Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 14 Recap

Guo Liye picked up himself and prepared to apologize to Huang Caiyun. Guo Guo believed that Guo Liye had ordered someone else’s house before, and it was because of the flammable weather that he had to go out and apologize in person, and he sounded awkward. Guo Liye believed that he was worried that Guo Jing would become an old bachelor, so he went to the hospital to apologize. Guo Guo wanted to go with the car, but Guo Liye thought she was too slow.

Guo Jing approached Huang Caiyun to talk about his job transfer. Huang Caiyun was curious about his performance in the maternity school. Guo Jing groaned for a while and showed off that he was warmly welcomed by pregnant women. Pregnant women often delayed their lectures. Huang Caiyun arranged for him to stay in the maternity school. Guo Jing regretted his death and had to leave silently.

Guo Jing drove away with the front foot, and Guo Liye came in with the back foot. He apologized to Huang Caiyun for the previous incident. Huang Caiyun was very angry about what happened last time, but the matter has passed and he doesn’t care about it, and now she is going to the clinic. Guo Liye said that it was not easy for his fellow villagers to see a doctor, and hoped that Huang Caiyun would add the number, but he actually took the patient’s money himself.

Guo Jing sat in a daze. A beautiful woman came to the door. Guo Jing suddenly remembered that he had received a call from a beautiful woman. It turned out that his friend Zeng Li was drunk with his name. At a glance, the beauty recognized that Guo Jing in front of her was not the one she was with, and understood that he was framed by others. From then on, she often went to the maternity school to sit and sit.

Guo Liye asked Guo Jing to meet at the entrance of the hospital to show off that he helped Guo Jing to make good things. While talking, Huang Caiyun called Guo Jing and was angry that he kindly gave Guo Liye’s fellow villager a plus, but he was used by Guo Liye to speculate and seek personal gain of 3,000 yuan. Guo Liye thought that he was only paying 600 yuan. The price of RMB was given to a person who came to see the doctor from outside, and he did not know that he was a trafficker. Guo Jing bit his head and apologized to Huang Caiyun, but Huang Caiyun was driven out.

Guo Liye struggled with the traffickers in the lobby of the hospital, and finally the security rushed out. In the hospital’s reimbursement hall, a woman taught a man who didn’t understand the reimbursement process. Guo Guolu drew his sword to help if the woman was reimbursed. His younger brother was Guo Jing from the hospital, and his younger sister-in-law was Huang Rong from the emergency department. Just line up here. These words happened to be heard by Huang Caiyun, who was passing by. Recalling that she came to visit Huang Rong at home as a classmate, which had a bad influence on Guo Jing’s family.

Huang Caiyun complained to the Guo family in front of Huang Rong, thinking that the Guo family are all liars. Seeing that she was so angry that Qiqiao was smoking, Huang Caiyun immediately rushed to the deputy dean’s office to apply for resignation.

Guo Jing was arranged by the hospital to go to the rural branch, knowing that someone else made Guo Jing would rather be expelled than go. Guo Liye on the side thinks that all of this is not on his own, and Guo Jing walks into the room without speaking.

Huang Rong apologized to Huang Caiyun. Huang Caiyun was very dissatisfied with her attitude. Huang Rong believed that her sister used her own resignation method to force Guo Jing away from a gentleman. Huang Caiyun was very excited because of Huang Rong’s words.

At this time, Guo Jing called and Wu Hantang put the phone on the table. Huang Rong cried and said that she didn’t defend Huang Caiyun since she was a child, and how she explained that she liked Guo Jing, Huang Caiyun couldn’t listen. In order to buy a birthday present for herself in college, Guo Jing didn’t have a dime extra for food. Guo Jing only ate a little per meal and lied to the public that he had genetic diabetes, so Guo and Guo didn’t have a boyfriend in good time.

Almost broke off with Guo Jing. From the past to the present, Guo Jing has treated himself like this, and he wants to find someone who is good to him. After speaking, Huang Rong picked up the phone and left the house, and Guo Jing on the other end of the phone immediately chased it out.

Guo Jing asked Wu Hantang for help, not wanting to cause the breakdown of sisterhood because of himself. Wu Hantang hoped that Guo Jing and Huang Rong would be separated for a period of time. He opened the door and saw Huang Rong standing at the door. Huang Rong asked Guo Jing to go downstairs and wait first. He talked with her brother-in-law. He took the rental contract as soon as he sat down and moved out when he was ready to get married.

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