Xuan Hun Dao Zhang

This stamp is engraved with the word “Leiyin”.
Zhang Yu made the voices of several spiritual creatures, which were mainly found out by himself in order to deal with various dangers when he followed his teacher’s practice and practice.
Seeing that he is very talented in this area, his teacher taught him this “thunder sound” technique.
This is just a way to imitate thunder with breathing, it doesn’t have any power in itself, it can only be used to shock the opponent’s mind.
Title: Xuan Hun Dao Zhang
Alternative name: 玄浑道章
Author: Dao error
Genre: Xian Xia, novel
Release: N/A
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This stamp is engraved with the word “Leiyin”.

Zhang Yu made the voices of several spiritual creatures, which were mainly found out by himself in order to deal with various dangers when he followed his teacher’s practice and practice.

Seeing that he is very talented in this area, his teacher taught him this “thunder sound” technique.

This is just a way to imitate thunder with breathing, it doesn’t have any power in itself, it can only be used to shock the opponent’s mind.

And many spiritual creatures are very afraid of thunder, and Yao Yao relies on sound to identify targets. This can be precisely targeted.

It’s just that he was worried that his current attainments would not have much impact on this newt, so it is necessary to improve this aspect.

He breathed a few times, and when his mind settled down, he used his thoughts to induce the spirit and fill in the Lei Yin seal.

That seal instantly lit up.

In a trance, he felt that he was going through a transformation.

The original incomplete understanding of this method has gradually become clear with the input of the gods.

At the same time, with his breath and breath, a force is gradually brewing in the body, but there is an unprecedented sense of tranquility, which is like the gathering of dark clouds, waiting for the moment before the boundless loud noise bursts. .

It’s just that such growth has a price. With the improvement of this technique, the spiritual energy he has accumulated in the past few years has been reduced to only a shallow level.


He took off his gloves and took the statue of the god out of his suitcase. This kind of direct contact made the warm current that he had felt suddenly became several times stronger, turning into a billowing heat wave, rushing into his palm. Within the body.

At this moment, his divine essence, which had been almost dried up, was born again miraculously, and it continued to increase.

If you look closely, you can find that there is a lightning-like light in the depths of his eyes.

As early as after learning the new law, he discovered that he could obtain a certain kind of energy from some unique items to replenish the gods.

This kind of energy is very similar to something called “source energy” that he encountered in his previous life. He also came into contact with this kind of thing accidentally, and he had life in this life.

It’s just that the items that contain “source energy” are hard to come across. So far, only three have been found, including this Ability God statue in front of them.

With the gradual absorption, the heat from the idol became less and less. In the end, the entire statue seemed to have gone through thousands of years, and he just squeezed it gently, and it turned into countless debris and scattered.

Looking back at this moment, after this replenishment, the Shenyuan has probably recovered by half, and it has not been able to replenish fully.

But he was not disappointed, plus the successive ingestion from the idol before, this time the harvest was more than the previous two combined.

Although it is more dangerous to stay alone to attract Yao Yao this time, it seems to be totally worth it now.

The improvement of the thunder sound technique gave him a little more confidence, but if he really matched the axolotl, he would still need to choose a terrain that was beneficial to him.

He stepped under his feet and walked back and forth in this group of reefs. After almost a summer time, he found a place that fits his mind.

The arrangement of the reef groups here is very irregular, first from high to low, then from low to high, the middle section just forms an indented pit.

Standing at the high point at the inner end, he could get a clear view of the situation on the sea, but looking over from the sea, he couldn’t see the middle section.

“That’s it.”

Suddenly a high-pitched and thick sound came from the surface of the sea, completely suppressing the sound of the sea surging.

He knew he was going to respond again. So he held the cub to take the first two steps and made a long sound toward the sea. Perhaps because of the improvement of thunder’s skills, the sound was obviously very powerful and powerful, almost no different from a healthy and lively young newt cub.

There was no more movement from the other side, obviously Yao Xin was comforted again.

He glanced at the sky, this should be the last time the mother made a sound before nightfall. When dawn breaks tomorrow, it may be the time to see the resolution.

