Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 4 Plot

After consideration, Wang Xinjian plans to talk to Team Zheng. Wang Xingjian told Team Zheng that he was hesitant because his friend asked him to work at his place. Gong Xingjian showed Zheng Rui the video of his wrongdoing. And inform him that he has clarified. But the masses did not buy it. Team Zheng told her to learn to endure. Wang Xinjian refused to accept this statement and decided to work with his friend.

Du Mingzhen informed Zhang Xudong and the Zheng team at the banquet . She plans to come back from the United States to live in Qindu for a long time and do investment business in Qindu.

After Zheng team came back in the evening, because Zheng team and first love Du Mingzhen had a meal, his wife was a little angry, and her daughter made her very worried. It’s like complaining about my daughter. Team Zheng talked to her daughter, who complained about the generation gap with her mother. In response to telling her daughter, to understand what his mother did for him, the daughter slowly let go of her grudge.

Wang Xingjian wanted to resign, but because Lin was away, he asked for leave and came to Zhenyu’s place of work. After the two exchanged happily, Zhengyu informed Wang Xingjian that he was going to meet with an investor. After Zhengyu left, his cell phone rang. After Wang Xingjian answered, he said that he had important things to discuss with Zhenyu.

When Wang Xinjian came to the hotel and led the front desk to the first floor. I smelled the drug Magu outside the door of a room. Then he called and informed Zheng Zheng. While Wang Xinjian was waiting, when someone came out of that room, he saw the shower in the room through the crack of the door opened. The whole room was full of smoke, and Zheng Yu looked unconscious after taking drugs. It turned out that a few people came to the room not to talk about investment, but to take drugs. Wang Xingjian felt very sad when his best brother took drugs. At this time, the police also rushed over and caught the three of Zhengyu. Zhengyu couldn’t believe his best friend, so he called the police to arrest him. He was very angry and felt betrayed.

After the Zhengyu drug abuse incident, Wang Xinjian came to the Zheng team and told him that he wanted to join the anti-drug team. He wants to help Zheng Yu want to catch and sell the drug to Zhengyu. After that, Team Zheng didn’t immediately agree to him. First , let him participate in the arrest of Zhang Zhuoying and the Hong Kong branch of the Hong Kong branch for gathering crowds to take drugs, and then discuss the matter of entering the team.

Zhang Zhuoying and Wang Xingjian were searching the home of a female drug dealer and found a comatose little girl in the cabinet. In the shouts of Zhang Zhuoying and Wang Xingjian, the little girl gradually woke up and told them that he hadn’t seen his mother for a few days. When Wang Xinjian saw that the little girl had been hungry for a few days, he took out cookies for the little girl to eat.

Team Zheng agreed to let Wang Xingjian join the anti-narcotics police force. Zhang Zhuoying is still a little bit uncomfortable with Wang Xingjian’s silly looks. Team Zheng wants to know the details of Wang Xinjian’s previous incident involving bribery.

According to Wang Xingjian’s recollection, that night Wang Xingjian ran into a man who saw him and he thought he could catch the man after 10 points. The man said he ran away because he had stolen a wallet in the morning and was afraid. In the process of catching the thief and returning to the police station. When the thief saw the money in Wang Xingjian’s wallet, his brain was twisted. When he arrived at the police station, he insisted that Wang Xingjian had accepted his bribe. Wang Xingjian explained that the money was used to buy massage chairs for his parents. But Linsuo still doubted him very much.

Team Zheng asked Zhang Zhuoying to help Wang Xingjian to investigate the bribery case. After Wang Xinjian learned that Zhang Zhuoying had clues. Even though she was very unhappy, Zhang Zhuoying pitifully asked him to tell him the clues he knew. Zhang Zhuoying felt satisfied. This kid will finally beg him too, so that he usually feels good.

Zhang Zhuoying took Wang Xinjian to the place where Wang Xingjian was fighting with the thief that night. Take a bit of soil from the ground and take it back for testing. Wang Xinjian was very confused at first, thinking that Zhang Zhuoying had no clues at all. As a result, methamphetamine was found in the soil detected. Only then did I understand that it was not a thief, but a drug dealer. The crime of theft is much lighter than the crime of drug trafficking.

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