Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 12 End Plot

The cause of all things started after Sun Chen was arrested in 2004. Originally, after Li Lan and Du Chaoyang planned to sell their products, the chemical plant filed for bankruptcy to evade responsibility.

However, Fu Jiliang received a threatening phone call from a technology company, and they knew everything about the chemical plant. Because Sun Chen has a certain molecular formula, the company urgently needs Sun Chen’s assistance in drug development. Therefore, they threatened Li Lan and the three and returned Sun Chenqing.

In desperation, Du Chaoyang came forward and lied to the police that he lent the money to Sun Chen through the hands of the factory manager. The theft of the safe was just a misunderstanding. Sun Chen was picked up by a technology company immediately after he was released from prison. The company’s president also honored his promise to import drugs from abroad to stabilize Sun Xiaomeng’s condition and send Sun Xiaomeng to an orphanage.

For the next year, Sun Chen was under house arrest in a secret laboratory, working day and night, just looking forward to the early success of the research and development and picking up his daughter home. It’s just that the medicine he studied was not what the company required, but a special medicine used to treat Sun Xiaomeng. When the drug was successfully developed, Sun Chen made an appointment to leave Luteng City with his daughter. At the appointed date, Sun Chen used his knowledge of chemistry to blow up the laboratory and fled by creating chaos.

Sun Xiaomeng was full of hope, waiting for his father to pick him up. But when Sun Chen drove through the intersection, he was chased by a tech company thugs behind him, and his direction control was unstable and knocked over the trash can. Zhang Haifeng happened to bump into him on the way to work, and immediately increased the accelerator to catch up. When approaching the train crossing, the rear vehicle hit Sun Chen’s rear wheel. Sun Chen lost control of his car and was hit by a train.

Zhang Haifeng got out of the car to save people, but it was too late. Sun Xiaomeng saw this scene from afar, and in her young mind, she believed that Zhang Haifeng killed her father. The seeds of hatred have since been buried in my heart.

A misunderstanding caused Sun Xiaomeng to have the wrong idea. In order to prevent Sun Xiaomeng’s hands from being stained with blood, Zhao Binbin did all the dirty work. Finally, he plunged into the river to cleanse his sins. In order to make Sun Xiaomeng forget the hatred, Liu Yuqi gave up his life.

And everything, whether Zhang Haifeng’s family tragedy or Sun Xiaomeng’s revenge for his father, is just a memory healing experiment conducted by Liu Yuqi. Whenever the memory is in crisis, all the memories will be reset, looking for a solution to the difficulties in the new life. After learning all the truth, as the first batch of volunteers, Zhang Haifeng suspended the experiment. He wants to go back to the reality of 2004 and choose the most correct one among life choices.

The end

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