Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的 你在哪里 Episode 4 Recap

He Xuelin’s mother and her wife had a little awkwardness about the square dance. He’s mother called He Xuelin and asked He Xuelin to comment on her. She also wanted to host Yuanyuan’s seventh birthday party. He Xuelin is now looking for it. Daughter, she didn’t have time to chat with He mother, just hung up the phone a little annoyingly. He’s mother turned her head and called Ding Yu. Yuanyuan’s disappearance was still hidden from He’s mother. He only answered He Xuelin perfunctorily. He Xuelin couldn’t let her daughter go, so she decided to take her wife to visit He Xuelin and Ding. Yu, also visit his granddaughter by the way.

Erhu repeatedly claimed that he knew the whereabouts of the man wearing the baseball cap, but he asked Father Ding to accompany him to drink. The police and the robbers had an inextricable hatred, but Father Ding decided to bow his head for Yuanyuan. When Father Ding was about to drink the bottle of Erhu’s wine, Ding Yu rushed over. Father Ding had a stomach ulcer and could not drink. He stopped Father Ding and wanted to drink the bottle for Father Ding.

Erhu aggressively asked Father Ding to drink it. Ding Yu couldn’t. He had to blow two bottles of wine in front of Erhu. Erhu looked at Ding Yu, who was drunk, and then revealed the clues he knew. He really was. I saw the man in the photo. The man opened a room with him and played cards. He found the register to find clues to Father Ding.

He Xuelin hurried over to the hotel after learning that the man in the hat and ball cap had a clue. She saw Ding Yu, who was full of alcohol, angry at the bottom of her heart. Even though Ding Yu was drunk and kept saying love He Xuelin, He Xuelin only gave Ding Yu a basin of cold water. When she was about to leave the hotel, Father Ding saw He Xuelin’s disappointed and angry look at the door, so he had to tell He Xuelin the truth that Ding Yu bought two bottles of liquor for the clue of the baseball cap. He Xuelin knew what Ding Yu said after drinking. Seeing Ding’s father always apologizing to him and busy with Yuanyuan, she thanked Ding from the bottom of her heart.

On Chen Shengliang’s desk is He Xuelin’s back view. Yanzi found the same clothes in He Xuelin’s closet. She and Fang Jue searched around in the hospital’s parking lot and found that Chen Shengliang’s car had the same baseball from the surveillance camera. cap. On the other hand, Father Ding went to the police station to search for clues about the baseball cap, only to find that the identity information he registered was all fake. At this time, Erhu was going to take advantage of this to blackmail Father Ding a bit, and let him eat dumb. Coptis, there is hardship.

Ding Yu slept in the room, and He Xuelin was prepared to make porridge for Ding Yu, but she hadn’t rested for too long. She fainted in the kitchen with exhaustion. After Ding Yu woke up, he noticed the abnormality and he quickly opened the window. The room was ventilated, desperately calling He Xuelin’s name. After He Xuelin woke up, she found that Yuanyuan hadn’t been found yet. She was crying and wanted to go out to find Yuanyuan. Ding Yu hugged He Xuelin, who was crying, and comforted her, hoping that she could give herself a good rest.

Yanzi made a new discovery. She thought that Yuanyuan was not lost at all, but that He Xuelin played a good show with Chen Shengliang, so she came to Ding Yu angrily. He Xuelin had just taken a break, and Ding Yu was afraid that the swallow would quarrel with He Xuelin. He took the swallow out of the house. He maintained He Xuelin in his words and did not allow the swallow to say bad things about He Xuelin. In order to prove himself, Ding Yu had to prepare to go on a horse and find out Xusorang Ding Yu Xinfu takes it orally.

He Xuelin received a call. The man on the phone repeatedly claimed that he had Yuanyuan’s whereabouts, but asked He Xuelin to prepare one hundred thousand yuan tomorrow. He Xuelin was in a drowsy state and was in a drowsy state after sleeping for two or three hours. When Ding Yu mentioned this matter, Ding Yu knew that it was a liar, but He Xuelin was unwilling to give up any clues about Yuanyuan and was going to the bank to withdraw money.

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