Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 32 Recap

He Xuelin called Dr. Zhao in the clinic, but Dr. Zhao was not in the clinic. He Xuelin was afraid that Ding Yu would have an accident. She took the phone and told Dr. Zhao about Ding Yu’s situation. She was going to the clinic to get medicine by herself. She could write a letter of guarantee to Dr. Zhao. Hearing He Xuelin and Doctor Zhao introducing him as He Xuelin’s lover, Ding Yu felt warmth in her heart. Doctor Zhao also wrote a letter of guarantee for the two of them, and He Xuelin went down to the clinic to get medicine.

He Xuelin gave Ding Yu an injection. Ding Yu knew that He Xuelin used to be a doctor. He wanted to wait until he found Yuanyuan and restarted with He Xuelin. He Xuelin simply gave Ding Yu an injection and blocked Ding Yu’s mouth. On the other side, He’s mother had always been concerned about He Xuelin. Uncle Hong wanted to accompany He Xuelin to help, but He’s mother was worried that she would cause trouble to He Xuelin, so she decided to stay at home and wait for He Xuelin’s news.

Yanzi and Xiaofu ran into Erhu and Fang Jue at the entrance of the hospital. They bumped all the apples and flowers on the ground. Xiaofu knew that Erhu was visiting Dingmu. She asked Erhu to take her to the ward. Xiaofu handed it to Erhu, and he stayed at the hospital door to meet Fang Jue. Fang Jue Yanzi mentioned the application form he had placed at the door of Ding’s house last night. He wanted to go to England with Yanzi, but Yanzi couldn’t put her at home.

Not only did she have no money, she couldn’t go away. Fang Jue knew the current situation of Ding’s house. He just wanted Yanzi’s promise. As long as Yanzi agreed to him, even if she waited for Yuanyuan to go, Yanzi directly rejected Fang Jue. She thought Fang Jue’s life should be bright, not with her. Fang Jue can compromise on other things, but on the Yanzi matter, he will never give up. At this moment, He Xuelin called Yanzi and wanted Yanzi to come to Lanxi to find Yuanyuan. Yanzi wanted Fang Jue to accompany her, but Fang Jue didn’t know how promising this matter was. He didn’t promise Yanzi. Yanzi left disappointed.

There was heavy rain outside and thunder and lightning. He Xuelin had been with Ding Yu. She took care of Ding Yu, but Ding Yu had a high fever. He Xuelin decided to take Ding Yu to the medical station. It is not easy to walk the mountain road in the middle of the night in heavy rain, not to mention that He Xuelin has to drag another seriously ill Ding Yu, but He Xuelin clenched her teeth and persisted, taking Ding Yu down the mountain in the rain step by step. On the way, Ding Yusheng was afraid that He Xuelin would bump into each other. He asked He Xuelin to stop to take shelter from the rain and leave him alone.

If he was gone after Yuanyuan was found, He Xuelin would be willing to marry someone else, but he couldn’t accept it. Yuanyuan called other people’s father. Ding Yu’s words kept going. He Xuelin knew that Ding Yu was burnt. She went to the ground to hug Ding Yu. Ding Yu mentioned his own words from the bottom of his heart. He did not forget all the promises between them. He loves He Xuelin. If he can walk Bring Yuanyuan back, he is willing to leave and let Yuanyuan come back. He Xuelin cried and hugged Ding Yu tightly. Listening to Ding Yu’s nonsense, she gritted her teeth and brought Ding Yu down the mountain to look for the medical station. She told Ding Yu to hold on. She and Ding Yu and Yuanyuan’s family of three must do well. Go back together.

He Xuelin saw a family on the way. She asked an elder brother to help carry Ding Yu to the medical station. The doctor had seen Ding Yu’s condition and only asked He Xuelin to go out and wait. He Xuelin was worried and anxious and squatted outside. She stopped crying, until Ding Yu was in no danger, He Xuelin relieved her mind and fainted at the medical station too tired.

The next day, Yanzi set off for Lanxi. Before she left, she left Xiaofu with a butterfly hairpin like Yuanyuan. Xiaofu was very happy and planned to wear this hairpin together when Yuanyuan came back. Chen Shengliang stayed in Lanxi and did not return. When Mr. Chen learned about Yuanyuan’s disappearance, he also asked him to print a missing person notice to help find the child. Even if he could not find the child, he would let Chen Shengliang remember his favor.

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