Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 6 Plot

The c2 drug Zeng Yi ingested can cause hallucinations. So Zeng Yi should have hallucinations after taking drugs and fell downstairs. This is when Wang Xingjian informed Team Zheng that he had encountered three suspicious people during the interview with Lao Hu. It is suspected that someone has hallucinated after taking drugs and chewed others in the face. After arresting one of the three. From the population, it turns out that they were not drunk that day. Rather, he took drugs, and one of them had a hallucination because he sucked c2 to death, and bit the other person in the face. After questioning, the drugs were bought from the Haiquan Bathing Center.

A contact named Du Lin was found from the dead Ali’s phone. Based on the information received, it was speculated that Du Lin was the drug purchaser. According to the location of the mobile phone, Team Zheng found out that Du Lin was in Jingning branch. Team Zheng came to the Jingning branch and asked Team Xiao about Du Lin’s situation, but learned that Du Lin had died the morning before. The cause of death seemed to be a heart attack. Team Zheng. They looked at Du Lin’s practice report.

During the process, Wang Xingjian found that the heart rate of the deceased was flat and only his fingerprint was on the medicine bottle. Team Zheng asked the professionals and learned that after taking a lot of heart-rate-control drugs, cardiac arrest will occur, which is the same as a heart attack. It was speculated that it might be the murderer, so Du Ning took a large amount of heart rate calming medicine, which caused cardiac arrest. But Zhang Zhuoying felt that it was also possible that Du Lin took the heart rate medicine to commit suicide.

Team Zheng brought Zhang Zhuoying and the others to Du Ling’s house to search, and searched out the medicine receipt that Du Lin bought at Qindu University. Du Lin is likely to have a deal with someone in Kyoto University.

Bai Wei recommended to Team Zheng that Wang Xingjian pretended to be a college student and went to Qindu University as an undercover agent to investigate the incident. In the face of Lei Ju’s opposition, Zhang Zhuoying and Wang Xingjian will act as partners in response to the notice. For this action, Team Zheng asked Wang Xinjian to study the special training exam. Wang Xingjian refused to accept it, so why Zhang Zhuoying didn’t need to study. Send information. , But I didn’t expect Zhang Zuoying to be familiar with it.

In the morning, Team Zheng asked Wang Xinjian to study, know how to observe the surrounding environment and people, learn to observe from time to time, and analyze the observed information in his mind. And Zhang Zhuoying had already used this skill proficiently, Wang Xingjian and Zhang Yizhuoying stared, aiming at letting him learn from Zhuoying.

When Zhang Zhuoying and Wang Xingjian were preparing to go to Qindu University to work as an undercover agent, Team Zheng confessed their two main investigations into Zeng Yi’s incident. After Wang Xinjian left, Zhang Zhuoying told Team Zheng that although Wang Xingjian had performed well these days, he still lacked experience and wanted to change his partner. Team Zheng was also very worried and said he would consider it.

Aimed at letting Wang Xinjian and Zhang Zhuoyi have a meal together. Zhang Zhuoying didn’t want to go, but only learned that the place to eat was at his house, and his father would be with him. Team Zheng asked Wang Xinjian and Zhang Zhuoying to ride bicycles while he drove, and whoever arrived later paid the bill. After the Zheng team left, Wang Xinjian asked Zhang Zhuoying to show him the key, took it to pick it up, threw it away, and ran away shouting. Zhang Zhuoying picked up the key and chased him angrily.

After Wang Xingjian arrived at Zhang Zhuoying’s house, he found that Team Zheng had already arrived. The reason why the Zheng team asked Wang Xinjian and Zhang Zhuoying to come to Zhang’s house together was actually because they wanted Zhang Zhuoying’s father to help her cultivate the tacit understanding between Zhang Zhuoying and Wang Xingjian. Through playing cards, let them understand the importance of partner tacit understanding, learn how to become tacit understanding, and learn to cooperate. With the help of Team Zheng and Zhang Xudong, Zhang Zhuoying and Wang Xingjian finally have a sense of understanding as a partner.

After leaving the house, Wang Xinjian and Zhang Zhuoying asked Zhang Zhuoying why there is no clock at home. It feels very strange. . However, he learned that his father had sequelae because of the bomb incident 20 years ago, and his head hurt when he heard the bell. After Zhang Zhuoying said, she also told Wang Xinjian that she was observing the surroundings carefully to help her father find Li Gang, who disappeared 20 years ago. Wang Xinjian and Zhang Zhuoying are ready to go to Qindu and begin undercover operations.

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