God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 25 Recap

Mo Qingcheng worried that if Ruo Huan and Qin Yao rush into the palace to save Yi from doing nothing, would they succeed. Mo Qingcheng planned to find them. Bai Qiuxue went to see Senior Brother Chu Mang, Bai Qiuxue told him the people she cared about, and said that she and him couldn’t even make friends. He also asked him if he knew Qin Wentian , Chu Mang said he did. Bai Qiuxue told him about her and Qin Wentian, but Chu Mang persuaded him to give up and asked her to be careful of Ye Wuque . Let her figure it out for herself and walk out of it herself.

Yi Tianjiao came to find Yi Wuwei, and Yi Wuwei asked when Yi Tianjiao would shut him down. Yi Tianjiao said that there was a big matter to discuss with Yi Wuwei, and asked Yi Wuwei to give up the position of prince, and Yi Wuwei was doing things. , Stopped, and said to Yi Tianjiao, yes! He doesn’t like being a prince, but there are two conditions.

One is to return him free, he will return to the Jiuhuamen to practice, and he will not return to the imperial palace, and the other is that Qin Chuan is released, and the Qin family is innocent. Yi Tianjiao told Yi Wuwei that he had announced to the world a few days ago to retrial the case of the Qin family. Yi Wuwei told him that if Qin Chuan was not let go, he would never give way. Yi Tianjiao said that he went back todiscuss with Yi Heng , and when Yi Tianjiao left, he moved the guard at the door outside to guard.

Yi Heng did not have the conditions for Yi Wuwei, and said that he would use Qin Chuan to contain Qin Wentian, let Yi Tianjiao pretend to agree to Yi Wuwei, and wait for Yi Wuwei to write the edict to make way.

If Yao Qin Huan and came to the palace to find Yi inaction, but was guarded found that, if Huan senior sister apprentice in order to protect Qin Yao and Yi inaction in a poisoned arrow, then rode Griffin fled Jiuhua door, Mo injury , said after checking if The injury is not light, but there is no life-threatening situation, and I cannot get out of bed recently. Mo Qingcheng and Qin Yao stayed to take care of Ruo Huan, but Mo Shang let everyone else go. Yi Wuwei is guilty for Senior Sister Ruohuan to save him from being injured.

Yi Heng and Yi Tianjiao learned that Yi Wuwei was rescued and fled to Jiuhuamen. Yi Heng felt that Yi’s inaction was a waste, so he planned to leave him alone for the time being and could not delay their major affairs, but he felt that Jiuhuamen was too nosy.

Bai Qing found the ghost wolf and asked him why he still didn’t give her the antidote. The ghost wolf said that if Qin Wentian took all the Yuehei powder, the star soul stone would have been separated. Bai Qing tried to kill the ghost wolf by surprise, but was unsuccessful. Bai Qing sprayed the white powder on the ghost wolf, then took the opportunity to escape, and the ghost wolf chased after him. This scene happened to be seen by the little demon beast beside Mo Qingcheng, and it went to move rescue soldiers to rescue Bai Qing.

The little monster beast found Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian, told them that Bai Qing was chased and killed, and led them to rescue her. Bai Qing was overtaken by the ghost wolf, and was almost killed by the ghost wolf. Fortunately, Qin Wentian and the others rushed. coming.

After Bai Qing was rescued, she asked when she provoke the ghost wolf. Bai Qing said she didn’t know, she was walking in the forest and rushed out alone. Qin Wentian let Bai Qing rest well, and then left the room with Mo Qingcheng.

Mo Qingcheng felt that something was wrong at this time. He suspected that the person who wanted to kill Bai Qing was the person who killed the elders of the stars, and he wanted to inform the elder that an outsider had entered the Jiuhua Gate. Qin Wentian asked Mo Qingcheng to be more careful in the future. Mo Qingcheng asked Qin Wentian to take good care of Bai Qing. She had other things to do and left. Mo Qingcheng told Ren Qianxing about this .

Mo Shang called Qin Wentian and told him about the King’s Landing Banquet. He said that the elder Jiang of Jiuhuamen had a big disagreement with the other elders. He brought his disciples closer to the court. For those who are likely to win, Moshang hopes that Qin Wentian will defeat Luo Qianqiu to frighten Elder Jiang and the others, and the first place in the Junlin Banquet can directly enter the City of Worship. The location of the Sword Worship City and its secrets can only be reached by opening a secret road between the national fortune jade seals of the Xueyun Kingdom and the Kingdom of Yi.

There is an ancient demon sword in the sword worship city, which has infinite power. Practitioners have many benefits. But it is very dangerous. Only one person can come back alive for so many years. Mo Shang didn’t want Luo Qianqiu to win the first place, and the first place of the King’s Landing Banquet can directly enter the seventh floor of the Tianxing Pavilion. Just let Qin Wentian do his best. .

Ye Wuque went to find Bai Qiuxue, but the two broke up unhappily. Ye Wuque doubted what Bai Qiuxue knew. Ye Wuque went to find Chu Mang, but the two also separated unhappily. Bai Qiuxue took out Qin Wentian’s things before, and she was very sad when she thought of things when she was a child.

Seeing that Xiao Lu was worried about Qin Yao, Sikong Mingyue went to Jiuhuamen to look for Qin Yao and warned Qin Yao not to look for Xiao Lu again.

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