Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 5 Plot

It turned out that the drug dealer wanted to dispel the suspicion of the police officer. In case the investigation continued, Wang Xingjian was framed and asked for bribes against him. The drug dealer had done accounting before, and only then did he know that from the thickness of the money in Wang Xingjian’s wallet, it was more than 2,000 yuan. Although embarrassed, Wang Xingjian expressed his gratitude for Zhang Zhuoying ‘s help.

Wang Xinjian’s parents did not agree with him to join the anti-drug team, thinking it was too dangerous. Wang Xinjian insisted on entering, and had a big argument with his father.

In the welcome of the members of the anti-drug team, Wang Xingjian joined the anti-drug team. Wang Xinjian came across when he was bored in the office, and Zhang Zhuoying was looking at the case 20 years ago. Zhang Zhuo was also very dissatisfied with this and asked Wang Xingjian to observe discipline.

While in the office, Du Mingzhen’s son Pei Zhen sent a bouquet of flowers to Zhang Zhuoying in the office. He is pursuing Zhang Zhuoying. Faced with Pei Zhen’s pursuit, Zhang Zhuoying felt very distressed. So let Wang Xinjian pretend to be her boyfriend. Pei Jin asked to meet her boyfriend. In order to dispel Pei Zhen’s idea, Zhang Zhuoying had to ask Wang Xinjian to agree to pretend to be his boyfriend to the evening meeting.

When he went home to clean up and was about to go out, Wang Xingjian in the room heard that his parents cared about him with mixed feelings. He felt sorry for his parents and always made them angry. Wang Xinjian collided with his parents who were going to go out to buy vegetables but returned to get the keys. After talking with my parents, my parents learned the importance of the task of the anti-drug team. Untied the knot. His parents finally agreed that he would work in the anti-drug team.

After Wang Xinjian arrived at the place agreed upon with Zhang Zhuoying, it happened that Pei Zhen also came. The three people went to the store to eat together. Pei Zhen was polite, and Wang Xingjian made a fool of himself. Zhang Zhuoying could only smile awkwardly with Chao Peizheng. After further testing by the company, Wang Xingjian finally revealed his stuff. I know, Wang Xinjian is not Zhang Zhuoying’s boyfriend, Pei is really happy.

When team Zheng was eating at home, he asked his wife 10,000 yuan for Du Mingzhen, who was going to the United States, to bring Zhang Xudong some special medicine for headaches. The wife confessed that because of taking care of the family, the salary deposit of a person next to Team Zheng is not so much. In the small woods in the evening, Du Mingzhen and Team Zheng met.

Team Zheng and Du Mingzhen explained the purpose of the appointment. It turned out that they wanted Du Mingzhen to give her the American special medicine for headaches. During the chat, I happened to be met by the targeted wife who was running. Faced with the previous first love, although the wife was very unhappy, she still greeted her. After all, at night, anyone who meets his husband and his previous first love will be unhappy. Faced with his wife’s suspicion, after Team Zheng explained, his wife left unhappy. .

When Team Zheng and Mingzhen were walking and chatting on a remote path in the park, two gangsters suddenly appeared. He said he wanted to avenge their boss, so he rushed forward. After Du Mingzhen was accidentally kidnapped, when the criminals were careless, they used tactics to escape from the criminals. Team Zheng hurried to subdue the gangsters, and the two gangsters fled. Du Mingzhen hugged the target in fear. Team Zheng comforted her unnaturally.

I really want Zhang Zhuoying to help buy tickets for Cui Jian’s concert online. I wanted to go to the concert to calm my wife.

In a major car accident in the new case, c2 was detected in the body of the deceased. The name of the deceased was Mao Bing. Mao Bing had a close relationship with a man named Zeng Yi from Qindu University, and he probably knew the situation.

Zhang Zhuoying and Wang Xingjian came to the place where Zeng Yi lived, just as they were about to go upstairs. Someone fell from upstairs. Battered. The two rushed to take a look, only to find that it was Zeng Yi. Shocked, he immediately called the police and went to Zeng Yi’s room upstairs. I found a drug I just smoked. Then Team Zheng also came with people and searched the room

. Mr. Zhang also found medical ether, and Wang Xingjian found a note in the trash can in Zeng Yi’s room that said, after doing that, he can live without worry. The name c2 of the drug Zeng Yi smoked was tested by professionals.

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