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One- word daughter

One- word daughter
Other names: 字千金
Author:  Chihiro
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


She became a peasant girl in one night from the palace, she decided to write a road to prosperity for her own happiness ~

Ye Xi secretly wrote novels under the pseudonym “Sheren” that swept across the country, the emperor and the people were all rushing to publish a book for her However, her cousin Liang Jingzhu refused to pay the manuscript fee. She also saw that she had “soul torture” her hidden in the story in order to change her destiny. She did have a secret-she was not the real daughter of the palace, moreover. It’s a book wearer!

Welcome back really thought after the daughter, she can start a new life, but was sold to the little boy’s mother drugged the landlord, fortunately Liang Jing Zhu arrived, he did not care about the identity of the other two poles, as in the past – like the She holds it in the palm of her hand. In addition to giving money, it is responsive to her and is readily available.
(Liang Jingzhu said: It is difficult to control on weekdays. Give her money again, and she will definitely be able to go to heaven!)

Seeing the better the day goes by, she will The “prophecy” was leaked, and the eldest prince came to marry him forcibly. However, Liang Jingzhu, the great patron, went on a business trip to the south of the Yangtze River. In order to survive, she decided to “die”…


Chapter 1 (One Word Money)
Chapter 2 (One Word Money)
Chapter 3 (One Word Money)
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