Little Doctor 小大夫 Episode 13 Recap

Guo Jing suspects that Guo Guo’s brain is not a malignant tumor. From a professional point of view, he does not doubt it. From a family perspective, Huang Rong knows that he does not believe and does not want to believe. He hopes that he will go to Guo Guo for an intensive examination. It’s not like refuting speculations with each other like this. Guo Jing thinks that Guo Guo is usually careless, but actually very timid.

Guo Guo packed up and was discharged from the hospital. Han Haoyue couldn’t stop it. Doctor Yu appeared at this time and reminded the two of them that if they were to be discharged from the hospital, Guo Jing would sign a letter of guarantee. Guo Guo immediately persuaded him. Afterwards, Han Haoyue asked Huang Rong about Guo Guo’s condition, thinking that Guo Liye suddenly agreed that it was unusual for the two to be together. Huang Rong thinks the hospital is like a door.

Some people want to come in but can’t get in, and some people want to go out but can’t get out. At this time, the director of the hospital walked over to remind Huang Rong that he had to change his mind sooner or later to see if there was a bed in advance. Han Haoyue wondered why Guo Guo’s illness should be transferred to neurosurgery.

Guo Liye cooked many delicious dishes for Guo Guo. Guo Guo wondered why he suddenly treated him so well. He thought that Guo Liye had been ill since he was a child and asked what he was sick with. When Huang Rong walked in, Guo Guo was dizzy again.

Han Haoyue sent Guo Liye back. Guo Liye wondered why he knew about this and whether he looked down on himself in his heart. Han Haoyue thinks that Guo Guo has a brain tumor and she can accept it. She hopes to marry Guo Guo today, and everything will be simple now. Guo Liye couldn’t bear it, and Han Haoyue hoped that Guo Liye would give herself a chance to take care of Guo Guo.

Guo Jing didn’t know how to face Guo Guo. When Guo Guo happily imagined a honeymoon trip to Phuket, his eyes were red. Guo Guo thought that when he mentioned Guo Jing’s pain, Guo Jing did not dare to cry in front of his sister, and found an excuse to walk to the window and blow the cold wind.

Huang Caiyun gave Huang Rong food. She knew that Huang Rong and Guo Jing would not be separated, so she decided to talk to her about the feasibility, how can a person who can’t even take care of her own life can take care of her children. Huang Rong believes that after giving birth to a confinement wife, Guo Jing is now in a maternity school, taking care of the child is not a problem, and she can also learn.

Although Guo Jing’s academic qualifications and professional titles are not satisfactory to her, marriage is not a college entrance examination, and only one scholar in the college entrance examination is awarded a year. He wants to find a husband instead of a researcher. Huang Caiyun didn’t want to say more, agreed that Huang Rong gave birth to the child, and was willing to help her raise her, but asked Huang Rong and Guo Jing to die.

Guo Jing contacted the neurosurgery ward and suddenly remembered that Guo Guo had been in the mountain some time ago, so he decided not to transfer to the ward for the time being, and had an MRI first. Han Haoyue asked Guo Jing’s guess. Guo Jing analyzed that Guo Guo was infected with pork tapeworm by parasites, so Guo Guo had symptoms such as nausea, retching, and dizziness. At this time, Guo Jing received an MRI call. It turned out that Guo Guo was not a brain tumor but rather Cerebral cysticercosis. Han Haoyue cried with joy when she heard it.

When Guo Jing learned of Huang Caiyun’s decision, she was angry that she actually let Huang Rong be a single mother. Huang Rong thought that it was going slowly. Guo Jing proposed the idea of ​​elopement, but it was quickly defeated by the reality. Huang Rong asked her to prepare for a protracted battle. When the weather turns cold next month, Huang Caiyun may be in a good mood.

Han Haoyue took care of Guo Guo in the hospital. Guo Guo tried to find that if he was terminally ill, he would have to find someone to continue. But Han Haoyue worried that Guo Liye would not agree with them.

Guo Liye and Han Haoyue filmed the home of the cross talk. Guo Liye smashed his father-in-law. On the way home, Han Liye thought that Han Haoyue had sentimental feelings for the drama just now. Han Haoyue immediately admitted his mistake. Guo Liye was ashamed that he hadn’t treated him well before, so he prevented Guo Guo from being with him. Because I don’t want Guo Guo to be someone else’s stepmother, the reason why I don’t get married is that Guo Guo complains that he has found a stepmother. It depends on other people’s colors to act. Now that I see him treat Guo Guo well, I feel relieved. Only worry about Guo Jing.

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