Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 19 Recap

Chen Shengliang received a call from Mr. Zhao in the hospital. Mr. Zhao had an urgent matter and asked him to return to the building as soon as possible. Chen Shengliang could not send Xiaofu home. Xiaofu did not let Chen Shengliang cry into tears. She wanted Chen Shengliang to take her to find her father. Mom, Chen Shengliang couldn’t take Xiaofu away. He only said to comfort Xiaofu, and her parents would be back by the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The next day, Chen Shengliang brought Xiaofu to the hotel. He asked Ding Yu to send Xiaofu back. He had to go back to the mansion in a hurry, so he wanted He Xuelin and He Mu to go with him. When Ding Yu came to He Xuelin’s room, he persuaded He Xuelin to go back. He Xuelin was unwilling to go back. He asked her to persuade him. He Xuelin agreed to go back. Seeing that He Xuelin could not worry about Xiaofu, Ding Yu assured He Xuelin that he would be responsible for sending Xiaofu home.

Yanzi took Ding’s mother out to relax. Ding’s mood has been unstable. She has always been concerned about Yuanyuan’s affairs. Yanzi has been with Ding’s mother. She promised Ding’s that when Yuanyuan finds her, she will marry Fang Jue. . At this moment, Fang Jue called Yanzi and asked Yanzi to go there immediately. Originally, Fang Jue’s mother wanted to talk to Yanzi by herself, but Fang Jue wanted his mother to avoid it, so his mother sat on another one. table.

Fang Jue is here to tell Yanzi that he is going abroad. Although the two have already discussed marriage, he cannot resist the arrangement at home. Fang Jue’s decision means that the relationship between the two will not go far. Fang Jue’s Mother was afraid that Fang Jue would be hesitant, so she came over to tell Yanzi the news with a strong tone. Yanzi accepted the news and also accepted Fang Jue’s mother’s 10,000 yuan. After that, Fang Jue chased Yanzi and ran out. Yanzi knew what Fang Jue meant. She thanked Fang Jue for helping her find Yuanyuan for a while. At the same time, she also smashed 10,000 yuan on Fang Jue. It was her gratitude for her decision.

Ding Yu sent the little girl Xiaofu home. Xiaofu knew from Ding Yu that Yuanyuan looked very similar to her. She asked about Yuanyuan. Ding Yu only claimed that Yuanyuan was playing hide and seek with them and hid. He and He Xuelin are Yuanyuan’s parents, and Chen Shengliang is the accompanying doctor they hired. Hearing this, Xiaofu let out a “wow” sigh, and got closer to Ding Yu.

Chen Shengliang and He Xuelin are going to buy tickets back, He’s mother pulls He Xuelin to know if He Xuelin is serious about divorcing Ding Yu, and whether the divorce between the two has anything to do with Chen Shengliang. He Xuelin is now thinking about finding Yuanyuan. There was no extra heart to think about this, and she also asked Mother He and Uncle Hong to go back as soon as possible. The two of them couldn’t help much here.

Ding Yu sent Xiaofu home, and grandma Xiaofu enthusiastically entertained Ding Yu. Although Xiaofu’s family was very poor, Xiaofu’s grandmother refused to accept the money from Ding Yu. Ding Yu also learned from Xiaofu’s parents that Xiaofu’s parents wanted to make money. There is no way to go home during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Xiaofu missed her parents very much. When seeing Ding Yu preparing to leave, Xiaofu approached Ding Yu and begged Ding Yu to take her by train to find her parents. Ding Yu remembered why Yuanyuan went to the train station. It was because he wanted to find his grandmother, he was soft-hearted and prepared to take Xiaofu back with him. Xiaofu’s parents worked with them.

Erhu accompanies Ding’s father’s family to run in one community. At first glance, it is a whole day of monitoring. When Erhu watched the monitoring, he realized the hard work of the police. Although the process of finding Yuanyuan was very hard, Erhu still worked hard to accompany him. Ding Yu’s side.

Yanzi quarreled with Fang Jue. She came to Ding Yu’s house to clean up the toys Fang Jue had given Yuanyuan before. She was going to return it to Fang Jue. Uncle Hong stopped Yanzi. He also guessed that Yanzi and Fang Jue had quarreled. When the two quarreled because Fang Jue was about to leave without saying goodbye, he first cried in front of Yanzi, and He Mu also left him without saying goodbye.

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