Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 3 Plot

Zhengyu found the drug Magu in the room where Jia was staying for his girlfriend. Wang Xingjian was puzzled that Zhengyu knew Magu clearly. Zhengyu told him that he had seen it at a gathering of friends. At this time, the kidnapper called, and Wang Xinjian asked Lao Jia to inform him of the premium. At present, he can only pay 500,000 yuan first. The kidnapper agreed to pay 500,000 yuan first tomorrow.

On the second day, Lao Jia brought a bag with money to the place agreed with the kidnapper. Wang Xingjian and Zhenyu were observing in my car in the shop. Wang Xingjian reported to the police that drugs might be involved in the kidnapping case.

Here, my hometown put the package on the seat as requested by the kidnapper, and then went to the toilet. When Wang Xinjian heard it, he immediately came to the store, the bag containing the money was long gone.

The trio followed the tracker in the purse to a place, but found the tracker on the bag in the trash can. The tracker is intact, and the kidnapper is determined to be around the neighborhood. I just called to confirm the receipt of 500,000 yuan, and asked Lao Jia to prepare the remaining money as soon as possible. Wang Xinjian and Zhengyu traced the kidnapper’s room according to the kidnapper holding the newspaper. Pretending to be the property made the kidnappers relax and open the room. Then he subdued the kidnappers in a fight, and Zeng Yu was also injured.

When Team Zheng came with people, both kidnappers had been subdued. At Wang Xingjian’s request, an ambulance has been called.

Wang Xingjian found out that Lao Jia’s girlfriend was tricky. There were no traces of binding on Lao Jia’s girlfriend. After some investigation, it was discovered that Huang Qian, the original girlfriend of his hometown, and two of his accomplices directed and performed themselves, wanting to defraud Lao Jia’s money.

Wang Xinjian came to the hospital to visit Zhenyu, Zhengyu asked Wang Xingjian to quickly consider the previous proposal to come to his place to help him with the game. . Facing Zhengyu’s urging, Wang Xingjian hesitated very much. At this time, Team Zheng called and invited Wang Xingjian to join the anti-drug team. Wang Xinjian was very hesitant and expressed his consideration.

Zhang Zhuoying ‘s father, Zhang Xudong, suffered sequelae from an injury 20 years ago. Unfortunately, he fainted on the road and was taken to the hospital. After hearing about her father’s situation, Zhang Zhuoying and Team Zheng came to the hospital to visit Zhang Xudong. When only Zhang Zhuoying and his father were left in the room. Zhang Zhuoying also took out the photo of Li Gang he had requested from Team Zheng. He told his father that he felt very cordial when he saw the picture of Uncle Li Gang. But here Zhang Xudong felt a little bit unspeakable. In order to prevent Zhang Zhuoying from thinking too much, Zhang Xudong asked her daughter to make a boyfriend. Mr. Zhang was unhappy and said that he did not want to find a boyfriend.

In the evening, Team Zheng and Zhang Zhuoying’s father discussed whether they already knew something. Zhang Xudong was very worried. Hesitating to tell Zhang Zhuoyu the truth. It turns out that Li was Zhang Zhuoying’s biological father just now, and he has disappeared for more than 20 years. Team Zheng said not to tell Zhang Zhuoying the truth so early, and take it easy.

In the memories of Team Zheng, Team Zheng and his other colleague, Zhang Xudong, were lying in wait outside the den of drug dealers. And their other accomplice, Li Gang, pretended to be caught and could break into the drug dealer. During their operation, they discovered a bomb hidden in a place inside the house. To protect Zheng Xiao, Zhang Xudong was injured, while Li Gang’s whereabouts were unknown.

After waking up, Zheng Xiao was surprised to find that Du Mingzhen and her son had also come to see Zhang Xudong, who had fainted.

Zhuo Ying came to the hospital and saw that her childhood friend was there. Happy reminiscences. Du Mingzhen’s son saw Zhuo Ying’s eyes light up. After all, he hadn’t seen him for many years, and learned that Zhuo Ying is now an anti-drug policeman.

At this moment, someone in the police called to inform Team Zheng that Ali’s body test result had come out. The poison is abundantly present in the small intestine, and neither the stomach nor the oral esophagus is detected. I am very confused about it. The inspectors also indicated that they would conduct further autopsy.

Wang Xinjian’s father had a stomach ailment while eating. Wang Xinjian went to the pharmacy to buy medicine for him, but who knew that when someone bumped into him, he said that the police beat someone. Wang Xinjian’s boss was very dissatisfied with this, saying that the police and the people had many conflicts.

Team Zheng and Zhang Xudong helped Du Mingzheng take care of the dust.

However, Wang Xingjian stayed in the room uneasy because of the previous incident, and his mother came to let him rest early.

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