The School Nurse Files – 보건교사 안은영

An Eun Young is a new nurse teacher at school. She has a special ability to see jelly like monsters that are made from residue of human desire and she can also eradicate these jellies. She uses a toy knife and a BB gun to take out the jellies. She senses that a mysterious event takes place at her school.

Hong In Pyo is a Chinese language teacher at the same school. Hong In Pyo has a special energy. In order to protect the students, An Eun Young and Hong In Pyo work together to eradicate these jellies.

The School Nurse Files – 보건교사 안은영
Also known as: Bogungyosa Aneunyoung, Nurse Teacher An Eun Young, Nurse Teacher Ahn Eun Young, School Nurse, An Eun Yeong, School Nurse Ahn Eun Young, Health Teacher Ahn Eun Young, bogeongyosa aneunyeong, The Faculty Nurse Records Data
Genre(s): Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
Director(s): Lee Kyung Mi
Writer(s): Chung Se Rang
Country: Korea
Episode(s): 6
Broadcast: Netflix
Release: Sep 25, 2020
Starring: Jung Yoo Mi, Nam Joo Hyuk

Categories: Korean Drama, TV Series

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