Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 2 Plot

Wang Xingjian came to the bureau to ask whether his situation went well after he left. Team Zheng praised Wang Xingjian in the office. Zhuo Ying was a bit uncomfortable with Wang Xingjian, because he was always yelling at one eldest sister, and he was very upset. Wang Xinjian wants to participate in this operation. He also told Team Zheng that he was capable, and Team Zheng agreed. But he was asked to follow Zhang Zhuoying ‘s arrangement. In response to Team Zheng, the new virus c2 brought back from Brother Hao was handed over to the inspectors.

During the meeting, Team Zheng asked Zhang Zhuoying to introduce her future identity, who turned out to be the owner of the bath center. The new drug c2 detected is a hallucinogen with a strong hallucinogenic effect. , Once the limit is exceeded, it will cause death. Team Zheng wants to break into the drug dealer tomorrow. When the transaction is arrested, he will take Li Hao to escape, and he has gained trust.

After everyone left, Team Zheng called the police station where Wang Xingjian worked and asked Wang Xinjian about his personal situation.

On the second day, in a secret place in the wild, A Liang took Team Zheng to the trading office. For 4 weeks, he was under the guard of drug dealers with guns. So they are lying in ambush farther away.

Brother Hao asked Jun to inspect the goods. Brother Jun said that he was satisfied with the goods and wanted to pay another 500,000 yuan, if he wanted more, Brother Hao agreed. At this moment, Brother Jun called and asked the people who pretended to be his subordinates to remit money, implying that Zhuoying could be arrested. So I received it, but arrested it. Bring people out from around. The people who fought against Li Hao and others instantly fought. Brother Hao’s men were defending outside, and gunfire came in. Brother Hao and the others instantly doubted the identity of Brother Jun, and Brother Jun refused to admit it, but said that it was a ghost among them.

The scene was very critical at one time, and I wanted to point a gun at Brother Jun. Police and drug dealers outside were fighting fiercely and they were about to enter. Brother Hao and many of the policemen who were hiding in hiding suffered gunshot wounds. Of course, the enemy’s was not much better. Aiming at picking up the guns on the ground in the direction of the police in order to be uneven, fired a shot. It just so happened that Wang Xinjian came here too. Aiming at Wang Xingjian shot. Ali and the others dispelled their suspicion. There were no bullets in the gun. Ali told Brother Jun to ignore Brother Hao, he was a burden.

Ali drove with Brother Jun and Huo together and fled the scene. Ali told Brother Jun that as long as Brother Jun wanted there were as many goods as they wanted.

In the parking lot, when Zhuo Ying and Wang Xingjian arrived, there was already no one. Inform that the play has been done enough, no need to chase.

Ali installed a bug in the car the Zheng team drove yesterday. Yes, the police are checking the car. He proudly told Junge that there was still a bomb in the car, just as he pressed the remote control button. Team Zheng couldn’t help revealing his identity anymore, grabbing the remote control, and serving Amway. Called Zhuo Ying to inform them of their situation.

In the police station, Zhuoying and the others interrogated Li Hao and asked him to explain everything he knew. Afterwards, Team Zheng said that Li Hao had to agree with Ali every time he made a decision. Li Hao confessed that Ali was the boss and wanted the police to look at him. Whether the family is safe or not, Team Zheng led a person to search the bathing center and found drug c2. In response to the ins and outs of c2, he asked Ali to provide information. Ali said he wanted to know the news, yes. But before saying that he wanted to smoke a cigarette, who knows where he smoked a cigarette and vomited blood in the mouth, then died

When Secretary Chen learned of the incident, he later asked Team Zheng. Later, Team Zheng also called and went to the Linsuo to inquire about Wang Xingjian’s bribery. Zhengyu asked Wang Xingjian to quit his job and come to the game company to help him make games. Wang Xinjian expressed his consideration. Team Zheng is very optimistic about Wang Xingjian and wants him to join the anti-drug team.

In order to let the parents not worry about Wang Xinjian, they borrowed Zhenyu’s money to pretend to be the money recovered by the bribery, and the parents were really happy.

In the morning, Zhengyu and Lao Jia came to Wang’s house with anxious faces. It turned out that Jia’s girlfriend, Xiaoqian, was kidnapped by the kidnappers and demanded a ransom of 3 million. Wang Xinjian said that he first went to the house rented by his girlfriend in his hometown to check the situation.

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