for her to come out. Sure enough, this was The person she paid in this way was Lu Boyan.

Today, there is a mass drama. There are not enough actors to join the crew. Little Brown Bear and Su Jianan are fortunate enough to be selected for a couples group performance. The director’s opening sounded, Su Jian’an took off Lu Boyan’s little bear hat, and the long-lost miss turned into a kiss. Strong again.

On the Tao Ran literature website, Jiang Shaokai dogleg appeared next to President Du. In order to see Luo Xiaoxi, Jiang Shaokai tried his best to speak up.

The movie “When Time Stands” has the popular star Han Ruoxi and the famous director Guo Guo, and it will definitely be a big hit. If Tao Ran Literature Network buys the novel development rights for this movie, there will be a large number of readers before the movie becomes popular.

Come to the website to read. But the premise is that money is needed to buy the copyright. Jiang Shaokai volunteered to sponsor the movie advertising, so that a small amount of advertising money can be used to buy the copyright, and afterwards, it can make a lot of profits.

In the restaurant, Lu Boyan and his wife invited Luo Xiaoxi to feast. One was peeling shrimps and the other eating shrimps sweetly. Only Luo Xiaoxi ate a lot of dog food. She couldn’t eat anymore, so she left the table in anger. When I went out, I received a call from Jiang Shaokai. On the phone, Jiang Shaokai was drunk and boasted about his greatness. He would surely surprise Luo Xiaoxi soon.

Kang Ruicheng looked at Su’s beauty anniversary banquet, Lu Boyan and Su Jianan’s dance music, Lang Cai female appearance. The assistant suddenly came in and asked that there was a problem with the company’s funds, and he asked the assistant to keep quiet. He still had things to do, but when he came downstairs, he met Lu Boyan who had sent Su Jianan back to his residence. Only then did Su Jianan know that Lu Boyan and Kang Ruicheng knew each other.

They are more than acquaintances. Lu Boyan and Kang Ruicheng are playing games in the market. Su Jianan is involved in this. Lu Boyan originally wanted to take Su Jianan away, but Shen Yuechuan said that there was something he needed to deal with. He had no choice but to let Su Jianan here alone, and then left Luochuan City after a thousand warnings.

A few days later, the movie “When Time Stands” ushered in a group of strange endorsements. From then on, a fantasy love story was paired with a country tricycle and pan. Luo Xiaoxi filmed the embarrassing, strange and funny plot for a few days, wishing to scold this strange sponsor, but later learned that this person was actually Jiang Shaokai, so he didn’t get angry, so he decided to hang up this nasty thing. day.

Su Jianan, who was watching the excitement on the side, was very happy. Mr. Kang suddenly called her. There was a problem with Kang Ruicheng’s capital chain. This drama was also invested by Ruijin Entertainment, so Mr. Kang wanted to ask Su Jianan for help.

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