Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 Episode 13 Recap

It turned out that Lu Boyan arranged the configuration of this trip for her early in the morning, and all aspects were not top-notch. An RV with areas divided by function has spacious and bright interiors; the nanny also comes from a chef’s cooking school, who is proficient in eight major cuisines, and can both take care of and cook; even the driver is a retired special soldier, serving as a bodyguard for her.

Su Jianan was frightened, so she rushed to the production crew, and thought she was the lead actor without knowing it, not to mention how she learned to gain experience anonymously. So the RV becomes a shuttle bus, the chef becomes a box lunch, and the bodyguard becomes Luo Xiaoxi.

Su Jianan didn’t take anything with him. He only took the luggage and went to the train station to meet Luo Xiaoxi, and then went to Luochuan City to join the team. When she left, she and Lu Boyan made three new chapters. She cannot go to the crew, check the crew, and can not invest. She has to stay in the crew for two months.

In rural towns surrounded by greenery, the movie “When Time Stands” finally starts. All the staff came to Qi one after another, and Su Jianan and Luo Xiaoxi also successfully stayed at the residence. The spacious and bright room reveals peace and quiet, and the crew’s life is finally about to begin.

Early in the morning, Su Jianan gave his revised script to the director for review. The director recognized him very much. He took Su Jianan to meet the other creators and screenwriters in the crew. At the same time, he also met Han Ruoxi, the leading female actor of the show. The two immediately sharpened their eyes. Out of lightning flint.

In the afternoon reading the script, Su Jianan and everyone explained the revised part in detail. If there are any flaws, you can also point it out in time. Unexpectedly, Han Ruoxi, who had never participated in the script reading in the past, appeared on the scene today, picking up the script in twos and threes, almost negating Su Jianan’s revision.

Luo Xiaoxi was so angry that she was furious. Su Jianan had to stay up late to revise a new version after comforting her. Lu Boyan called the video late at night and accompanied her to make changes. Su Jianan occasionally asked him what he thought. , They just had a sweet all night with their answers.

Early in the morning, Han Ruoxi was losing her temper. It turned out that the assistant accidentally brought the flowers from fans to Han Ruoxi, and sent them without even looking at them. Who knows that Han Ruoxi is allergic to lilies, causing Han Ruoxi to face the assistant in the house. Yelling.

Today’s first scene is the rivalry between Luo Xiaoxi and Han Ruoxi. It is about a scene where one party betrayed the other and came to question. Faced with Luo Xiaoxi’s shock, Han Ruoxi slapped her hand as she spoke, Luo Xiaoxi Shocked and angry. The next few shots were slapped a lot. After returning to the room to rest in the evening, Su Jianan was distressed to lay down Luo Xiaoxi’s face, and remembered the scene where she saw Assistant Han Ruoxi roaring this morning.

The next scene was the male number one’s confession to Han Ruoxi. He hid a bunch of lilies behind his back, and presented it to her in a pleasant surprise when he fell in love. Han Ruoxi didn’t even look at his breath and buried it in the flower room. After sneezing fiercely, she ran away hurriedly after realizing that it was wrong. Luo Xiaoxi and Han Ruoxi, who were watching the show, gave a high-five.

When reading the script again, Han Ruoxi was covering her handkerchief to correct and criticize. Su Jianan’s script was too problematic, and she couldn’t understand even a script. If the play was not changed to Han Ruoxi, she would not film it. Su Jianan really couldn’t stand her deliberately provoking, she was about to leave anyway, and she didn’t care about anything. She stood up and talked about Han Ruoxi’s stink. Han Ruoxi was stimulated again and raised her hand to hit Su Jianan, but was stopped by Mr. Kang.

Su Jianan remembered the man who had chosen the same book in the bookstore that day. It turned out that this man was Kang Ruicheng, the owner of Ruijin Entertainment, the company that Han Ruoxi signed newly. This person was polite and gentle, and asked Su Jianan to relax after stopping Han Ruoxi. There was nothing wrong with the script she changed.

In the evening, Kang Ruicheng went to talk to Han Ruoxi. Han Ruoxi screamed and told him that Su Jianan was Lu Boyan’s wife. Kang Ruicheng’s expression was very shocked for a moment. So in the next few days, Kang Ruicheng always refused to ask questions from Su Jianan, until one time when he accidentally scratched his forearm by the equipment, Su Jianan rushed up to simply bandage her with a head flower.

This scene seemed familiar. He used to chase after him. A person was accidentally scratched when he was accidentally scratched. It happened that a girl wearing a mask wrapped him with a flower head. It was Su Jianan. He was about to be pleased, and Han Ruoxi’s scream was still in his ears.

Su Jianan dreamed that Lu Boyan was lying next to him at night, and indeed missed him a little bit. When he was about to kiss her, Su Jianan was awakened by a warning to start work.

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