Unbreakable Justice 正道无敌 Episode 1 Plot

Zhuoying’s father was worried about Zhuoying’s safety, so he used a telescope to observe the surroundings. Zhuo Ying asked her father to have a good rest. She was a policeman and didn’t have to worry about her safety.

In the park, Zhuo Ying sits on a stool and plays with her mobile phone, and there are other sellers busy around her. Under the camera on the tree, three people were trading. It turned out that the police were monitoring them. One of them observed the surroundings and said that the number of people was unsafe. Brother Hao said that he didn’t need to worry and asked if he had the money. Brother Liu just put the bag with the money. When Zhuo Ying opened it, several policemen led by Zhuo Ying gathered around and pointed their guns at the three people. Brother Hao asked Zhuo Ying what they meant.

Zhuo Ying took what they were holding, smelled it, and asked what it was, Brother Hao. Said it is talcum powder, which means that they are in this business. The money in the bag is the balance of the last transaction. The supervisor of Zhuoying under surveillance told Zhuoying to retreat and said that they had caught the wrong person. Zhuoying had to say sorry. The wrong person was caught, saying that the suspect was elsewhere in the park, and then took the person away. Brother Hao and the three of them looked at Zhuoying and the others running away with thoughtful expressions.

In the Public Security Department, Zhuo Ying came to her boss and said that it was a fake transaction. The boss said that they knew that they had deliberately arranged it. Zhuo Ying was not reconciled, saying that it would be difficult to catch it next time after letting go. Did not receive, can not arrest people.

In the evening, Lao Hu told Xiao Wang to work seriously, not to play with his mobile phone. Xiao Wang lamented his youth after learning that Lao Hu had worked in the police for 20 years.

Lao Hu and Xiao Wang knocked on the door of a house. The people in the house called someone impatiently. When they opened the door, Xiao Wang and Lao Hu saw a mess in the house. Wine bottles were scattered on the table. The two stood there. There was a glaring wound on one face, and there was a person who had died of drunkenness lying on the sofa. There seemed to be a wound on his head, and there was a blood stain snaking under his face. Old Hu asked why the problem was so loud, but none of them The injured person said that the three of them are buddies, and they usually like to get together for a drink.

Xiao Hu asked the person with tooth marks on his face and asked how he got here. The man pointed to the person lying on the sofa. Do you need to mediate the contradiction? Those who are not injured say no, that they will be fine when they wake up, and Lao Hu asked them to fill in their personal information. Xiao Wang looked at the person lying on the sofa and felt something was wrong, and asked Lao Hu if he was chewing his face. A man? Old Hu had a question. Xiao Wang told him that he had hallucinations after taking drugs. Then he went to bite others’ faces and asked if the portrait of Lao Hu lying on the sofa looks like a cheeky man. Hu said that Xiao Wang thought too much. The person who filled in the personal information accidentally dropped a VIP card for bathing, and Xiao Wang gave it back after a glance.

In the Internet cafe, Xingjian and his friend lost the game. Xingjian was unwilling to play another game. The friend said that he had to go to work tomorrow and could not play anymore. Xingjian was dragged away by his friend.

In the police station, the boss looked at the surveillance and informed Zhang Zhuoying that A Liang was coming and was ready. Here, Team Zheng watched the surveillance and called Bai Wei to inform that the driver who drove A Liang was arrested by Bai Wei for taking drugs two years ago, and told him to stop the transaction. Bai Wei said that this line has been following for a long time and he is about to catch drug trafficking. The boss is not willing to give up. Bai Wei was hit by a car while carrying things across the road, but it turned out that the person arranged by the Zheng team and Bai Wei acted for A Liang.

Here, Bai Wei called A Liang to say that he would exchange for another person, and A Liang agreed

Zhuo Ying wanted to do an undercover task, but Team Zheng refused to agree, saying that he had agreed to Zhuo Ying’s father to ensure her safety.

A Liang called Team Zheng to confirm the time and place of the transaction. Team Zheng and Zhuo Ying went to see A Liang without a smartphone and money after confirming the secret code.

A Liang took Team Zheng, whose alias was Brother Jun, to take a bath in the sauna and arranged for him with a woman. Team Zheng dealt with it without changing his face, and A Liang called the boss and told his arrangement.

Wang Xingjian felt that there was a problem with the bathing center, so he brought Zhengyu to investigate. I happened to ran into the suspicious A Liang at the locker. They tested A Liang and felt that there was a problem and followed A Liang.

Team Zheng asked when A Liang would trade, and A Liang led Team Zheng to leave the bathing center.

After Zhuoying saw the car in which Team Zheng was sitting under surveillance, she thought that A Liang and the others were trading in a truck cabinet. Who knew that they were stopped but found no one, and then she knew that she had fallen into the trap. After returning to the bathing center to investigate, they discovered that there was another back door. A Liang and the others probably walked through the back door.

Here, Wang Xingjian and Zhengyu were following the real car that Team Zheng and A Liang rode all the way to a hotel. Wang Xingjian pretended that passersby and A Liang took the elevator all the way to the first floor where they were trading. Watching them enter room 2602 and tell Zhengyu.

Inside the house, Team Zheng, who was pretending to be a drug dealer, met with Brother Aliang’s boss Hao. Brother Hao wanted to blow up Team Zheng and said that he was Lei Zi. Team Zheng was not afraid of the danger. Brother Hao said that the police have been watching closely recently, just in case. The scene only then eased.

Here, Zhuo Ying brought people to the hotel, wanting to know the location of Team Zheng. Wang Xingjian, who was next to her, happened to see her talking to the front desk of the hotel and told the room number, indicating that he could go in and check the situation. With the help of Wang Xingjian, Zhuo Ying and his couple pretending to be fighting broke into the trading room of Team Zheng and Brother Hao. The people in the room suddenly became a little nervous and drove them out, but they couldn’t stop the couple’s quarrel, Zhuo Ying They went out after achieving their goal.

Brother Hao reconfirmed the safety of the surrounding area and took Team Zheng to the underground parking lot for trading. Brother Hao gave Team Zheng a test tube with an unknown liquid, indicating that there are so many products now, because Team Zheng did not bring money to show that if Team Zheng wants it, tomorrow will bring the products that Brother Jun wants and better new ones. New goods can only be better. Hearing Brother Hao say this, Team Zheng can’t be arrested now. After all, Brother Hao didn’t bring the goods, so it seems they can only wait for the transaction tomorrow to find opportunities. After Brother Hao left with someone, Team Zheng was worried about the phone being monitored. After returning to the hotel to check the phone, he talked to Zhuoying and asked if he was being tracked.

After Zhuo Ying returned to the police station, she found that Wang Xingjian, who had helped her, was in the station, wondering what they were doing. Wang Xingjian came to inquire about the subsequent development.

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