Take the warehouse to Daming

Fang Xing wore it with two warehouses! Others travel with a domineering spirit, but Fang Xing just wants to farm! “I just want to live a leisurely life in this era!” Sitting with my wife and concubine, I taught a few disciples by the way, trying to get them to climb up, so that I can be a backer! But who thinks that the disciple is a little unreliable, it is actually…
Title: Take the warehouse to Daming
Alternative name: 带着仓库到大明
Author: Sir Dybala
Genre: novel
Release: N/A
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Fang Xing was very happy. As a wage earner, he was drawn to the United States for a five-day tour.

“Can it be exchanged for money?” Fang Xing sat in the small rental room, waiting expectantly for a response from the phone.

“Sorry, sir, no!”

Fang Xing continued to ask without giving up: “Then can I give this opportunity to others?” He has already thought about it. The little Liu in the same workshop has always dreamed of traveling abroad. A 50% discount, Ya will definitely agree.

“Sorry, no! This lottery is linked to ID cards, so only the parties have this right.”


Three days later, in New York City.

Following the guide in front, Fang Xing lazily walked behind. On the left is the New York Port, which has an annual throughput of hundreds of millions of tons.

In August, there were several large ships parked outside the port. Those transport vehicles were like worker bees, pulling the goods from the huge warehouse to the side of the ship.

“Wow! There are so many warehouses, so big!” A middle-aged woman exclaimed, pointing to the warehouse, and was shocked by the open-air storage yard and container yard.

Show off the edge of a man explained: “This is America’s largest port, food, daily necessities, industrial products, are here out of Hong Kong, this place, the less store hundreds of tons of stuff.”

This When a refrigerated truck drove towards the warehouse from the dock, there was a big black spot on the rear of the truck, which looked like a black hole. And when viewed from the side, the black spot actually crossed the sea directly, not knowing where it was connected.

The black hole gradually expanded in place, and everything around was swallowed in.

“Ah! There’s a ghost, run!” The woman was the first to discover this abnormality. She rushed in the opposite direction with agility that was inconsistent with her bloated figure.

“Run!” The people on the dock and the tour group were running for their lives, and Fang Xing was no exception.

The black hole expanded faster and faster, and soon swallowed the entire warehouse area, followed by the open-air storage yard…

“Brother is a sprinter, you are waiting. Uh…” Fang Xing, who was at the end of the team, will start running , But the black hole came

… During the

Yongle period, Peiping-because the place name was not harmonized, it was always called Peking! ! !

Fang Hongjian, the former head of the official department, has died and will be buried today.

As a fellow who was dismissed by the emperor, Fang Hongjian died in depression at only thirty-five years old. For his funeral, Fang Xing, his only son, was really pure filial piety. He actually sold all the main house to make this funeral work remarkable.

But today, after the funeral, a Chinese man came to the door with taboo.

After the middleman left with the paperwork and tokens in satisfaction, there was a scream from the Fangfu where he had to move immediately…

“Come on! Master fainted!”

Three years later…

… …Keeping filial piety for three years, this is what every filial son should do, but after moving out of Fang’s residence, Fang Xing at a small village on the outskirts of Beiping is very happy, because he has been in a muddle and he doesn’t need to comply. What are the cumbersome rules.

This small village has more than 300 mu of land and employs more than 40 households. The land is still fertile, but people’s hearts are a little unstable.

In a three-entry house, at this time a man in his forties was instructing two servants to dismantle those filial piety things.

“Housekeeper Fang, the young master is awake! The young master is awake!”

A maid wearing a blue bijou ran over with excitement, holding a bowl in her hand, full of milk, regardless of the difference between men and women, grabbing Take the sleeves of the young man to the backyard.

Fang Jielun’s mouth trembled, his hand was covering his heart, and he hurriedly ran back with the maid.

In a bedroom in the main courtyard, Fang Xing woke up, he barely moved his stiff body, looking at this antique room in fear.

“Where am I? Am I outside of New York Harbor?”

Looking at his pale and thin arms, and touching his long hair, Fang Xing was depressed.

“Master, is Master really awake? Xiaobai, if you dare to lie to me, I…I…” After

a sound of footsteps, a middle-aged man rushed in. When he saw Fang sitting on the bed awake , The tears fell down.

“Master! Oh!”

Fang Xing was shocked looking at the two men and women in ancient costumes who were kneeling on the ground and crying.

Did you cross it?

And still young master?

As soon as Fang Xing’s eyeballs rolled, he pretended to have a’kind’ smile, and tremblingly stretched out his hand to help and said, “You get up, I am a little dizzy.” After the

middle-aged man got up excitedly, he hurried to support Fang Xing. , And then said: “Master, you have been drowsy for three years, of course you will be dizzy!”

Fang Xing was secretly happy: “But I seem to have forgotten a lot of things!”

“Master, as long as you wake up, just forget it. I’ll tell you about those things.”

Half a day later, Fang Xing listened to be tired, and Fang Jaylun and Xiao Bai also said they were tired, so they let him rest.

Lying on the bed, Fang Xing touched his pajamas, feeling agitated.

After three years of dementia, the original owner of this body had milk and chicken soup every day, and even ginseng soup from time to time, but today he finally followed his father, and it was cheaper than Fang Xing from New York Harbor. .

In the year of Yongle, Fang Xing knew that it was the name of the emperor Yongle, but at present the capital of Ming Dynasty was in Nanjing, and the BJ at this time was still called Beiping.

The original owner was saddled by the death of his father, and on the last day of the funeral, he was actually retired. As a result, he accepted that he couldn’t, and fell into a coma.

“Am I actually a young master? Hahahaha!” Fang Xing raised his thin right hand excitedly, and wanted to take a bite to see if he was dreaming.

“Huh! What’s this? I don’t have a tattoo!”

On Fang Xing’s right arm, an anchor design was very striking, Fang Xing rubbed his eyes and bit on it with one bite.

“Oh! It hurts!”

Fainted, Fang Xing felt that he had entered a huge space, and this space was full of things. Rows of warehouses, densely packed containers…

“Let’s go! Where is this?”

Fang Xing was a little scared, shrank and walked to the door of a warehouse. He stretched out his hand and opened the door.

This is a cold storage, with white air inside, neatly stacked with large chunks of beef.

Fang Xing picked up a piece of beef. In the June weather, the frozen beef made his hands numb.

“Why doesn’t the ice here melt?” Fang Xing was surprised, and then went to another warehouse, where rice was placed, and it was Thai fragrant rice.

After seeing more than a dozen warehouses in a row, Fang Xingmeng was surprised. He walked to an office next to him, but he was even more shocked.

There was a cup of coffee on the desk in the office. He reached out and touched it. The coffee was actually hot.


Fang Xing, who was pleasantly surprised, just cursed, but he reappeared on the carved wooden bed.

“Isn’t this an illusion?” Fang Xing bit the anchor again without hesitation.

“I’m here again! Hahahaha!” Standing in this vast space, Fang Xing smiled triumphantly with his hips akimbo.

Next, Fang Xing tested the ability to bring things in and out. Sure enough, after a thought, he could bring things out and bring things in.

Fang Xing tremblingly looked at the frozen beef in his hand, “Brother is developed! Brother is developed!”

And where he didn’t see, there was a warehouse and a container, and the squares showed where they came from…

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