Xiao Jinyan

The story of the novel mainly tells that the conspiracy of sword repair has been revealed; the truth gradually surfaced; Xiao Jinyanhe His friends, there are thirty seconds to reach the battlefield.
Title: Xiao Jinyan
Alternative name: 大侠萧金衍
Author: Three Views in Utah
Genre: novel, Xian Xia
Release: N/A
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“Everyone, I want to talk to you.” Over the past few days, Fan Wuchang tried his best to drive them out without spending any money. Finally, he was very poor, so in one morning, he decided to negotiate frankly with Xiao Jinyan.
Fan Wuchang said: “In the past few days, you have been living for nothing in my Fan’s family. You spend a few dollars every day. You are all famous heroes. They must be reasonable people. My Fan Wuchang’s money is also It wasn’t a strong wind, and the landlord’s house didn’t have any surplus food. Xiao Daxia, we have to come up with a charter?”
Xiao Jinyan asked, “What do you think?”
“Either give money or go out.”
Xiao Jinyan sighed. “Do you think I am dressed like a rich man?”
Fan Wuchang glanced at Li Qingcheng, his clothes were extraordinary, the jade on his waist was crystal clear, and the book boy accompanying him was quite generous in his shots in the past few days. “You have no money, but your friends do. You have to show it.”
Xiao Jinyan smiled, “I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult.”
Fan Wuchang said annoyed, “You guys are deceiving people too much. Burn this house with a torch, everyone don’t want to live!”
Xiao Hongyu said, “Boss Fan, whoever uses only one wick for lighting, would you be willing to burn your house? Don’t tease me. “
Fan Wuchang was caught in the door of life with a single sentence, and he wanted to cry without tears.
He thought of Fan Xiaodao, his son who was studying art in the Xiaoyao School. Xiaoyao School is one of the three secret schools in the world. Fan Xiaodao has been learning arts for five years, and he must have learned the skills of a strange school. So he wrote a letter. After I finished writing, I remembered that I didn’t know where the Xiaoyao school was. In order to save money, I asked my son not to write to the family. As a result, his son had been there for five years, but there was no news.
“It seems that I have to ask my wife to go out.” Fan Wuchang said heartily, so he sent the buddy from the silk and satin village to send a letter to Mrs. Fan from Wuliangshan Wuliangdong, saying that there were a few uninvited guests at home and stayed here all day. Drink, and ask your wife to come to help as soon as possible.
Mrs. Fan’s real name is Li Lihua. She is the only daughter of Li Taihei, the master of the Second Cave of Wuliang Mountain outside Gusu City. Before marrying Fan Wuchang, she was a well-known chivalrous girl in the rivers and lakes.
The next person explained the reason. Before Li Lihua could express his opinion, Li Taihei was already angry. It was always my uncle who took advantage of others. How could he be bullied to him today? Impermanence came, which obviously didn’t give Wuliangshan’s face, so in the afternoon, Li Taihei and Li Lihua brought thirty brothers to Suzhou City.
Just in time for Su Zhengyuan to deploy troops from the Suzhou defensive side, Li Taihei and the others stopped immediately when they saw this.
Although the people on Wuliang Mountain live by robbery, in line with the principle that rabbits don’t eat grass around their nests, they often rob business travelers or darts passing by on weekdays. Except for a few cases, they rarely enter Gusu City. Today, they see six doors. The chief hunter dispatched troops at the gate of the city, showing that something important happened in the city.
Li Taihei then said to Li Lihua, “Girls, it’s not that Dad won’t help you. We are bandits and people are officials. Now the court is sweeping gangsters. Under such a big environment, it is better to avoid trouble.”
“We did it. It’s a serious robbery. What does it have to do with us?”
“Because Daddy is called Li Taihei.”
Li Lihua said, “Daddy, do you really want to watch my husband be bullied by those people?
” That’s not the case. Why don’t you think of a way to lead them outside Suzhou City. Outside, we kill and set people on fire, and Suzhou City doesn’t bother to control us.” In
desperation, Li Lihua had to return to Suzhou City by herself. Fan Wu often saw Li Lihua and went up and said, “Madam, our house is occupied by this group of rascals. You have to call the shots for me.” Seeing Fan Wuchang’s expression, Li Lihua froze and pulled out double knives from her waist. “Where are the people who eat free food in our house?”
Fan Wuchang said, “It’s in the yard.”
Li Lihua came to the front yard and saw Li Qingcheng studying in the yard. The sun was shining on his handsome face. With the strange brilliance, Li Lihua suddenly became a nympho, and said to Fan Wuchang: “I don’t have to prepare wine and food, I want to drink three glasses with this young man.”
