Unbreakable Justice – 正道无敌

Wang Xingjian, who just graduated from the police academy, took part in the arrest of drug dealers by chance and was appreciated by the captain of the anti-drug detachment, Zheng Xiao. Zheng Xiaoli rejected all opinions and transferred him to the anti-drug detachment. C2, a new type of drug with great harm, appeared in Lingang. Under Zheng Xiao’s command, Wang Xingjian and policewoman Zhang Zhuoying partnered with the drug gang to undercover. It has successively uncovered the death of college students from drug abuse, the mysterious death of drug dealers, and the express drug trafficking case, and found that C2 came from a large transnational drug trafficking group based in Lingang. Chen Yong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Legal Committee, was accidentally used by the head of the group and Zheng Xiao’s first love girlfriend Du Mingzhen to give …

Unbreakable Justice (2020)
Also known as: 正道无敌, Zheng Dao Wu Di, Right way invincible,
Genre(s): crime, drama
Directors: Bai Yongcheng, Ding Zhengyong
Screenwriter: Cao Rui, Wang Xinyu
Country: China
Episode(s): 42
Broadcast: iQiyi
Release: Sep 30, 2020
Starring: Li You Bin, Zuo Hang, Sandy Yu, Gao Shu Guang, Hao Ping, Wang Zi Rui

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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