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What should I do if my husband is the future demon king?

What should I do if my husband is the future demon king?
Other names: 夫君是未来大魔王怎么办?
Author: Wu Shiyi
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


Wen Qiao is an overlord flower with a delicate appearance and inner violence. Anyone who dissatisfied can be defeated. She has a scrapped husband who can’t practice, but Wen Qiao doesn’t dislike him, and decides that the two will live this life well.

Later, she discovered that in the eyes of the world, the husband who cultivated waste materials was actually a genius who was proficient in all kinds of pill talisman, and could accompany her to practice together, and the couple embarked on a avenue of heaven through their efforts to ascend to gods.
However, when Tongtian Avenue was halfway down, one day someone told her that her husband was actually the reincarnation of the Demon Demon, and that the gentleman’s appearance was pretended to deceive the world, and she could not know her secretly. Planning to annihilate the world again.
Wen Qiao: “…”


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