Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 7 Plot

Wang Xingjian asked Team Zheng to borrow his watch before going to the Qindu undercover mission. Zhang Zhuoying was also asked to borrow a sports car from Pei Zhen for undercover operations. Here, Pei Zhen’s mother, Du Mingzhen, refused to let him pursue Zhang Zhuoying and wanted Pei Zhen to return to the United States. Pei Zhen is very dissatisfied with the fucking arrangement.

Wang Xinjian and Zhang Zhuoying drove the sports car that Pei Zhen lent them to Qindu University and began undercover operations. And Wang Xinjian wanted to disguise himself as a dude in order to get better news.

Wang Xinjian entered the dormitory where Zeng Yi once stayed. With a roommate inside, test Zeng Yi’s past experiences and people who have been in contact. Unexpectedly, it was unfavorable to go to school, and no news was heard.

Du Ming really wanted to hold a reception, so he specially invited Zheng team to the police station. Now that he didn’t want to go, Du Mingzhen said that he also invited Zhang Xudong , which is equivalent to a dinner with relatives and friends. Zheng team agreed, and Du Mingzhen also took out the Cui Jian concert ticket that Zheng team always wanted to buy. Du Mingzhen asked him to take his family to see it.

In the morning at Qindu University, Wang Xinjian and Zhang Zhuoying were walking and chatting to see if there were any clues? Because Wang Xingjian wanted to take the line of the dude, he showed great interest in these female classmates. But Zhang Zhuoying expressed his dissatisfaction with her behavior, feeling that he was trying to talk to the beauties instead of coming to work.

In the school charity fundraising speech, a beautiful-looking girl acted as the host for the charity speech. Then halfway through the singing, his voice suddenly became uncomfortable, and Wang Xingjian took the opportunity to take the opportunity to rescue the scene, and the hostess thanked him very much. Wang Xinjian took the opportunity to ask her for WeChat. Just as he was about to add the WeChat of a female classmate, Tang Xiaoran, her former high school classmate, suddenly appeared. He was very surprised that Wang Xingjian appeared here. In order to prevent Tang Xiaoran from spoiling his affairs, he had to explain that a friend hurriedly pulled Tang Xiaoran away.

Tang Xiaoran suspected that Wang Xing was close to Xiaoxue. , That is, the hostess has ulterior motives. After all, in his impression, Wang Xingjian is a person who can deceive girls. Seeing that their whereabouts in Qindu were about to be exposed this time, Wang Xinjian and Zhang Zhuoying had to say that they were police. Team Zheng was also invited to testify, telling Tang Xiaoran that they were members of the anti-narcotics police team, and Tang Xiaoran believed it. Team Zheng hoped that Tang Xiaoran would keep a secret.

It turned out that Tang Xiaoran was Wang Xingjian’s goddess in high school. In order to gain the favor of the goddess, she and her good brother at the time, Jin Zhenyu, directed and acted in the hijacking incident. Want to come to a hero to save the United States, let Tang Xiaoran admire him, but who knows that because of the same as the kidnappers shoes leaked stuffing. Tang Xiaonan was very angry, saying that he most hated others to deceive him, and would never talk to Wang Xinjian again.

During the school fundraising activity, Wang Xingjian, Hongxing and Xiaoxue met, and at this moment a teacher Gong donated 30,000 yuan. Wang Xingjian and Zhang Zhuoying both felt a little puzzled about this, and only later learned that Teacher Gong had a sick daughter, so they were very enthusiastic about public welfare matters. After learning that Lu Xiaoxue was unwell, Wang Xingjian suggested to drive her away, and Lu Xiaoxue agreed. However, after Lu Xiaoxue got off the car, Wang Xingjian did not leave immediately, but saw Lu Xiaoxue enter a bar. Wang Xinjian felt that there was a problem, so he took the opportunity to follow him in and followed him.

After returning to the police station, Wang Xinjian expressed his controversy that the snowflake tattoo on his hand may be for Lu Xiaoxue’s pattern. I also found out that Lu Xiaoxue has many suitors. Wang Xingjian guessed that Zeng Yi might want to kidnap Lu Xiaoxue because of love and hatred. At this moment, someone called to report that someone was taking drugs in the same community where Zeng Yi lived.

Zhang Zhuoying and Wang Xinjian, after receiving the report, went to the room where the reporter said. Zhang Zhuoying hid away, and Wang Xingjian knocked on the door and found that the door opened. It turned out to be Lu Xiaoxue, who was wearing a mask. Lu Xiaoxue was very confused about Wang Xingjian’s appearance at his door. In order to dispel Lu Xiaoxue’s suspicion, Wang Xingjian showed that she wanted to chase her. Lu Xiaoxue said that she didn’t mean that to him and told him to stop contacting him, but dispelled his suspicion.

In the interrogation room of the previous unit, Lu Xiaoxuechen said that she did not know Zeng Yi, but now it seems that she said so to avoid being suspected. And now the person reporting the drug abuse is also unknown. It seems that Lu Xiaoxue has many secrets hidden in him. . .

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