He looked at the darkening sky, pulled his cloak, and sat down cross-legged.

Although Yao Xuan usually does not go ashore at this time, he did not relax because of this, and was still ready to deal with emergencies at any time.

With the arrival of the heavy night, the sky and the earth plunged into darkness.

He held Xia Jian and waited for the dawn in silence.

The night passed quickly.

With the appearance of Xiaoguang from the horizon, Zhang Yu opened his eyes.

In front of him was the surging sea, and a red glow overflowed from the gap between the sea and the sky, and rushed tenaciously into the pale blue, as if trying to separate them.

At the dawn of this hour, Yao Yan made a burst of noise in the wave,

He also imitated the cub’s voice in time, but this time, it was not as smooth as the previous few times, but the voice on the other side was lingering, seeming to have been urging.

He knew that the mere tone of voice could no longer satisfy the monster opposite. If the cub could not return to the mother’s side in time, then it would definitely come ashore to find it.

But until this moment, the rescue ship has not arrived.

He can’t wait any longer and must act now.

He decisively threw the cub aside, and put Xia Jian on his knees.

After a while, along with his breathing, the blade trembles slightly, and there seems to be a strange resonance between the man and the sword.

This sword was given to him by his teacher for self-defense. As an old repairer, this one still maintains his own tradition of sacrificing sword weapons.

As a sword weapon, it has the ability to cut through the spiritual surface of ordinary spiritual creatures. This is also the true reliance on which he dares to attack Yao Yao.

However, he has only one chance.

After several consecutive calls without a response, Yao Xin’s deep voice became more and more irritable, more and more dull, constantly shaking the sea, and sloshing echoes everywhere on the reef, heralding a storm coming soon.

Zhang Yu looked cold and slowly stood up with his sword.

As he watched, the huge shadow sinking under the sea gradually approached the group of reefs, and then slowly lifted upward.

This huge monster finally revealed its true face.

First, the flat head, wrapped in hard periosteum, left the water, and its eyelids turned up, exposing fierce yellow pupils, and then a long, narrow, thick, powerful torso.

As it floated up, large swaths of sea water flowed down from the smooth body surface, hitting the nearby reefs and the sea, and a circle of colorful rainbow light lingered around it.

The monster’s sturdy forelimbs moved up, making a sound, and the strong toes steadily climbed the rock, driving the body to move up, and as the huge body gradually revealed, it also brought a strong sense of oppression.

Zhang Yu remained motionless, allowing his cloak and hood to be stirred by the strong wind blowing from the sea, the morning light from the morning sun draped over half of his body, and the Xia Jian held in a virtual hand seemed to be integrated in.

At this time, except for its long tail, Yao Xin was also buried in the sea, and most of his body was already on land. The bottom of its mandible is close to the reef and moves forward flatly. This is to make it easier to feel external vibrations.

However, after turning over the first high-rise reef, the rock behind suddenly sank, which made it have to hang its head and crawl forward. At this time, it will inevitably take part of its back and complete it. The upper part of his head was exposed.

Zhang Yu’s eyes condensed, and his long-awaited opportunity finally came!

He suddenly let out a loud shout at this moment. A force was released from the chest cavity and from every corner of the body, and accompanied by the rolling breath, a thunderous noise erupted over the island and reef!

Yao Yao’s body was at a loss, a little at a loss.

It’s now!

Zhang Yu leaned forward slightly and his face was buried in the shadow of the hood. As the center of gravity was pressed, his feet suddenly exerted force, suddenly turning from extreme silence to extreme movement.

With a flash, he has already shot out!

The cloak was left in place, and after staying in the air for a while, it was dragged to the ground by natural forces.

At this time, a wave came over and hit the reef between the two fiercely. With a bang, the high surging waves temporarily blocked the sight of both sides.

Before the wave had completely settled down, Zhang Yu’s forward-looking figure slammed out of it, carrying a splash of cold water, holding a sword in his hand, and leaping up.

Under the shining of the sun, the sharp blade he held high seemed to be born from the light, with an arc full of power and beauty, suddenly tore the colorful spiritual coat and cut into the head of this monster. in!

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