Fan Wuchang said, “Madam, these are robbers. . ” “
nonsense, where are you seen such a good-looking gangster. “said, Lee stepped forward to going to pull the hand of Allure, Allure Li quickly dodge, frowning,” What are you doing? “pear Lee said,” I want to You drink with me.”
Seeing Li Lihua’s burly figure, thick eyebrows and big eyes, half a catty of incense powder was applied to her face, Li Qingcheng couldn’t help frowning, “Madam, please take care of yourself.”
Li Lihua said, “Not heavy, not heavy, only one hundred and eighty. , You accompany me to drink!” Li Qingcheng saw it again, and Li Qingcheng hurriedly greeted the grass, “Pack things and prepare to change places.” Li Lihua said that the official, you are so cruel, and you leave the slaves alone. You don’t want to Let’s go.
After a while, Li Qingcheng ran out of Fan’s house.
Fan Wuchang clapped his hands, “Madam is a good method.”
Li Lihua snorted coldly, “For this ability, I still want to stay at my mother’s house. Who else?”
Fan Wuchang said, “There are two men and a woman who seem to all go out. I don’t know where I went.”

If in normal times, Xiao Jinyan is either drinking or on the way to drink. But today, Xiao Jinyan came to the Li’s Restaurant, but for another matter, he sought Li Yinyang, the treasurer of the Li’s Restaurant.
It was around noon when there were not many customers in the Li’s restaurant. The shop assistant Li Ergou sat beside the wine jar and took a nap. When he saw Xiao Jinyan, he thought he was going to drink and eat again. He looked impatient and was about to get angry. The burly swordsman behind him quickly held back.
“Xiao Daxia, why are you here again?”
Xiao Jinyan laughed, “Ergou, don’t worry, today I am not here to beg for a drink, I will come to your shopkeeper. Today, on the seventh day of the day, I smelled the scent of distiller’s music. “
Li Ergou shouted into the inner room, “The shopkeeper, someone is looking for it!”
“Who?” An old man walked out of the inner room, dressed in coarse linen, full of alcohol, and at first glance, Ordinary old people are the same, this person is Li Yinyang, the treasurer of the Lijia Wine Shop. When Li Yinyang first saw Zhao Lanjiang and the Pudao around his waist, his eyes lit up, and his breath immediately disappeared.
When I saw Xiao Jinyan coming, he quickly turned his head and left.
Xiao Jinyan shouted, “Treasurer Li?”
Yinyang said , “I’m not at home.” Xiao Jinyan waited until Li Yinyang, where would he be willing to let him escape, and stopped him at the door in a few steps, “It’s hard to wait until you come back, it’s better to have a few words. ?”
Li Yinyang murmured, “I have talked about it eight hundred times. Five years ago, I didn’t know anything about the Taihu Lake, and I didn’t see it. You asked me eight hundred times and I answered the same thing. Xiao Daxia, there are so many people in the small town, why are you staring at me, this bad old man.”
Xiao Jinyan was a little disappointed.
Zhao Lanjiang took a step forward, supported the knife with his right hand, and immediately issued a fierce aura, staring at Li Yinyang coldly, “Are you the Golden Sword King Li Qiuyi?”
Li Yinyang couldn’t bear Zhao Lanjiang’s pressure and stepped back twice. Step forward, shook his head and said: “I am not the Golden Sword King Li Qiuyi, nor the sword sage Li Chuntie. The little old man was originally a brewer in Yinyang City. This hero has admitted the wrong person.”
Zhao Lanjiang did not feel that there was something on him. The internal force fluctuated, took a step back, and the surrounding pressure dropped sharply.
Xiao Jinyan hurriedly took the opportunity to scoop a spoon of wine, drank it, and pursed his mouth, “Whether you are Li Qiuyi or not, I am here to tell you that the Western Chu wild sword Churitian has come to Central Plains.”
Li Yinyang Hearing this, he was taken aback, and then he smiled, “The little old man is not a person in the world. I don’t know who this Xichu crazy knife is. Xiao Daxia, if you and your friends buy wine, I welcome it, otherwise, I I have to go to the back room to work for a while.”
Xiao Jinyan smiled bitterly and had to let him go.
When the two of them walked out of the Li’s restaurant, Xiao Jinyan asked, “What do you think?”
Zhao Lanjiang shook his head, “It doesn’t seem to be a fake.”
“Did I admit the wrong person?”
Zhao Lanjiang: “Not necessarily.”
Xiao Jinyan said no good. “It’s all you have reason to say. If you say it, we have no food to go to Fan’s house. Why don’t we find a place to have a drink?”
