Falling Into You – 因為我喜歡你

Chen Zi Tong is down on her luck. She was once a promising Taekwondo athlete with hopes of competing at the Olympic Games. But a debilitating knee injury inflicted by a scheming friend and a disloyal boyfriend forced her to turn her back on her sporting ambitions. She still dreams of returning to competition but has been forced to take on a job as a worker at a startup delivery company.

After a strange mishap, she meets the young, successful CEO Fang Zhi Sheng of the promising company. She manages to land a job at his company’s head office, but Fang Zhi Sheng soon discovers that his many charms – so effective with almost every other woman he meets – appear not to work on Chen Zi Tong. She retains her aloof and tough persona, no matter what. However, Fang Zhi Sheng has one key weakness – he suffers from hemophobia and is scared stiff at the sight of blood! Slowly, the unconventional duo begins to form a bond. Fang Zhi Sheng helps encourage Chen Zi Tong to start rehabilitating her injury and return to training. And she, in turn, helps him confront his fears. Could love also bloom here?

Falling Into You – 因為我喜歡你
Also known as: Yin Wei Wo Xi Huan Ni, Because I Like You, 因为我喜欢你
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance
Director(s): Ker Choon Hooi
Writer(s): Lin Pei Yu
Country: Taiwan
Episode(s): 13
Broadcast: GTV L
Release: Sep 19, 2020 – Dec 12, 2020
Starring: Puff Kuo, Jiro Wang, Jessie Chang, Desmond Tan

Categories: Taiwanese Drama, TV Series

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