To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 35 Recap

Zhang Zhizhi went to Mr. Su’s company again, but was kicked out. Zhang Zhizhi finally decided to change Yuwei back to her original kindergarten to receive better care and education. Zhang Zhizhi returned to the company and Yuan Huizhong received Mr. Luo at the same time. But because the snacks he sent contained peanuts, Mr. Luo was allergic to peanuts and fainted on the ground. Yuwei was also allergic to peanuts before, so Zhang Zhizhi immediately approached Luo. Rescue was always carried out.

At night, when Yuan Huizhong returned to the office, she found that Zhang Zhizhi was still working overtime to collect customer information. Yuan Hui Center couldn’t bear it and went up to talk to Zhang Zhizhi and asked him how he knew Luo was always allergic to peanuts. Zhang Zhizhi said that because his daughter also has this allergen, this happened before, so he deliberately learned how to deal with it.

Yuan Huizhong sincerely expressed his gratitude and told Zhang Zhizhi that if something happened to Mr. Luo today, then the entire sales department would follow suit. Yuan Huizhong didn’t know what to do when he finished speaking. Zhang Zhizhi took the initiative to ask questions about President Su. Yuan Huizhong told him truthfully that President Su wanted one of his related parties to do this project, so he would not accept Lvbao. Sales, this matter is a test for him.

Yuan Huizhong asked him to put down President Su and turned around and gave him a new client. This time Yuan Huizhong really wanted to help Zhang Zhizhi, told him some of the customer’s preferences, and asked Zhang Zhizhi to work hard. Yuan Huizhong asked Zhang Zhizhi to get off work quickly. He took the quick-frozen food from the office and prepared to go back. Zhang Zhizhi helped him together, and the two were very engaged in chatting.

Lei Haowen learned of Chen Yiming’s resignation and invited him to start a business with him again. At this time, Chen Yiming received a urge from his relatives in his hometown to spend money. Chen Yiming said that he was a little nervous recently, and he must pay back after a while. At this time, the text message reminded him to pay back this month. Chen Yiming lacked money for his mortgage, so he planned to start a new media business with Lei Haowen.

Li Siyu learned from Gu Xiaoling that Chen Yiming wanted to start a business with Lei Haowen because of his resignation, but he told Gu Xiaoling that it was impossible. Li Siyu silently looked at the photo of the two on the computer ten years ago, undecided inside. At this time, Chen Yiming’s father suddenly called Li Siyu. It turned out that Chen Yiming had borrowed money from relatives in order to buy a house, but now the funds cannot be turned around. Dad Chen asked how the two of them were feeling and whether they were short of money, Li Siyu thought. I want to decide to tell Chen Yiming’s father the truth, saying that they have broken up.

Wang Ziru learned from the secretary that Chen Yiming decided to start his own business and engage in self-media, so he registered a small account to send messages to Chen Yiming every day. Chen Yiming decided to buy his car because of lack of money, but the price offered by the intermediary was too low. At this time, Lei Haowen said that he had bought the car for 300,000 yuan. Chen Yiming disagreed but Lei Haowen’s money had already been paid.

The dating of Gu Xiaoling and He Mu strictly followed his plan. Gu Xiaoling felt that he couldn’t stand it and planned to tell He Mu that he would break up tomorrow. As a result, He Mu told him during a date the next day that he had planned for a marriage partner several years ago, and through the recent relationship, he found that Gu Xiaoling was suitable. Gu Xiaoling forgot that he was coming to break up.

Zhang Zhizhi took a snack to Yuan Huizhong, saying it was for his son, and wanted him to accompany his son.

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