God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 46 Recap

Bai Qiuxue told Sister Feng that she had something to do with her, and then curiously followed her behind her quietly, and found that she accused her of reluctance to take the Zijian, and that it was useless to keep her, so she killed Sister Feng. , I didn’t expect that the master had found Bai Qiuxue trailing and told her that all she had done was to rebuild the prestige of the Danwang Palace.

She had to find a way to obtain the Zijian. After the ancestor woke up, she would be able to restore the prestige of the Danwang Palace for a century. Decided to let Bai Qiuxue go to worship the sword city to fetch Zijian. Bai Qiuxue said that she could not go because she was pregnant, but she could tell the whereabouts of the sword guard Ling Ji. She was the daughter of the Dark Night Demon Emperor and the Phoenix – Mo Qingcheng.

Bai Qing heard passers-by say that a disciple of Qingyun Pavilion had been killed. The cause was that Qingyun Pavilion disciples had killed the palace lord of Jiuxuan Palace. The Jiuxuan Palace people wanted revenge, so they arrested the Qingyun Pavilion disciple and showed the corpse. Bai Qing was shocked and hurried. When I went, I found several senior sisters tied to a tree.

The scene was tragic. Ye Wuque, Xue Yunguo and others were also beside him. Seeing Bai Qing came, they asked her who killed Palace Master Xiao, Bai Qing was angry. He fought with them, and was knocked to the ground because of his injuries. Fanle and Ruohuan appeared at this time.

Fanle accused the Xueyun people of being very unbearable. Palace Master Xiao was incapable of being killed, and he was indiscriminately putting on blame. To other people, Bai Qing said that Xiao Lan was sinister and contemptuous, and sent someone to attack her. She was trapped in the formation. It is still unclear where Xiao Lan is, but the people of Xueyun country do not believe it. Bai Qing vowed to let the people of Xueyun country do it. Her dead senior sisters paid their lives. At this time Qin Wentian arrested a person and pointed out that he was the real murderer. This person explained that everything was done by the elder.

Ye Wuque saw Qin Wentian and told him that he had obtained the Quezi Sword. No one could do anything to him. Qin Wentian remembered that Ren Qianxing had given him a golden torture sword, which could save his life at the critical moment. Then he rescued everyone with the sword and escaped with Bai Qing.

Diyi saw the weak Bai Qing and felt that her meridians all over her body were shattered by forcibly practicing magic arts, which might be difficult to save. However, there is a fairy pond in Qingyun Pavilion that might save her life. Senior Gong Yanghong intends to take Bai Qing. Qing went to Qingyun Pavilion for treatment.

Diyi tells everyone that Bai Qing’s Chaotian Devil Skill is a magic cultivation technique. If people know that Bai Qing has such a practice, I’m afraid it will be more ill-fated. At present, we must find a way to conceal the Chaotian Devil Skill.

When Bai Qing came to Xianchi to recuperate, Gong Yanghong found the pavilion owner of Qingyun Pavilion to express his gratitude. Only then did he discover that the pavilion owner turned out to be his young lover. The pavilion owner angrily accused Gong Yanghong and abandoned him cold-bloodedly. She, she had been looking for him for many years, but now she came to the door by herself and wanted to kill him today. Gong Yanghong explained the reason for that year.

At that time, he was injured in Baijian City and returned to Zhulin Xiaolu. When I arrived at her painting, I got the wrong meaning in the painting. Then I took the painting and traveled around looking for her. Later, I met Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian helped himself to figure out the god pattern, which is about life and death. At this time, I understood the truth, and I regretted it.

When Xiao Lan died, Yi Heng’s plan completely failed, and Jiuhua Gate was finally able to return to peace, but Emperor Yi was worried that Qin Wentian’s repeated fierce battles would affect his cultivation of the Jiuyuan Mansion Art, and was shaken Original mind.

Luo He found Hua Taixu and told him that the sword guard Lingji was Mo Qingcheng, and wanted to use her power to enter the sword city to obtain the demon sword and revitalize the palace of the pill king. At the moment, he must take good care of Mo Qingcheng and make no mistakes, Hua Taixu Very depressed, he did not want Qingcheng to take risks.

All preparations for Yiheng’s enthronement ceremony went smoothly and could be held as scheduled. Mu Qing always hated Qin Wentian’s bombing of the Galaxy Guild with a special pattern of gods. On the order of the regent, he asked his disciples to put the pattern of gods he developed on On the wall of the imperial city, after the auxiliary regent becomes the throne, the Shenbing Pavilion will be annexed, and then the entire Yi Kingdom will be the world of the Galaxy Guild.

The master of the Shenbing Pavilion met with Yi Wuwei and others to plot an attack on the imperial city.

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