Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 13 Recap

Han Wenwen came to visit He Xuelin at home. She always accompanied He Xuelin to comfort him. He Xuelin thanked Han Wenwen from the bottom of her heart. Han Wenwen had always been helping her by herself. Han Wenwen pressed her lips. After hesitating again and again, she borrowed Chen Shengliang from He Xuelin one hundred thousand yuan. The incident told her that He Xuelin had mixed feelings in her heart, but Uncle Hong outside the door listened to the matter and prepared to act.

Erhu humiliated Father Ding in the street, and Ansuo called Erhu into the police station. She showed Erhu the records of home visits made by the neighborhood committee over the years. They saw how Father Ding treated Erhu’s mother in these years. The two tigers don’t know good people. After Erhu came out of the police station, his face was solemn, and he learned that his mother’s subsistence allowance and the affairs behind him were all handled by Father Ding. Heizi had been troubled since he took the 100,000 yuan. He confessed that even though he wanted to take care of Erhu’s mother. , But it’s hard to protect themselves. If Erhu feels uncomfortable, they should return the 100,000 yuan to the Ding family.

Yanzi approached Chen Shengliang very angrily, and wanted to ruin Chen Shengliang. Chen Shengliang watched the unqualified Yanzi who had rushed into his office. He shot back unceremoniously, so that Yanzi could not refute a word, so he left the office angrily. At the same time, Hong Shu also heard the conversation between the two at the office door. He politely approached Chen Shengliang after Yanzi left. He learned that Chen Shengliang had also borrowed He Xuelin 100,000 yuan, so he told him when he got the money. With a sound, he has been worried that his 100,000 yuan will be lost. Seeing Hong Shu’s caressing about his life, Chen Shengliang unceremoniously drove Hong Shu away.

He Xuelin learned about the 100,000 yuan. She thanked Chen Shengliang and met with Chen Shengliang. She would find a way to return the 100,000 yuan to Chen Shengliang, but she hoped that Chen Shengliang would not continue to help her. She wanted Yuanyuan to pay it back. To deal with the family, she really has no energy to deal with Chen Shengliang. Chen Shengliang pursed his lips, and promised He Xuelin that he would do whatever he wanted as long as he was good to He Xuelin.

Ding Yu came to find He Xuelin, and he unceremoniously followed Chen Shengliang who had left to swear sovereignty. After Chen Shengliang left, Ding Yu and He Xuelin mentioned that the TV station was Chen Shengliang’s help. He wanted to know if He Xuelin knew about this matter. He Xuelin was disappointed again when he heard Ding Yu’s questioning and probing tone. Emphasizing that the two are not suitable at all, Ding Yu didn’t understand what she thought, and she didn’t even know what Ding Yu wanted. She could promise to reconsider divorce after she got Yuanyuan back, but she understood very well. Yu is not suitable.

Ding Yu had just been discharged from the hospital, Ding Yu put away all the things related to Yuanyuan in the family according to Chen Shengliang’s instructions. He called and asked Yanzi to watch Dingmu closely and not let her watch TV, but Yanzi did not understand Ding Yu’s thoughts and intentions. She thinks that Ding’s mother is already well, even watching TV does not matter. Saying that, Yanzi still asked Fang Jue to help temporarily break the TV and stop Ding’s mother from watching TV.

On the other side, He Xuelin is about to go to the chaotic field to find Yuanyuan, but Ding Yu thinks that Yuanyuan will not go there, as it is almost dark today, and He Xuelin is also preparing to watch TV, and He Xuelin is also afraid that He will suffer. Without this stimulus, he persuaded He Xuelin to go home to stop the two elders from watching TV.

Ding Yu received a call from He Xuelin at home. He Xuelin called Ding Yu to bring her parents to their house in order to stop her old man from watching TV. She drove them to the supermarket on the grounds that Ding Yu’s parents came to eat. TV. At the dinner table, Ding Yu thanked Uncle Hong and He’s mother for their help over the past time. Uncle Hong couldn’t speak.

His low emotional intelligence reminded Ding’s mother that Yuanyuan couldn’t help crying. He quickly reprimanded Uncle Hong. Let him shut up and eat noodles. After eating, the family sat down. Even though Ding Yu and He Xuelin wanted to stop them in every possible way, Mother Ding saw the show and learned that Ding Yu and He Xuelin were about to divorce.

Father Ding saw Ding Yu and He Xuelin’s TV show at the roadside stall. He couldn’t help but sit down. Erhu took a dozen beer and sat beside Father Ding. He mentioned that Father Ding had sent his mother to the end. At the same time, he was grateful to Father Ding from the bottom of his heart, and at the same time he hated Father Ding’s nosy.

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