Light on Series: Sisyphus 在劫难逃 Episode 11 Plot

That day, Li Lan called Sun Chen, only to say that he was going to have a meeting, and the money was placed on the desk in the office. Sun Chen entered the factory director’s office alone without knowing any fraud. On the table was the 200,000 cash that Li Lan said, and a test report. Because a batch of recently purchased raw materials was unqualified, and once produced, it would cause serious pollution.

Sun Chen refused to sign the test report. In order to save his daughter, Sun Chen could not take much care of it, so he signed and picked up the purse and left the office. But just went out and ran into the factory security head on. The factory director was having a meeting outside. Sun Chen came out of the factory director’s office with money in his hand. The safe in the office was wide open. Even if he had a thousand mouths, he still couldn’t explain clearly.

Zhao Min wanted to use this breakthrough to learn more from Sun Xiaomeng. When Zhengshou had no reason, a warning came from the front, and Liu Yuqi’s body was picked up from the river by a sand dredger. Then Sun Xiaomeng became the biggest suspect and was summoned to the Public Security Bureau.

In the interrogation room, Zhao Min first asked about Sun Chen. Sun Xiaomeng tweeted that she was young and only remembered that her father went to the factory in 2004 after giving her her eighth birthday. Since then, she has not seen her father again. Later, I heard that my father died, and the specific cause of death was not well understood.

According to the archives, Sun Xiaomeng’s father obviously died in a car accident in 2005. He Shengjie raised a question, where was Sun Chen in the middle of the year. Zhao Min knew that it was useless to ask this question. Sun Xiaomeng couldn’t know the answer, so it was better to ask her directly about her in the orphanage. Sun Xiaomeng still does not admit to knowing Zhao Binbin as before. When asked about the motive of killing Liu Yuqi, Sun Xiaomeng fell silent.

Last night, Sun Xiaomeng went to Liu Yuqi’s house, looking forward to a happy life in the future. But Liu Yuqi suddenly proposed to leave Luteng City together, which caught Sun Xiaomeng off guard. Liu Yuqi was able to give up everything he had for Sun Xiaomeng, but Sun Xiaomeng might not let go of his hatred. Liu Yuqi took out all the information about her and Zhao Binbin, trying to uncover the truth of all mysteries. Unexpectedly, Sun Xiaomeng picked up the fruit knife on the table and stabbed it. She will not allow Liu Yuqi to expose Zhao Binbin and the unfinished revenge.

The wound is not fatal, but the infatuated Liu Yuqi wants to wake up Sun Xiaomeng with his own life. He pressed the handle of the knife hard and stabbed it down fiercely. The blood was drained, and Liu Yuqi was pale and leaned on the sofa, hoping that Sun Xiaomeng would understand his painstaking efforts and get out of pain and live an ordinary life.

At a loss, Sun Xiaomeng only asked Zhao Binbin for help, and the two drove Liu Yuqi’s car to the river. Sun Xiaomeng watched Zhao Binbin throw the corpse into the river, heartbroken, feeling that his life was also dying with Liu Yuqi.

The police had already obtained a video of Sun Xiaomeng entering the community from the surveillance. Three hours later, they filmed Liu Yuqi’s car leaving the community. The police believed that Liu Yuqi’s body was in the trunk at the time. Therefore, even if Sun Xiaomeng doesn’t say a word, the forensic department will soon be able to extract enough evidence. The only thing Zhao Min didn’t understand was what secrets existed between Sun Xiaomeng and Zhao Binbin, so that Liu Yuqi did not hesitate to leave everything behind to protect Sun Xiaomeng.

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