The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 17 Recap

Along with the thunder from a distance, the inside of Tallinn was deafening, Zhang Qiling cut off the statue of Lord Thor, and then exposed the bronze pillars that conducted the sound. Wu Xie decided to take a break and study the murals inside the tower. Hearing the sound of rain outside, Fatty Wang felt sensational. He couldn’t help but think of Yucun. Zhang Qiling sat calmly beside him, but looked at Wu Xie who was studying the mural on the second floor.

Liu Sang looked around along the road and keenly heard that Wu Xie and the others were nearby. He discussed with Bai Haotian how to use the hollow hill to transmit information, so he stopped and pretended to be unable to hear the direction he was going. Boss Jiao ordered everyone to camp. , Especially told his subordinates to keep an eye on the black blind man.

Through the refraction of lightning, Wu Xie saw the phantom of Wu Sanxing’s team in the mural. Through repeated observation of the phantom behavior and Liubei Canal, it was concluded that the way to enter Leicheng was to sneak into the bottom of Liubei Canal. Zhang Qiling was worried that Wu Xie was too excited and caused his body to fail, so he stunned him with a palm, and when he was resting, he personally fed Qilin to recover his energy. In fact, Zhang Qiling had long discovered the secret passage in the tower, but he didn’t want to destroy Wu Xie’s search for the motivation to go to Leicheng, so he kept hiding from everyone. The only thing Zhang Qiling and Fatty Wang care about is to accompany Wu Xie to the last moment of their lives. Both hope that Wu Xie can live one more day.

At the same time, Boss Jiao’s subordinates gathered in a circle, playing various tricks on Liu Sang, especially Li Dajiang, who was even more despicable, and even fisted him. Liu Sang hit back with a backhand, squatting on the side of the hill and knocking on a whisper. Zhang Qiling heard the strange noise and hurriedly found it. He happened to see Li Dajiang become angry and beat Liu Sang with all his strength, leaving him with bruises all over his body.

Boss Jiao wanted to extract information about Wu Xie from Bai Haotian, but Bai Haotian refused to disclose it. Seeing that Li Dajiang was about to use torture instruments on Liu Seng, he shouted in panic on the spot. Boss Jiao considered that Liu Sang was still useful, and directly prevented Li Dajiang’s evil deeds, and instead gave him Bai Haotian to play with him.

Wu Xie and his party hid near the camp, ready to start rescue at any time, the younger brother found the black blind, but the chain used to contain the black blind was of special material, unless it was opened with a key. The three of them could only enter the camp first, and while observing the off-account situation, they discussed the next plan. Because Liu Sang was taken care of, Wu Xie had to find the black blind man’s chain key first, and then rescue Liu Sang.

Red-topped Narcissus found a hand out of the camp tent to greet him, and walked into the camp faintly. He was overjoyed when he saw that the other party was Fatty Wang and them. After hearing Wu Xie and the others’ intentions, Red Top Narcissus was willing to help, but asked to leave with everyone.

After getting assurances from Wu Xie and Fatty Wang, Red-topped Narcissus added the cephalosporin to the drink, and then poured it into the boss’s men. When he returned happily with the key, they did not expect Wu Xie and Fatty Wang to put the red-topped narcissus again. Stunned. Wu Xie didn’t take the red-topped narcissus to leave, because he was afraid that the red-topped narcissus would be in danger with them. Then Zhang Qiling took the key to rescue the black blind man, while Wu Xie and Wang Fatzi took the opportunity to rescue Liu Sang and learned from Liu Sang that Bai Haotian was located.

Bai Haotian fiercely resisted by Li Dajiang’s desire to go wrong, causing Bai Haotian to be slapped miserably. Li Dajiang made insults and even mentioned that the woman related to Wu Xie did not end well. Bai Haotian was stunned when he remembered what Jiang Zisuan had said. Just as Bai Haotian was almost in despair, Wu Xie unexpectedly came, untied the rope, and took her away.

Both Liu Sang and the black blind were rescued. Boss Jiao was furious and shot and killed the useless Li Dajiang. He immediately ordered the Wang family to pursue Wu Xie and others. Fatty Wang threw a grenade to block the Wang family from moving forward. Everyone took the opportunity to run into Tallinn. Unexpectedly, Fatty Wang was bruised by a stray bullet in his abdomen.

The Wang family gradually approached Tallinn, and Bai Haotian could only sneak into Liubei Canal to find a passage. The Liubeiqu iron fence was about to close. Wu Xie’s attempt to stop it was still useless. Bai Haotian hurriedly pressed the bottom switch at an emergency and finally opened the exit. Everyone jumped into the water one after another. Fatty Wang used bombs to injure each other when he was leaving, and closed the hole. When Boss Jiao led people to chase him, Tallinn was empty. Boss Jiao saw that the hole was closed and had to find another way to Leicheng.

The exit of the passage is a forest with birds and flowers, coupled with the gurgling stream, the scenery is unique. Hei Blind explored the nearby terrain, Wu Xie associated this place with the mural, and concluded that it belonged to the periphery of Leicheng, so he asked everyone to rectify and rest in place and explore how to find the main city.

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