Lanjiang said, ” No money.” Xiao Jinyan had to say, “You know it’s a question of nothing. .”
Zhao Lanjiang turned around and asked: “Chu
Kuangdao came to the Central Plains?” Xiao Jinyan said: “I also heard Wang Banxian say, and few words of his words are true.”
The wild sword of the Western Chu Chu Ritian, whose real name is Chu Hao, is the eldest son of the former emperor Chu Ba in Western Chu, and the brother of Chu Qiu, the current emperor of the Great Chu. He was obsessed with swordsmanship since he was a child and was taught by an expert. At the age of eighteen, he was already Master of the Elephant Realm, originally the best candidate for the throne of Great Chu. At the age of twenty, Chu Kuangdao practiced the Kuangdao and went crazy, changed his temperament, killed his wife and eaten his children, committed heinous crimes, and was deposed by Chu Ba.
After Chu Chou became the king of the throne, regardless of previous suspicions, he named Chu Hao the king of swords, so there was a saying of Xi Chu crazy swords in the rivers and lakes. However, according to the “Xiaosheng Jianghu” gossip, Chu Ritian practiced the mad sword technique that was bestowed by the current emperor Chu Chou. Chu Chou believed that Chu Ritian was obsessed with swordsmanship, and he would practice the method of mad sword. It has to look so good, but I don’t know the authenticity.
Xichu has crazy knives, and Daming has golden knives.
In Daming, the former Yinyang City Lord, the Golden Sword King Li Qiuyi, was as famous as the Western Chu Mad Saber. Twenty years ago, the Western Chu invaded Daming, and his soldiers came to Yinyang City. Li Qiuyi led three thousand people in Yinyang to guard the city for March, waiting for the court’s reinforcements to arrive. However, after this incident, it is said that some unpleasant things happened in Yinyang City. Golden Sword King Li Qiuyi hung his sword and went missing.
Li’s restaurant.
After Xiao Jinyan left, Li Yinyang went back to the inner room, turned over the cabinets, and found a knife box from the corner of a cabinet. Pressing the dark spring, the knife case popped open, and there was only one scabbard inside, the scabbard with patterns, simple and simple, glowing with dark red light.
Li Yinyang took out the scabbard, looked at it for a long while, and slowly said, “Chu Kuangdao, come here, and bring the head over. It’s really out of sight.” He
said, flicking the scabbard with his index finger and issued a “ding”. Scream.
The sound was not loud, and there was no doubt that thunder was heard when it entered the rivers and lakes.
On the Long Street, Xiao Jinyan was about to find a place to eat the King’s meal with Zhao Lanjiang, and suddenly stopped, “Did you hear what?” Zhao Lanjiang’s eyes flashed, and Zhengrong said: “Sooner or later, I will I want to fight this person.” Xiao Jinyan said in a bad mood, “It’s not your turn now.” At the
southernmost tip of the mainland, below Qingluan Peak.
A thin middle-aged man with repeated sackcloth was using a gourd to draw water from a mountain stream. He suddenly heard the sound of a bullet sheath, and screamed vigorously in the sea of ​​consciousness. He pursed the corner of his mouth, and his eyes showed a trace of enthusiasm, as if gluttonous. He found a good meal and gently tapped the sword case with his index finger to deduce the person’s position. After a while, he carried the long sword on his back and walked north.
Thousands of miles away, Wang Banxian, wearing a greasy and patchy robe, with a chicken leg hidden in his sleeve, was just round and sticky on the street and surrounded two or three women begging for a child, and was about to find a way to cheat some money. Come out, go to the brothel to have a good time at night.
A subtle and imperceptible fluctuation made him suddenly stunned. Wang Banxian looked towards the south of the Yangtze River and muttered: “Lao Li, is this a declaration of war? It’s not a good thing at this juncture.”
Several women said: ” Fortune-tellers, do you want to forget it?”
Wang Banxian said, ” Forget it !”
In the woman’s verbal abuse, Wang Banxian cleaned up the fortune-telling stall, while secretly cursing Li Qiuyi for being too impulsive, while blaming Xiao Jinyan for not being able to After doing business, he secretly said: “The group of kings and eight lambs on Shujian Mountain looked at the entire Central Plains martial arts. The big game that Lao Tzu worked so hard to put together was all disturbed. It seems that I have to go to Jiangnan. Anyway, also. To prevent this competition from happening.”
Overnight, the two pavilions, the three schools, and the four schools all learned about the declaration of war by the golden sword king Li Qiuyi against Chu Kuangdao.

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